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Doches says ...

Damned fireflies just won't _obey_. Also, it would be nice if clicking on a bullrush gave a little more feedback -- it's hard to tell if I've successfully lit it up, or not.

Or maybe I didn't, and that's why the fireflies decided to go off and do their own thing.

Still, pleasantly artistic.

MrPhil says ...

Very beautiful art. Didn't find the game play compelling though. I just didn't feel like I was actually influencing the fireflies. The fade timing is too long and the mouse gets messed up when you switch to full screen.

Hamumu says ...

Just not feeling the game here. It was a very good idea to do something very un-road-like that used the concept of roads, but like the others, I can't make the fireflies do anything. Also, anytime they got near the stump, they'd go inside and vanish, so I never had very many fireflies going at once either. And as someone else said, it was almost impossible to see 'activated' bullrushes.

demonpants says ...

Incredibly pretty and an awesome idea, but I agree that the execution was lacking. I couldn't really get much of anything to happen, and didn't find the game in it.

increpare says ...

Ah, I sort of got the hang of controling them...but...oh wait, no I haven't :( More irritatingly, the help screen at the start, while of course appreciated, doesn't fully disappear once the game starts, obscuring a large reversed 'L'-shape portion of the screen :/

I agree with others, that more visual feedback would help a lot.

Good idea, must say. Could be quite magical, in principle.

HybridMind says ...

Am also getting same problem as increpare where the help screen remains as a large obscuring "L" that makes it very difficult to play. I'm on a friend's vista 32 (I think) box. Will play on different machine later in week to try again because I wanna chance to control fireflies too... even if commenters are saying it is hard.. ;) In case i don't get a chance to play, I do wanna say that I really like the graphics and mood of this entry. Plus, I appreciate the non-obvious attempt you made at addressing the theme of 'roads'

negativegeforce says ...

Good concept using the road them. Directing the flies was a bit frustrating though. Response to my attempts to direct them was a bit slow, but I was able to get them to mate and go into the tree trunk.

The art style has a nice Disney magic feel to it. The fading between screens took quite a long time on my laptop and the mouse cursor gets offset if I resized the window.

erik says ...

Very nice visuals and design. Unfortunately performance was a problem on my machine. I also had the problem with the help screen not going away properly.

ondrew says ...

The graphics is amazing, the game not so much.

Ran very slow on my computer.

threeeffhex says ...

Takes a little bit of practice to get the fireflies to move around where you want them too - sort of feels like they need to not have other fireflies in their way, or that they need to have los to the rush your aiming at or something - sometimes they move very fast and sometimes won't obey.
Wasn't a huge amount of fun as it stands, but it's trying to do something original with the road concept, and the initial presentation, and even setting, is very original and aesthetically pleasing... nice...

dstrysnd says ...

i was so enthused about this one, but it is plagued with technical problems. :( great art and cool concepts, but the help screen glitch really interferes with gameplay.

Gilvado says ...

Beautiful, but ran unbelievably slowly. Not really playable.

swergas says ...

the concept could have been cool but its implementation has major flaws :/ the gameplay is quite bad, as it's hard for the player to have an influence over the fireflies. i didn't really get what the goal was apart from trying to multiply the fireflies. but the game has very nice graphics and i think it can potentially become a nice toy/game with a little more work on it :)

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Bullrushes Final

Posted by
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 8:21 pm

http://cogsci.mcmaster.ca/~peter/ludumdare/midwinter_ld13.zip (Windows/DirectX 8/VC6)


Bullrushes is a pretty game in the artistic style of Okami (a PS2 title), where everything is drawn with a brush.  The player creates paths of light to guide little fireflies by illuminating bullrushes.  When fireflies come close together, they excitedly mate and burst away, leaving a new firefly in their wake.  Once enough fireflies have been born, the player must help guide them back to their tree stump hollow.

Artistically, I wanted to do something very different this time, taking a minimalist and abstract light on the theme (roads/paths).  I wish I had more time to add a japanese-themed simple score (maybe I’ll add one later).  An interesting fact — the game was created over about 26 hours, instead of the normal 48.

I’m very happy with how it turned out, and had loads of fun doing it.


(Quick edit:  I nearly forgot to mention, the bullrushes will only attract nearby fireflies — those that are about 150 pixels away.  If the fireflies aren’t moving towards the bullrush, you’ll have to find a closer one to light their path!  Similarly, the fireflies will have to be guided very close to the middle of their tree stump nest before resting inside).


Posted by
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 3:13 pm

I’ve added the fireflies, and alpha blending!

I really have to get the ‘paths’ that the fireflies form, to make a (road-like) game!


Bullrushes Progress!

Posted by
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 1:15 pm

Features added:

– Mouse and keyboard support, mouse cursor

– Ability to highlight bullrushes, move one with a click (just a test)

– Animated background, swaying water… kind of soothing (or nauseating, depending on your preferences)

– Depth-sorted drawing, so ones farther back are drawn first.  Looks not too bad

(Download this test for Windows/DirectX 8) 




Posted by
Saturday, December 6th, 2008 8:31 pm

Here’s my first screenshot:


I know there aren’t a great deal of roads yet — I’m thinking the concept will be that the roads are more of ‘path’s, where the bullrushes and other plants will be much more dense to clearly mark them.  I think the game will have something to do with fireflies, but I’m not really sure what the mechanics will be yet.  It’s been a very late start this year!  But the alpha blending seems to be working, and displays the fancy bullrush plant pretty well! :) 

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