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Doches says ...

High score 608 on Level 5, but the potholes multiplied so fast at the end that the entire road was wrecked! And yet, I kept trying. This says something. Audio would have been nice, maybe honking horns when cars drive over potholes, or random people yelling "Hey, buddy!" and "Move it!" So much potential there.


Hamumu says ...

Really nice graphics. But there's not much here BUT graphics! The gameplay... well, it pretty much doesn't work. It's weird how you can fill potholes from great distances (sometimes)! For me, this one goes in the valiant effort category - you came up with something unique and really got it done, but it didn't turn out to be fun. Maybe if the player just moved a lot faster, it wouldn't seem so dull. Although some effects could help too, like being splattered when a car hits you!

ondrew says ...

I made it to fifth level, but then I couldn't refill my tar.

I liked the graphic style a lot, but the gameplay needs a lot of tuning.

dertom says ...

Haha,...King of the potholes! Too bad I came not that far as Doches!

Gilvado says ...

Interesting concept, a bit of tweaking and I think it could have been fun. A larger screen, or smaller characters/cars, tighter collision detection (not really sure when I'll refill a hole or get hit by a car), faster player movement, and the ability to hold two sets of pothole filler at a time. Still, like Hamumu said, a valiant effort :).

PsySal says ...

Couldn't get it to run on this end! Not giving any ratings so it won't affect it... =)

HybridMind says ...

I love the graphics and the concept. I agree with others that with sounds (i keep hearing that nice big truck air brake release as it pulls up and stops..) and as others say, people honking and yelling. Seems may have some issues with collision detection as potholes often fill in from really far away. I like how the potholes multiply. I really like the subtle touch of the workman's expression change depending on whether he has tar or not. I'm glad you got more 'game' in this entry this time around than during ld11, so congrats! I know you mentioned having that as a goal this time. Managed to make it to level 6 with 704 score!! ;) Things I'd love to see if you ever tweak this some more:

-sounds as mentioned
-can't fill in potholes when cars are over them
-animations for the car tires, guy walking etc
-some car / workman speed balance issues
-better collision detection
-great workman vs car collision animation.. ;)

demonpants says ...

I think this game really wants to be faster. The cars move at a snail's pace and your guy seems like he's limping along. That and the wonky collision detection really spoiled what would have been quite fun, like those games where you have to click on mugs in the bar and crap and you have that lady running around.

erik says ...

I liked your pixel art. I found that going back and forth to the truck for asphalt a bit tedious. Maybe if the character could move faster it would have been more fun?

swergas says ...

oh noes!! same name as mine :p the game didnt run on my ubuntu but as its name tempted me i tried it on a windows computer ^^ very nice graphics, simple and efficient gameplay. but it's a bit too slow and the collision detection is very bad :/ so overall the game can easily be perfected but the basis is pretty good :)

caturday says ...

Cool idea. Nice graphics. Game play just isn't there. But points for unique idea.

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My Christmas Album

Posted by
Monday, December 29th, 2008 10:29 pm

So my friend Ian and I made a Christmas album. I know it’s after Christmas, but I was out of town, so Happy New Year Everyone!

I finished the songs that I posted for the LD Christmas Album weekend (‘All I Want for Christmas is Presents’ is now all Phil Spectoredy, yay!) and recorded a few more. Then Ian did the lion’s share of everything else (He even made an incredible 8-bit song, The Ice Storm, that makes me wish I could us him for Ludum Dare’s). Anywho, here it is:


Pot Holes! [FINAL]

Posted by
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 7:40 pm

So I didn’t post very much during the compo as I was really working on this. Rest assured I ate a lot of dominoes doritos, and mt dew. I didn’t have enough time for sound, animation, or better looking cars, but I got the basic graphics in (even if it still looks ugly to me).

I was inspired by the summers in my high school years spent working as a grunt for the city public works… filling pot holes!

The gameplay is simple: move with the arrow keys, get asphalt from the bottom of the truck and fill the potholes by simply walking near it, then go back to the truck and repeat! Fill all the holes and move to the next level. And hey this is my first game with levels and even lives! So here is the 9 levels in all their glory:

Pot Holes!

windows binary and source. Source should compile on linux (it works on my ubuntu) if you have sfml and freetype installed. it might need libsndfile and openal because I imported the audio libray but didn’t use it.. If I can figure a way to get a linux binary or makefile I might next week. never done it before.

There is at least one bug where sometimes it says there’s a pothole but the image doesn’t display so you can’t continue unless you walk around until the trigger sets, but it happens rarely. stupid arrays.


Made with c++ and SFML.

[edit] and for fun here’s the game on saturday when I just had some fun block art!

Asterist – Asteroids Clone

Posted by
Thursday, December 4th, 2008 11:05 am

I’m planning on doing LD13. This will be my second LD, after doing LD11. I used PyGame last time and made that leap gameboyish grasshopper/alien and falling tanks game if anybody remembers. It wasn’t very done. And it still isn’t. This time I’ve had my first programming class in c++ at DePaul here in Chicago and think I’m going to try using SFML (simple fast media layer) and c++.

So to start out the LD13 warmup I took the game we made in my class and made it considerably more interesting while porting it to SFML from the graphics library we were using in class.  So here is my asteroids clone, Asterist, which is a continuation of the 2nd program I ever wrote in c++ (the first being “hello world”). It still has a few bugs and issues I want to change but it should run fine most of the time. If anyone can beat 4300 hiscore let me know ;).



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