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demonpants says ...

You definitely have sweet models, I'll fifth that. Are you an artist? I can't even believe how much mech and building and music and stuff you made in 48 hours.

In fact, you probably should have spent more time on gameplay and less on the models. Like... why is it that moving the mouse aims for player two but clicking it shoots for player one? Lots of other weird control choices that were very difficult to get the hang of.

crc says ...

Amazing amount of modelling, rigging and animating and texturing in 48 hours. Really amazing.

jhauberg says ...

Hmm, I like the model screenshots.

dave1 says ...

Game play a little slow, but very nice 3D map and model. Seemed to be very polished for what you got done.

Doches says ...

Impressive modelling feat for LD, but gameplay leaves...something. Also, the controls are pretty unintuitive

MrPhil says ...

Impressive considering the time you had! Man its been a long time since I played a Mech game. Nice music too.

DrPetter says ...

I would actually like to see the source code for this, or I won't be able to give a technical rating. I have no idea what you had to do in terms of coding to make the game work, since it's using a pre-baked engine (Unity). For all I know, you could just have pasted in a few given constructs (fps players, projectiles, mesh level), substituted your own models/textures and called it a day.
It would have been a pretty respectable feat to build the whole rendering and collision system during the compo, but yeah... I don't know what you did.

The models and music are very impressive, but they contrast so heavily with the rather crappy gameplay that it makes the whole thing more of a screenshot photoshoot than a game.
You should probably have made the view fully 3rd person to show off the mech models a bit more clearly, as it is now you have a pretty hard time seeing what's going on at all. The most annoying aspect for me (besides sluggish movement and weird sticky rotation buttons) is that you don't seem to be moving straight towards the middle of view, but rather sliding somewhat off to the side.

mathias says ...

Nice screenshot and models. Gameplay ... not so.

ondrew says ...

Nice mechs, but that's about it.

swergas says ...

please no rar files if you want you game to be played by linux users :(

caturday says ...

From an art perspective, it's a pretty good looking mech. However, the animation is poor. Did you do that music on your own? If so, mad props.

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DEAD END Will be at

Posted by
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 7:57 pm


here are the controles to DEAD END. Player 1 or left screen,W,A,S,Dmovment, Q,E, For rotating and shift and control for shooting.Second Player or Right Screen is O,K,L,:Movement and for rotating is I,P, and shooting is ],\, thank you for playing and thank you BathTubMeth.

More Mech Pics

Posted by
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 2:59 pm

These are some pics of another mech.

Dead End

Posted by
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 2:40 pm

This is a mech game thats in the make. Its split screen multiplayer.  Here are some pics of one of the mechs and Ill post some game footage in a bit. The game is almost done. The premise of the game is two guys are talking about each others moms and then they settle it with a dual and the whole city pays.

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