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dave1 says ...

Couldn't resist playing Jesus. :-) Very nice graphics, very polished. The controls/movement was somewhat awkward and it took some time to master not getting run over.

Jonathan Whiting says ...

Cute game, amusing graphics, and initially fun gameplay (I did tire of it quickly however). It's a bit of a shame it only really touches the theme in name, I'm sure there are other things that could have been done to make it more road like (without even changing it a great deal).

Even so, it's a solid and well polished entry.

PsySal says ...

Theme abuse! =)

Really nice graphics, it's South Park meets Fisher-Price Little People.

demonpants says ...

Pretty fun, but was a little lacking in variety and gameplay, as mentioned by others.

Also, if this is a Unity game, you could have saved me Boot Camp and made an OS C executable, no?

Hamumu says ...

I like the characters a lot, and the holy water hose. But the gameplay leaves a whole lot to be desired, especially the controls. I also hit a bug where I started drifting to the left permanently... or wait, was the gate sucking me in? I don't know.

erik says ...

Couldn't get it to work, looks like it wasn't showing textures properly. I'll try it on a different machine if I get a chance.

increpare says ...

unity: cool :)

That said, given that you used unity, the omission of sound is especially sinful. Otherwise: it plays pretty well, though the movement feels like it could be zippier? Also, though you mightn't have been expected to have too much time for this during the 48 hours, the camera angles could have done with some special handling near the edge of the arena.

The models are cute also. Animations, even simple ones, would have been nicer still :)

negativegeforce says ...

First thing I did notice was the graphics. Very nice characters considering a 48hr contest. Unity allows to concentrate on content instead of reinventing wheels which is nice.

The use of the roads theme is very limited. This game would be suited well if the theme was "rooms".

Things I did notice that are innovating are the holy water sprayer and health "bar".

I noticed its very difficult to attack anything in the middle of one room. Having the minions come from every direction is difficult to see them coming. It would be nice to temporarily destroy a spawn portal by pouring holy water on it until it blows up or something. So you can actually stand near the spawn for some time to fight the minions coming behind you.

ondrew says ...

Really nice graphics.

Although not really according to the theme, playing Jesus with a holy water pump killing dead demons from hell was fun.

HybridMind says ...

i enjoyed the holy water flamethrower! Couldn't ever determine exactly what the graphic in the top left represented. All the little crosses go from red to black and I guess it must be a life meter or something but it seems the lower it goes the worse I moved and turned. Kept getting the camera obscured by rocks which made me take damage. Found the enemies appearing a little too often so that I didn't do very well at the game at all and never made it to the second gate though I did try a few times. Wish there was some sound. The art style was like legos in hell.. Not sure there was any connection to road theme besides title though.

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What to do???

Posted by
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 8:30 pm

Just noticed the voting gallery…what do we do if we did not mark our submission posts as final? I had some students working on games, and I don’t know if we all marked the final posts with final tags?

Final – It’s Done

Posted by
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 7:57 pm

Highway 2 Hell

You’re Jesus fighting the minions of Hell. Only 2 of the 7 Gates are available, but, it was fun!


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