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    About Sophie Houlden (twitter: @S0phieH)

    Hi, I'm Sophie, this is my site, scroll down to check out my ludum dare posts ok :)

    for specific LD posts heres the rundown of LDs I entered:
    LD17 - A Fishing Adventure
    MINI16 - Dinosaurs didn't have keyboards
    LD16 - Redwalk
    MINI14 - Delusional
    LD15 - Cavern0048
    MINI10 - the.domestic
    MINI9 - MegaSuper: Timewarp
    MINI7 - Pinapple22
    LD13 - Pizza Bitch
    LD11 - Dot2doT
    LD10.5 - Ultimate Vengance Power 4: The Lemon Of Justice
    LD10 - Ramuh-Shmoo


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    Sophie Houlden's Trophies

    Evil Genius
    Awarded by Yaru
    on August 26, 2013
    Suprise! Your Keyboard is Now an Award Award
    Awarded by Cthulhu32
    on February 25, 2008
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    on December 19, 2007
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    DrPetter says ...

    Rather ambitious packaging and presentation, but the gameplay is so-and-so. Main problem initially is the limited viewing distance, meaning you have to inch along while staring at the map to have any idea where you're going. After a while you sort of learn the streets though.
    If polycount is an issue you could maybe collapse neighboring tiles/squares to make larger (potentially rectangular) quads. I don't think fillrate would be a problem since you can draw tons of transparent smoke particles like nothing at all.
    Might have been nice to make the out-of-bounds area high-friction instead of bouncy. Things get a bit cramped as they are now, with zero tolerance for swerving a bit.
    I delivered some 3-4 pizzas for a score of 80, then I crashed on purpose since the car was already pretty smashed up.

    shrt says ...

    Haha, that was cool. At least until I arrived at the actual game :P I found it way hard to drive that thing, maybe if you could turn while standing still it would have been easier.

    Hamumu says ...

    Somehow this felt more like a polished and proper 3D game than any entry I've played before, even though at the same time it had a lot of serious issues that weren't so proper. The whole game felt very hyperactive, resulting in a lot of 'wall' collisions and death. My record was 1 pizza, for a total of 0 points (seems like it should've been worth more than that). The pop-in is crazy. I think this is one that needed nothing more than tweaking to be really tops. But it really needed that tweaking. Nice cutscenes!

    Gilvado says ...

    Totally hilarious introduction, a good idea overall, enjoyed it. Still, there was a lot of pop-in when loading new sections, that made it hard to plan what to do next, and the turning was *incredibly* tight. Slower turning and the ability to turn while stationary (as shrt mentioned) would help.

    MrPhil says ...

    I never was able to delivery a pizza. Something about the width of the streets and the power of the thrust making it impossible not to crash. All the smoke ends up blocking your view some too.

    erik says ...

    Not much I can add to the other feedback. Great intro, the controls need some work to improve the game play. Making a full 3d game in 48 hours is hard.

    HybridMind says ...

    couldn't really control car / see world well at all. managed to try a few times though and actually delivered a pizza just before crash and burn. really like the analog pizza temperature meter!

    enjoyed the cut scene and story is great as well as the title just keeps cracking me up.

    What, no photos of pizza in your journal for inspiration? ;)

    crc says ...

    I liked: Overall package, story, getting into, artwork, humor, 3D-Hover, UI presentation

    Could improve on: Explanation (car starts to smoke, why? when?), scoring balance, controls, especially getting stuck on corners

    Casual insider tip.

    dave1 says ...

    best intro yet for me. Couldn't get into the game though, just crashed a lot. Couldn't figure out where to deliver the pizza.

    demonpants says ...

    Heh heh, the cutscene was wonderful, you definitely get a 5 for humor. The rest of it was meh. The gameplay was sorta boring and rather difficult to get a handle on.

    ondrew says ...

    Due to poor visibility, I found myself rather looking at the map than on the game itself.

    The intro and whole packaging are very good, but the game doesn't quite cut it. The turns are two sharp and collisions are almost inevitable.

    Love the left mouse view while playing :)

    dessgeega says ...

    it's crazy taxi in a griddy abstract neighborhood, but hell if i could dislike a game called PIZZABITCH.

    Devon says ...

    I LOVE pizza. This game was funny, but really hard, ugly, and confusing. God I love pizza. Thanks for reminding me of that. The story is awesome too!

    Morre says ...

    Long intro. It shows that you spent a lot of effort working on it - pretty cool!

    The game, however, is almost unplayable for me; graphics glitches makes it hard to even tell what's the road (tiles sometimes disappeared under me).

    Great start, but not quite finished :)

    threeeffhex says ...

    Hey, I loved the initial scene setting intro - shades of snowcrash meets dirty harry...
    Well done with how much you got made in 48 hours, impressed, at the same time, the draw distance is a bit of a killer to the gameplay, but flash isn't suited for 3d not really your fault. Car steering/thurst needs a bit more balance, but if you could get that and the draw distance sorted, pretty cool little game.

    dstrysnd says ...

    Seems like this LD is full of otherwise great games marred by little glitches. This is another one of them. Awesome and hilarious setting, great graphics, but the collisions are just unforgiving and the handling is bad.

    greencow says ...

    fast bitch

    swergas says ...

    nice entry :) the game is a little bit hard to control, but after 1 or 2 plays it's ok. main problems : too small depth of field so we end up looking at the map only; the map (level design) is too strange so it's hard to go where we want; tiles often turn black we get on them (i suppose it's because they get deleted too early); our car's smoke makes that we lose the little depth of field we had. but apart from these points, i loved the game ! some parts are very polished, and even if the car is quite hard to control, we get used to it and master its direction after a while. maybe the intro is too long and takes a too big proportion of the graphics (after having seen the intro the rest of the game seems poor in graphics and too simplistic).

    Archive for the ‘LD #13 – Roads – 2008’ Category

    PizzaBitch final

    Posted by (twitter: @S0phieH)
    Sunday, December 7th, 2008 6:25 pm

    PizzaBitch Screenshots

    > GAME DOWNLOAD < (includes source)

    edit: timelapse on yootoob

    Pizza Bitch, end of day 1

    Posted by (twitter: @S0phieH)
    Saturday, December 6th, 2008 5:49 pm

    screenshot of vehicle

    I dont usually take this long before I post but then I also feel most of my posts here are waffle, so I’m trying for the quality over quantity strategy, though the quality of this post isnt too hot, I havent even spoken about the game or anything to do with making it.

    meh, no-one reads these anyway, at least until after they have played the game I reckon.

    anyhoo, the game is called ‘Pizza Bitch’ its about a renegade pizza delivery girl who breaks the rules but gets results, her boss is a hard case, always putting her down for her lack of dicipline, but he has very rarely asked her to turn in her badge and pizza cutter, so she must be doing something right.

    …oh yeah, and its set in the future with holo-roads and stuff >_>

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