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Most likely to be turned into a film by Uwe Boll Award
Awarded by crc
on December 15, 2008
The Stir-Crazy Horse Compensation
Awarded by demonpants
on December 9, 2008
Absurdly Small Ninja Award
Awarded by Hamumu
on December 3, 2007



erik says ...

That's very neat. Lots of nice touches. I'm impressed with the 3d + physics in flash.

demonpants says ...

Pretty cool, although I never got to the end (is there an end?), so I eventually just closed it. I like that you get credibility for running people over. Good stuff overall.

jhauberg says ...

Like erik, im also impressed by the fact that you did this in flash.

Initially it took a while before the game would give me control of the vehicle, but I guess it was just calcing terrain or something? :)

Regarding controls the final was definitely easier to play than the first couple of versions you had up, where controlling were handled by mouse.

matrin says ...

The controls were superbly fun. :D Loved it.

Gilvado says ...

Also found it pretty enjoyable. The absurdity of driving the Trojan Horse like a deadly tour bus was hilarious. Controls were good, though it was hard to control (if that makes sense...). I played your online version and it only loaded/rendered new sections of the map when I hit an edge. This made the game very very difficult, as I wouldn't know what's coming. Other than that it was great!

nilsf says ...

Very impressive technically, but not very fun.

ragnor says ...

I made it to the end, and loved it :).

It's always fun to smash people and smashing people with wireframe trojan horse is funnier. :)

dave1 says ...

Nice graphics. It was fun running over people. Some extra variety would be good after a little while. Didn't make it to the end though.

SpaceManiac says ...

Interesting, though hard to control. It's fun running over people.

GBGames says ...

I LOLed at the end.

The controls are frustrating, but obviously that's part of the point of driving a Trojan horse at high speeds across mountainous terrain. It was unintuitive why the controls would get more difficult, or why the wheels would flash colors. Did the cart get stuck? Was it tipping over? It was hard to tell.

crc says ...

Liked: Idea, Humor

Could improve on: Hard to control, mix of graphical styles, surprise moments, maybe some "Distance to Troy" meter instead of "credibility")

Don't kill the messenger. Kill them all. ;)

Hamumu says ...

(illegal graphics of Troy=N/A graphics!)

Pretty marginal in terms of actually being a game, but I like the Credibility meter, and it is pretty crazy trying to drive that big tank around. I too am curious about the wheel color flashes.

A good achievement!

ondrew says ...

Very nice physics and fun to keep the Trojan horse on the road.

Although crushing people is fun, the game lacks some kind of motivation for the player.

dstrysnd says ...

somehow i don't think this is historically accurate

HybridMind says ...

this is too funny. i too remember playing one of your earlier prototypes and this one is much better. it is strangely gleeful to run over messengers in a speeding polygon trojan horse with jangly head! the troy at the end was a bit jarring. heh. wasn't sure if i actually won or not.. it just sorta said I reached troy but didn't tell me what my cred score meant win or lose.

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The Road to Troy (probably final)

Posted by
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 6:35 pm

OK here it is,  This is totally different from the game I thought I was going to make.  I wasn’t thinking Horses, or even 3d when I started.  

I’m not too sure about the gameplay, but I’m fairly pleased with what I got it to do from a technical standpoint.

The source and everything is here

but to play it you can just jump on over to here

I think it’s taking me longer to find my way around wordpress than it is to make the game.



A little thing I may use

Posted by
Friday, December 5th, 2008 6:42 pm

I made this a while back which may be of use to some, and I may use it myself depending on what the theme comes out as.


Something for Flash,  Takes a bunch of frames and stores them as a jpeg for colour and png for alpha.  then breaks the fremes up into seperate BitmapData object on load.

I didn’t do any frame animation in Boomshakalaka, because it seemed to be fairly tricky to get animations into flash.  If  need them this time then maybe this will help.


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