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midwinter says ...

I think this is a really neat take on the tetris idea. I found it kind of hard to build a road of any length, but that doesn't mean it's bad, just challenging? The graphics look very well done, too!

Doches says ...

Nice, surprisingly polished game. Like has been said, needs some tweaking to keep players from just throwing away curved roads, though it took me a good couple of minutes to figure that trick out. Fun!

> On Windows, it opens a useless console window when you run the game

Use rubyscript2exe --rubyscript2exe-rubyw <file.rb> and it won't do this. Took me ages to figure that out.

mathias says ...

no sprungschanzen? :(

Sophie Houlden says ...

I was a bit panicking at the start as I didnt know what to do, but it didnt last too long once I figured out straight roads were best, I think with this kind of puzzle game, the longer you can keep the player panicking the best. like the idea but the only incentive to play for curved roads is the extra points, but playing simple fast seems to achieve the same results.

demonpants says ...

12900. Think you can put this somewhere else so it doesn't download so slowly?

Also I agree with erik... turned out that by far the best strategy was just to throw away curvy roads and use straight ones.

erik says ...

The visuals have some nice touches. It didn't seem like a puzzle to me though. Just create one long road to the top, throw away any road with a curve, and click as fast as you can to get as many cars out as you can. My second attempt got me 22400 points. I like the puzzle idea, but I'm not sure how you would tweak the game play to really take advantage of it.

nilsf says ...

Neat idea and nice graphics but not really fun in the end. Cars falling in the water were rather amusing though.

Hamumu says ...

I love the anime tutorializer. Like others say, the gameplay doesn't quite work. My problem was mainly how it would get going so incredibly fast so early, you really didn't have any time to make any clever plans. If there was no point bonus for getting a car to the top, just the penalty for failing, then you would actually be rewarding them for road length. You'd still definitely need to slow it wayyy down though. What I really think it needs is to be much much smaller, so that you have a lot more look-ahead. As it is, there are only like 10 tiles vertically, and that's just no time to work at all. I think the potential is there to be a really nice game!

Jonathan Whiting says ...

It's a nice concept, and the implementation is pretty solid, the graphics are nice etc. but the games puzzle just doesn't really seem to work, which is sad :(

ondrew says ...

Very nice package, I really like the looks of the game, however it's really easy. There is not enough puzzle in the road :).

increpare says ...

looks nice. Reminds me of netstorm. Sounds effects are there, but a bit jarring maybe? The arrows seem to be confusingly offset sometimes? Maybe pointing to the surface, as opposed to the base, would help?

swergas says ...

on ubuntu, i have installed ruby and rubygems but when trying "sudo gem install gosu" :
checking for pangoft2... no
configure: error: Missing pangoft2
*** extconf.rb failed ***

dstrysnd says ...

I really detest falling-block puzzlers, but this game was well done, polished, and fun. I'm not really very good at this type of game at all so I can't comment on whether it's too easy as I lack the strategic skills to do what erik described ;) I just sort of tossed cars onto roads.

HybridMind says ...

the graphics and styled tutorial are awesome. I like the animations / actions of dropping the cars onto roads and water. The splash is nice. I had trouble getting into the game though. I seemed to have a lot of issues with the controls and though I get the concept I feel like I still must have been missing something because I just made a mess of dropping the road pieces. Nice amount of polish for 48hrs though! Gosu rocks! ;)

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Puzzle Road! (Final)

Posted by
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 8:00 pm

Mac version!

Windows version (FIXED—let me know if not)!

Linux: Well, both versions include the source code. Just ‘gem install gosu’ and run ‘ruby Main.rb’. You should know how to do these things 😉

It’s all mouse-based because I tried to use controls simple enough to run on the iPhone (theoretically …). Hope it’s self explanatory, I moved the readme inside the game!

Known bugs:

  • The pretty Unicode star (see screenshot) doesn’t work on Windows :(
  • On WIndows, it opens a useless console window when you run the game
  • (Gameplay usually suffers a bit because there is no incentive to actually use curved streets, like more points for driving on them :/ Still, I got >36k on my third game and it involved lots of curves at least in the first two thirds!)
Features I had to leave out:
  • Bulldozers that appear instead of cars sometimes, and can break through thin obstacles
  • In turn, a limit on rotations
  • Powerups on streets—when collected, the landscape would scroll slower or you could access more than one item in the pipe
  • A wrap-around world—what leaves to the left, appears to the right etc.
  • Jumping tiles
  • One-way tiles
  • More sounds & music, pretty random landscape tiles,  etc. etc.

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