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on December 22, 2008



increpare says ...

oh, that was surprisingly fun: most games that feature this mechanic are pretty nasty and unforgiving, but you were able to pull off making a pleasant game out of it, really transforming the mechanic into something rather joyous :)

Technically, the blurring is a prob, but other than the occasionally awkward cave navigation (which I think might have been intentional), I'm good with your game :)

dave1 says ...

Overall, a great game!! I was really spooked the first time the ghosts came out. Like how polished the game was. Would have liked to have had more variety in actions, but what can you say for 48 hrs. Also I noticed you could cheat and move your character real quick to the end point sometimes.

greencow says ...

great fun =] gave me nightmares

Doches says ...

Surprisingly fun indeed -- I think the balance between game modes (hidden path w/out punishment in the caves, visible path w/ outside) did a lot to keep it from becoming monotonous. Maybe add other level types?

Also, the sound effect for when you leave the road made me jump clean out of my chair the first time I heard it.

dertom says ...

Hehe,...finnaly I readched the lighthouse and drove home with my ship! I hope when I fall asleep I will not dream from the bad black ghost trying to catch my soul...good work

ondrew says ...

The whole game is very nicely polished. The story, the scary sound and of course the graphics - I love the 8bitness of it.

The blurring is a little problem, but apart from that very nice game.

Hamumu says ...

Awesome game! It's the usual Irritating Stick thing, but with style. And remarkably easy, which gets props from me. My complaint would be that in the caves, you often get stuck on the walls and have to unjam yourself a little. I'm not sure what the blurring complaints are about, I had a nice clean 8-bit image all the way through.

DrPetter says ...

Lovely coherent NES-ish look and feel. The elaborate intro sequence (well, story text anyway) makes it feel a lot more polished than if you'd been thrust into gameplay straight off, and the environments help keep things interesting as well.
Gameplay does manage to get a little bit repetitive even through this short span though, and it could have used one or two special features on some screens, like traps or collectibles or something. I kept expecting traps in the caves, but they were all barren.
Having different music in the caves is great for building atmosphere, but it could have been even more separated from the main tune (maybe just an eerie ambient track, wind noise or foot steps).
The game managed to scare me into failure at least once, when I unexpectedly strayed off course by a pixel or so and then over-reacted to the monster sound, throwing my mouse pointer way off to the side and consequently within reach of the hands.
Luckily I didn't have to start over, and eventually the game was beat. I even managed to cheat on one screen!

crc says ...

Liked: Consistent retro style, fun to play, impressive extent, presentation, controls, "snatch"-mechanism.

Could improve on: ok as it is.

Had fun playing it.

erik says ...

Wow. Really nicely done. You took a very simple concept and made something really nice with it. I really like some of the visuals you created with your level design. Good job. When I first started playing I had my volume turned a little high and I was seriously shocked the first time I went off the road a little. No blur problems for me.

demonpants says ...

Cool, well done. I got it in 2:51. There were a little too many caves I think (because there wasn't really anything to them) and the game was a bit too easy, but wonderful work at making it appear NES-styled. My game is supposed to be NES-style (all NES colors and resolution) but I think I failed at giving it that retro vibe. You on the other hand did that supremely well.


Basically the graphics were resized all fuzzy, switch to nearest neighbor.

sol_hsa says ...

The first ld entry I actually played through this time =)

Jonathan Whiting says ...

I liked this, and considering my initial reaction was "ick!" you definitely did well.

The weaknesses in the very simple mechanics are almost totally absolved by the fact the pacing is just about perfect (right down to the game finishing *just* before I was bored with it).

The inside/outside switch was inspired too, really helped keep things fresh.

The fuzzy scaled graphics did grate rather a lot (smaller but non-scaled would have been better, similar size but scaled *right* would have been better still).

dstrysnd says ...


HybridMind says ...

this game rocked in many many ways. I think it is probably either my favorite or one of my favorites from this compo! so much polish. love the poetry of your intro / outro text. retro feel. great gameplay mechanic. love the aspect of trying to make a run for it across the path. I guess others were saying they have seen this gameplay mechanic before but it was fresh to me... well, it reminded me of 'Operation' the surgery game or that you were a piece of food moving through an esophagus in the cave parts. GREAT WORK! :)

caturday says ...

Ok, this was awesome! I don't have that old skool nostalgia, but this thing had me hooked. I played much longer than I expected. For a 48 game, outstanding! Trick/jumping across to other paths worked! Cool game play.

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