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The Joyous Blob Accolade
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The Melty Puddle Decoration
Awarded by demonpants
on December 9, 2008
The awesomely gruesome purple gibs Sarge's award
Awarded by Tenoch
on August 20, 2008
Most Gore in an LD12 Entry Award
Awarded by dstrysnd
on August 13, 2008



jhauberg says ...

So cool.

I only wish it had better handling of the cars :)

matrin says ...

Loked like fun, but didn't work so well on my computer.Guess i really need to power up.

Sophie Houlden says ...

I cant really get the hang of driving on the roads, but it becomes really awsome once there is an open area and a crowd of zombies to plow through.

also the speech bubbles were a nice touch :)

erik says ...

Loved the concept, the splatters and the speech bubbles.

Didn't like the controls, the narrow hard to navigate roads and getting stuck on the buildings.

demonpants says ...

Cool game, I love running over the zombies and watching their guts spill out. The controls leave something to be desired, though... it can be really hard to navigate.

"The theme was "Roads". It was the worst theme ever." I agree. I have no idea who voted for this, nor why it won by such a margin. Was there some kid in his computer lab?

Jonathan Whiting says ...

There's so much I loved about this. Which is probably why the car physics, and even more crucially the collision reaction got on my nerves so much.

Even so, the exploding zombies, fantastic theme, and awesome little touches like the occasional speech bubbles, meant I came away from it happy.

Devon says ...

i just couldn't get beyond the controls. it was like driving through pudding. zombie effects and music was good though.

MrPhil says ...

This is one of those love and hate games. Its madding to keep getting stuck on buildings when the car drives like a brick. I also hated the fact that driving over a zombie backwards didn't hurt them! Kudos on the music and sounds. Great job, just don't make me hate it so much!

dertom says ...

Yeah...driving! Although you steer the car like a ship it is a cool game! I made a real massacre (nice animation) :D

dock says ...

It ran at less than one frame per second on my laptop, so it was unplayable unfortunately. I'll try to play it on a faster machine some time.

dave1 says ...

The zombie crushing effect was so cool... alot better than mine :-) Nice audio too. It was fun until I would run into a building and then take so long to backup that a zombie would kill me. With some upgrades to the controls this would be a great game.

Hamumu says ...

I think Erik completely stole my comments in every way. All the same good things, all the same bad. The splatters are perfect. Wish the car could move!

Extra Towlr point for the missing steering fluid in the car.

HybridMind says ...

fix the controls and handling and I would love this. everything else is so great. the art style, sounds, the creepy ambient music, the blood and tire streaks... so awesome. too bad it is so painful to play as someone else put it 'steering through pudding' or something like that.. :)

Morre says ...

Very cool music and graphics. I really like the effect when zombies are run over. Sadly, the car handling and the small roads take away much of the fun. Great start, could be a really cool game with some additional work :)

As others have pointed out, the speech bubbles were really cute. Also, not being able to kill zombies while going backwards is frustrating.

negativegeforce says ...

A well polished entry. The blood, particles and explosions are very nice. The only thing that bothered me was the vehical accelerated too slowly and made turns much too slowly. That makes the pace of the game a bit too slow. I also got stuck in the building tiles a few times. Great gta like game otherwise!

increpare says ...

Moderately amusing. I like the concept: it's quite effectively zombie-themed. However, yeah, the handling and collision could do with some sexing up.

crc says ...

I liked: atmosphere, presentation, completeness

Could be improved: controls, collision handling (car/houses), sprite size (everything could be larger)

It makes obvious what you would achieve on a bigger budget.

sol_hsa says ...

If the car handling wasn't so frustrating, this might be a very enjoyable game.

ondrew says ...

I played the updated version and it's still quite slow on my computer, couldn't really control the car.

The game looks like fun, the splatter effects and blood tracks are amazing.

jlnr says ...

Looks pretty cool but ran VERY slow on my Mac :( It was a bit hard to steer and I got stuck in a wall while trying to escape by driving backwards.

dstrysnd says ...

Despite the things that other people have mentioned that kept it from being truly awesome, this game was very fun (not to mention funny)

Gilvado says ...

Turned way too slowly. Difficult to control. Hilarious concept.

caturday says ...

Very well done! Car control was tricky. Great concept. Points for blood splatter!

Archive for the ‘LD #13 – Roads – 2008’ Category

Left4Bread Timelapse

Posted by (twitter: @FionaSarah)
Monday, December 8th, 2008 1:28 pm

Here’s the timelapse for Left4Bread.

Next time I will make webcam image bigger.

I’m hoping to optimise the library I used to write the game so it runs a bit faster, the main critisisms so far are the extremely slow speed the game runs at for most people and the “poor handling” of the car – But I think that last one can also be attributed to game slowdown.

Perhaps a postmortem will be written. Perhaps not.

– edit –

As promised I’ve updated the underlying library with a few rendering optimisations. The speed increases are almost double.

There’s no game logic at all in the library, but it’s up to you if you want to judge with or without the update. :)

Windows update

Source update


Posted by (twitter: @FionaSarah)
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 3:34 pm

Left4Bread is a game about roads and cars

And the undead.

Things happen.

Download source (requires Python 2.5 and PyGame 1.8>): http://www.myrmidonprocess.com/ludum/13/left4bread.tar.bz2 (optional update to the game library can be found here.)

Windows binaries (requires Windows): http://www.myrmidonprocess.com/ludum/13/left4bread-win.zip (Update to windows version here – need not download both)

Full story and instructions are in the readme! If you are impatient – Use arrow keys to go!

(I will post the timelapse tomorrow.)

Day one is a done

Posted by (twitter: @FionaSarah)
Saturday, December 6th, 2008 2:58 pm

Just out for a nice drive around the city in my car…

Huh? What’s all the commotion?





You play four old age pensioners, during the zombie apocalypse they were left inside their carehome to fend for themselves completely oblivious to what’s going on outside.

Then disaster strikes! Ernie tried to make everyone some lovely pea and ham soup but there’s no bread left.

They take on a grand mission. To leave their home, and find the nearest shop.

And no young, green whippersnappers are gonna get in their way.

The continued adventures of roads as a theme

Posted by (twitter: @FionaSarah)
Saturday, December 6th, 2008 9:25 am

Now I have three layers of stuff drawing properly… It’s about time I got the player in there I think..!

I swear I am doing something

Posted by (twitter: @FionaSarah)
Saturday, December 6th, 2008 6:56 am

Here see, I have a tile editor that saves and loads and stuff!

That’s most of the battle I swear D:

(Someone will pay dearly for this choice of theme..)

PyCatcher – Another timelapsy program

Posted by (twitter: @FionaSarah)
Thursday, December 4th, 2008 4:28 am

I decided that for this LD I wanted to do a Timelapse. I wanted a timelapse program that

  • Ran natively on Linux.
  • Produces a screen shot of the desktop with an image of my webcam inline – not the other way round.
  • Be something that I can start in a terminal and forget about.
  • Not spit out a movie at the end and decide on what format or quality it should be – instead it should give me a bunch of images in a numbered sequence that I can then concatenate with ffmpeg or something myself.

So I wrote PyCatcher, poking it for half an hour every day for the past week. I got my webcam displaying inline last night, so while it’s not as feature rich as I have planned it does work.

If this sound relevant to ones interests you can grab it here- http://github.com/Fiona/pycatcher/tree/master

This Ludum Dare I’ll be using PyCatcher for timelapse and writing my game in Python/Pygame using my Pygame-Fenix library to aid development.

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