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jlnr says ...

I'm really not into sliding puzzles but that car is just so cute :D

PsySal says ...

Nicely polished, and a good use of the theme! I also like the idea of changing roads, but I confess I gave up at stage two as I had a lot of trouble with stage 1! =) Too intimidating!

I had trouble with the controls actually, because I always think about the sliding tiles game in terms of moving a tile, not an empty space, so the controls seemed backwards at first.

MrPhil says ...

Wish there was a "speed thru" button. I like the idea of choices on how to solve the road which decides which way to go.

Frimkron says ...

Nice idea! It could do with some kind of marker to show where the current (empty) tile is, because I often lost track of where it was. Or maybe the controls should be reversed so that you're moving tiles into the space rather than moving the empty tile around, if you see what I mean.

matrin says ...

Cake! :D Nice game. Would need some mario music, maybe a little more animation. I'd would also be fun, if you incorporated the fuel tiles, and gas gauge, so you could run out, if you didnt pass through the tile. Would have made a big difference.

swergas says ...

i love the "zzz" animation :p it's a simple and efficient game. menu and animations are polished. it's not the kind of game i like to play but it's pretty good in it's style :) the "choose your way" idea is cool, but maybe the game needed more game mechanics not to be too classical

DrPetter says ...

More fun than I expected. First impression was "shit, a sliding puzzle... ok, I'll poke around for a few seconds then quit" - but it actually managed to balance the difficulty rather well, and I kept going with the "just one more screen" thing until I had beaten it.
I suppose there may be more endings though, but I got the pink and tasty one (went through the forest). In 2057 moves.
I also managed to slot in the gas canisters for levels which had them, but there was no indication of whether or not that made any difference. I assumed that you needed it to proceed. Would have been nice with a "pickup", making the can disappear as you went by and maybe an animation filling the gas meter up.

crc says ...

Likes: idea, car animation.

Could improve on: a marker for the empty tile and some kind of wrap-around at the edges maybe.

I had fun puzzling.

erik says ...

Well, you definitely get the Towlr points.

Lots of nice touches and polish, but for some reason I didn't find the puzzles very fun. Not sure why. The pace of the car traveling was a bit slow. I certainly liked the ending.

demonpants says ...

Interesting idea to put the sliding block puzzle into a game like this. I found it pretty boring overall because I don't like this kind of puzzle, but it was well done. The tile sliding seemed counterintuitive to me also.

Hamumu says ...

Put me in the very large anti-slide-puzzle camp. But it grew on me as I saw you play with the formula to do interesting things. The multiple paths was really cool. Then there was the level with limited gas. That really needed an indication of just how limited it was. I had to just guess. The level after that had some broken roads, and I wanted to see what the car would do when hitting one, so I hit space without a working path, and the game quit on me. I am sad because I was near Towlr Asylum (well, maybe not, but the sign suggested it).

So not liking the slide puzzles, but liking how you worked with the slide puzzles to do a lot of slightly different things. And I really liked the bouncing van.

Morre says ...

Woo, cake, following the Towlr signs... it's pretty tricky! Especially if you misunderstand the rules like I did. On the level with two small puzzles, I assumed I had to solve both at once (I wasn't expecting the car to stop half-way), so I did. Did the same thing with the final level, just for fun.

The empty square is pretty hard to see, I suggest displaying its location more clearly.

I like the reference to your LD12 game, with the Owl Corp building. I was half expecting a flood of zombies!

It's a lot of fun the first few levels :)

ondrew says ...

I liked the idea a lot. After reaching every new screen I was like Oh no, how I'm going to solve this.

The bouncing car was a nice touch.

The voyage level would be funnier, if you would force the player to solve both puzzles at the same time.

I would put the controls completely backwards. Like this they just mess with my head, so lots of towlr for that :)

The car speed could be increased a bit to speed up the gameplay.

Gilvado says ...

Cool game, but I'm just terrible at sliding puzzle games :P. Even the first level took me a long time.

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Windows port

Posted by
Saturday, December 13th, 2008 3:19 pm

After lots of frustration and a visit to my parents’ house (they have computers with windows; what an odd idea…), I made a windows version. Hopefully it will work on other computers as well. It is exactly the same as the compo version except for some fiddling to get it to load the (default!) font. I also noticed an annoying bug while testing, but I’ll release the fix later in the post-compo version.

If you’re masochist enough to be using Windows check it out: Voyage (for windows)

Voyage, a puzzle game

Posted by
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 5:45 pm

Voyage is a puzzle game: slide the tiles around to make a continuous path to lead the red car forward.

My girlfriend gave me the idea for this game for which I am quite grateful. Roads wasn’t a theme I was psyched about so it isn’t my best work, but I think in the end it came out ok. Sadly I’m no good at making music and I feel this is a game that really could have used some. Maybe I’ll find some Creative Commons music for a post compo version.

More thought later, for now I bid thee all a fair night. 

Download Voyage (Python + pygame / GPLv3)



windows port


Posted by
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 12:39 pm



My entry is slowly coming together despite a late start and lots of wasted time. Unfortunately I can’t write music and this game could really use some. :S

Food shot

Posted by
Saturday, December 6th, 2008 5:15 am

Mandarines are delicious. And my progress is blocked by what should be a simple problem. :(


Posted by
Friday, December 5th, 2008 4:21 pm


Posted by
Thursday, December 4th, 2008 11:14 am

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