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The Unexpectedly Addictive Game award
Awarded by nilsf
on December 16, 2008
The It Was a Learning Experience Award
Awarded by demonpants
on December 7, 2008



Jonathan Whiting says ...

It's not perfect, but there is a lot that is good about this. I love the sfx, some of the animations are pretty neat, and the scope of the game is pretty ambitious and well realised.

Some things however let it down somewhat. I had problems fitting it on my 1024x768 screen, theoretically a small problem, but very frustrating. It also found it very difficult to to keep track of who I was, my friends were, and my enemies were in the heat of battle, and longed for something more in your face to tell me what's what.

The story is cool, though it'd be nice to see more of its impact in the game itself.

Still, a good effort in the timescale, the lure of l4d is strong! (I resisted, but it was hard work).

dave1 says ...

This was one of the more enjoyable games I've played in the comp. Simple graphics but great AI and enjoyed building up the army and watching them do battle. Kinda like a c robots battle.

HybridMind says ...

I dig the story you came up with a lot. I realize to fully realize that would most likely be very difficult in 48hrs. Not too mention all the Left4Dead I saw in that timelapse (which by the way was pretty funny watching the sped up version of the L4D we played Friday night.. heh)

As far as your game goes- I did play through till the 'end' meaning, till I had like 100 guys and was easily able to defeat a strong army. Reminds me of the fun of old games like 'The Ancient Art of Warfare' where the computer does all the fighting. I like that I am also a character in the road battle too though in later levels I usually just sat it out and watched or used the 'rally round me!' cry to get the guys unstuck from rocks.

The sound effects are great and charming. I'm impressed with the AIs ability to handle fighting and navigating the road arena, nice job on that. It also seems you were able to cook up a pretty nicely balanced 'fight' menu which had 3 tiers of 3 options w/o any of them being way wrong. I know game balance issues can be really rough near the end of an LD48 when there isn't a ton of time for playtesting. ;)

Good job on the game, and I look forward to playing more L4D with you on the Ludum Dare Steam group! ;)

ondrew says ...

Very nicely polished combat simulator. I didn't really feel the need to fight the battle myself, usually just watched my troops fight themselves.

Good job on the pathfinding AI, although sometimes the troops get stuck.

Pretty solid game, although not really "roads" themed.

Hamumu says ...

Hey, it's my poet starring as your road warrior! It's really an eerie similarity.

I love this game, I was very disappointed when I reached a point where I beat Strong Army every time. Left me nowhere to go! About halfway through I stopped giving commands entirely and just watched the battles happen. The couple of stragglers who got caught in rocks really didn't matter!

It is really hard to tell anybody from anybody else... a 3/4 view would've helped a ton - i.e. keep the top down view, just make the guys stand up like it was a side view. Would've looked really nice.

Really fun, fulfilling my drive for leveling up.

swergas says ...

nice sfx ^^ (maybe different death sounds would be better) the game doesn't respect the theme that much :/ and the player's influence on the battle is very limited. but beside these it's a pretty good game !

erik says ...

Nice job.

It would be good if there was a way to surrender. Once I got stuck where my player was dead, and the remaining men were stuck and couldn't find each other to end the fight.

nilsf says ...

Way more addictive than expected. I found the sound quite annoying after a while and the window was too high for my screen. It should probably have some sort of ending other than being bored and having 100 immortal guys that move at 9/10th of the speed of light and too much money to know what to do with.
I'm not sure I can say which part of it is fun but I spend an hour playing it so you're definitely doing something right.

demonpants says ...

Definitely has a lot going for it, although there are a few game ruining bugs (namely when you're dead and guys are stuck hitting the air aimlessly because their AI is messed up). I would make it so that when you die you replace a living guy, or something like that. Also, the first time I tried the rally button it totally screwed me because none of my guys would fight back. Not a great use of the theme.

Also thought I should mention that you definitely need to allow clicking the X causing it to quit. The game is sitting here perpetually and Ctrl-Alt-Delete won't work (surprise surprise, Winblows).

matrin says ...

I loved it. :D The sounds, the graphics. The only thing, it was very anoying when you died, and the other figuers couldn't find each other, and i had to quit.

dstrysnd says ...

Addictive. I too played until I was commanding an army of superhumanly fast post-apoc warriors.

greencow says ...

cool, battles are fun, building phase needs graphics

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Looking for Suggestions for a Post-Compo Version of Highwaymen

Posted by
Thursday, December 11th, 2008 12:39 pm

Well, I’ve done a bit of work on a post-compo version of my game, adding blood splatters and improving the A.I. and the number of different armies you can fight such. I have quite a few other ideas for things I could do, although I don’t intend to implement all of them. A few ideas include:

A limited number of people in your village, that increases as new people are born or join you from the outside. These people could be assigned to operate the buildings that you build (also everything would be rebalanced, then). You would also need one house per person (or maybe family? I dunno…).

During battles, your men would be knocked out, when they run out of hp, instead of being outright killed. The A.I. (or you) could ‘stabilize’ knocked out men, which means that they would survive the battle instead of dying. If one of your men isn’t stabilized in time, then they’d die. Obviously this would rely on the previous point being implemented, otherwise it would be pointless.

Exp/Levels/Skills for your main character, allowing things like a cap on the number of men that you can take to battle with you (Leadership skill), along with other things.

Removing your character from the battles (possibly… although this idea could also function while leaving your character in the battle. I really don’t know.) I’m thinking of implementing a very limited real time strategy interface, that would work like so: Your army has a specific number of ‘officers’ (which might also be able to get exp and upgrade, though that seems a bit excessive as far as scope goes). Probably 5 max, I think. Your soldiers are automatically divied up between your officers. You can select officers and give one of two commands: Move here and hold this position (self-explanatory), Attack at will (the officer follows the normal A.I. to move towards and try and attack an enemy). An officer’s men would automatically try and stay within a certain distance of his commander, attacking enemies that get within a certain distance. If these changes were implemented, it’s likely that the pace of the game would be slowed down a bit, and the playing fields made a bit larger, so that it’s not too frantic. Of course, that’s not certain.

Greatly enhanced village management: Require food for your people to survive over time, ability to make equipment, using several types of resources, which lets you make different kinds of characters to take to battle (spearmen, axemen, ranged — javelins or throwing knives or bows, perhaps even black-powder style guns.

Mission structure — A basic storyline and set of missions (which would probably all end up being arena battles, but with new styles of terrain, instead of just the highway). This would be complimented by randomly generated sets of side-missions so that you can level-build if you want to. Major missions would possibly also provide special equipment to make special soldier types (military rifles, grenades…?) The special types would run out of ammo eventually (perhaps you can only use them once…), so they’d be best used against ‘boss’ type battles. 

3/4 Overhead art – To make it easier to figure out who is who, and to just make it look prettier.

U.I. ‘Improvements’ – Improvements might be an overstatement, because right now there is none, during the battles. But I think that some information about what’s going on would probably be helpful.


Those are all the ideas I have so far — obviously I won’t implement all of them, but I’d appreciate it if the people that played and liked my game could suggest which of the improvements they’d like to see most. If you read this post before you review my game, maybe you could also suggest there which of the improvements you might like to see (or mention others).

Gilvado’s LD13 Timelapse

Posted by
Monday, December 8th, 2008 7:35 am

Here it is. Much l4d…

Gilvado – LD 13 Timelapse

Highwaymen — Finished

Posted by
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 7:34 pm


Edit — switch to a different server so I’m not piggy backing off OrangyTang anymore.

My server is a bit messed up right now, so OrangyTang offered to host my entry until I get it up and running (sometime tomorrow). I’ll change the link tomorrow when my server is back up.

My original scope had several story elements that would have incorporated the theme a whole lot more than ‘just fighting on a road’, but as time went on (and I played more and more l4d), I pared the scope back a lot. Now the theme connection is pretty damn light…

I’ll write up my thoughts sometime, and I’m compiling my timelapse right now.

Edit to add timelapse:

Gilvado\’s LD 13 Timelapse

Edit to add screenshot:


Prototype on Youtube

Hour old prototype. Yes, it’s hard to see. My bad.

Day 1 = Medium Failure

Posted by
Saturday, December 6th, 2008 6:05 pm

Well, apparently I didn’t have nearly as much in me this time as last, I’ve been procrastinating a whole lot. I have most of all the boilerplate stuff done, and a playfield, but no movement, collisions, A.I., or upgrade system. So essentially no game. Might push it really hard into the night tonight to try and get all the gameplay functioning before tomorrow. Screeny of a basic map:

A section of highway


Posted by
Saturday, December 6th, 2008 10:10 am

Well, I think I have a functioning idea for my game, just how much ends up being implemented I can’t say. The basic outline is something like this:

In a post-apocalyptic world (nuclear disaster, baby!), a major raised highway still runs across the country. This highway is known to the people simply as the Road — the lifeblood of the communities that still exist across the blighted landscape. Your people have lived here at the Road as long as you can remember, trying to scrape together a living by trading with and providing services for travellers. When your father dies, you take over leadership of the village — but as bandit attacks get worse and worse, your village loses too much, too many people. Eventually you end up resorting to attacking travellers for what scant supplies you can scavenge from them. You become… Highwaymen.

Epic, eh? Sweet. Ok, so I’m thinking it’s gonna be a top-down action game inspired by Zelda. You have a village that you can upgrade through money and materials you scavenge from attacking traders and whatnot. Likely the village will be off-screen, merely controlled through a menu. The game will play out in a large patch of highway, where your allies (other people from your village) and you will fight people, getting money and materials with each kill. Upgrading your village gives you better weapons, armor, and more people. Basically, it’s gonna end up being an arena fighting game (set on a highway), with allies and enemies, and an upgrade system based on cash, that happens in between fights.

Now, I fully recognize this is a fairly large scope, especially considering that I already wasted 3 or 4 hours last night doing things like playing L4D with HybridMind. I’m going to start with just you fighting other dudes, top down, on an open plain, and go from there.

Excited as hell!

Posted by
Friday, December 5th, 2008 9:25 am

I’m excited as hell to participate in my first Ludum Dare. I previously participated in the mini LD for “MS Paint is the best level editor ever”. Last time I wrote in python/pygame — I had been intending to set up a dev environment and get some experience with lwjgl, since I use Java at work, and I’m most comfortable with its syntax. I kept putting it off though, so I think I’m gonna work in python/pygame again. Since I have so little experience at this thing, I’m much more interested in trying to make something small that actually works, than having big plans and getting nowhere. It’s likely that my game will end up being more of a toy. Still, it should be a good time :D.

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