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dstrysnd says ...

The sounds make the game.

erik says ...

More fun than I expected. 15.00s is my best time.

crc says ...

I liked: cute, funny, reduction, sound made me laugh

Could be improved: maybe a bit more content (2 or 3 tracks)

Game-Art / Art-Game

Hamumu says ...

The sounds are creepily like people (or more likely Muppets) going "whooooaa". After playing it, I comprehend the title! Really an awesome game. I mean, I guess not awesome, in that it wouldn't really hold your interest all that long (but I bet some people spend an hour or so working on lap times), but you know, nicely done and 'catchy'. Also quite Towlr.

Morre says ...

Awesome game. I love the sounds. Although... I actually get a better lap time by holding the keys down (and crashing a lot) than trying to play. Heh.

SpaceManiac says ...

I love the sounds! Pretty fun.

sol_hsa says ...


dave1 says ...

Got hooked on getting a good lap time.. only 17 sec though... great sound affects how it increases with speed

PsySal says ...

Great idea, i really like the idea of a one button car racing game! Sounds were fun too =)

dertom says ...

Yeah....a real blockbuster-game. simple and good! Perfect for coffeebreaks...veryvery good job! In difference to the other I didn't here the sound :(

Jonathan Whiting says ...

Cute and fun, definitely gets the scalectrix feel down perfectly. Fantastic for 3 hrs.

demonpants says ...

If I tried really hard I'd get almost the same time as when I held the button down. Either way I thought it was pretty fun and the sounds really made me laugh (The muppet comparison is spot on).

HybridMind says ...

gosh-- brought back nice memories of playing those old electric car track racing games with family. Those only had one button too!

great for 3 hrs effort, very simple yet solid idea. Love the sounds and the crash graphic. Best time I could get was around 17 secs. Holding down buttons only received best time of 20 seconds..

ondrew says ...

I liked the physics of the game, very nicely tweaked.

The minimalist approach really amplifies the gameplay.

My record is 17.30s and I can't beat it no matter what I do :).

matrin says ...

Funny sounds. :D I am not very good at these kind of games, :P, timed in at 20s.

threeeffhex says ...

I'm giving this really high marks, because you've made a really fun little game in a really minimal elegant way - if it was possible to give it 10/5 I would, love it.

caturday says ...

Clever. Better than expected. Solid execution of a simple concept - well done.

Archive for the ‘LD #13 – Roads – 2008’ Category

soltcras post-compo

Posted by
Monday, December 22nd, 2008 8:16 am

Thanks for all the nice comments. My best time is 13.78, so those of you stuck around 17 seconds will have to put in some more effort 😉

I’ve added some stuff to the game, mainly the option to generate random tracks (and save/load them). Also I added mouse controls for one player, in case keyboard sharing gets uncomfortable. Furthermore, there’s a fullscreen mode and slightly different track graphics.

The game still starts up with the same default track, and the gameplay code/simulation hasn’t changed.

Download here: soltcras.zip


Posted by
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 8:00 pm

Yay, I’m entering! Spent about three hours on this, although I went most of this day thinking about the idea (which was initially a lot more ambitious). It turned out kind of cute though, and I’m happy with it. You might be able to have a few minutes of fun if you’ve got an opponent available, or even just putting down a few solo laps.

Win32 package: drpetter_ld13_soltcras.zip

(might be portable, for those who feel like compiling… get portaudio and glfw)

(edited 28 minutes after deadline adding a simple framerate limiter to make it playable if vsync doesn’t work)

original, packaged before deadline: drpetter_ld13_soltcras_old.zip

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