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Hamumu says ...

Well, yeah, it is full of bugs... I don't think it worked right for me. The cars reached a certain segment of my road and just vanished, even though it was built past there. But I like the landscape!

demonpants says ...

Good to see that you went out of your comfort mode in order to mess around with jME and 3D. Your result is pretty cool, but feels more like a first foray into 3D than it does a game. As such, it was very difficult to figure out how to play and then once I did it wasn't really challenging. Increasing the scroll speed could really help, as well as showing a cursor. The mountains are nice, though. :-)

swergas says ...

i loved the idea behind the game and it fits well the theme :) but the game is quite buggy : clicks not detected, cars which disappear before arriving at the end of the road. very nice try for the 3D map

PsySal says ...

Nice to see a landscape engine with roads, I think it makes sense. I like the overall idea, unfortunately the game runs verrry slowly for me. I'll hold off rating because it sounds like it works better for other people.

increpare says ...

Hmm. Buggy, yep. Couldn't quite get into it (framerate related maybe, but also possibly bug-related). That said, I still, for some reason or other, think it quite the noble production... . Did you consider adding fog to make the draw-limit less jarring?

crc says ...

I liked: ambitious approach, strategy-game mechanism, potential

Could be improved: needs lots of polish, graphics, debugging and probably a different technical platform

Brave. A 2-player competitive thingy based on that could be fun.

sol_hsa says ...

Nope, even with the instructions, I couldn't figure out what I should do.

Morre says ...

Pretty landscape, and a promising idea. As mentioned by the others and yourself, though, it's somewhat buggy and not really finished. Cool start though :)

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Posted by (twitter: @tomaga95)
Tuesday, February 17th, 2009 6:08 am

Some time has past but I still wanted to finish my LD13 project. Maybe some of you remember the big 3d-bug I published! Hehe…well the game is still not very intuitive but I added instructions, fixed lots of bugs added some graphics and models! I would say it looks almost like a game! And that was my task! I learned a lot as it is my first game I finished.

Have a look here:


plz read the instructions in the game before starting!!

Here is a video-tutorial how to survive the first three levels. Maybe that will help to get a clue what the game is about :D.


Now I can start finishing my miniLD Cryptogame! (On LD#14 I will finish in time! I’m sure 😀 )


PS: I want to thank everyone who tried to figure out what the first version was about! I know that must have been a hard time that surley was followed by massive nightmares! 😀

fixed locale-bug

Posted by (twitter: @tomaga95)
Monday, December 8th, 2008 3:11 am

I fixed a major bug. My project had only a german locale language-file (even I acutally don’t use it 😀 ) which ends in throwing an uncaught exception at the beginning if you don’t have locale set to de_DE! I fixed only this. (If you play the game you will see I didn’t fixed any other bugs 😉 )

It is still available here:



Posted by (twitter: @tomaga95)
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 8:13 pm

Roads to insanity

Posted by (twitter: @tomaga95)
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 1:47 pm

Yeah…still about 6h for giving my “game” some life and more important gameplay. As I just started with my 3D-Engine jMonkeyEngine and I’m quite new to the 3D-Topic it took me about 24h of terror just for creating a terrain you can navigate on and set some points in the 3D-Space. Didn’t think it could be such a hard work to achive this.

Well, don’t know I will be able to finish my work. For that I must not play my own game ’cause otherwise I will fall asleep 100% 😀

1st time LD

Posted by (twitter: @tomaga95)
Friday, December 5th, 2008 2:37 pm

Two weeks ago I thought to myself: Ok, this weekend I’ll write a 3D-Game. Well actually I stuck at a certain point and while browsing the internet I found “breaking the tower”! Made during a 48h competiton! Wow! Next one LD,…in two weeks! Yeah I will participate,…I need pressure to be able to do compromises!

Two weeks later I am sitting here in germany just coming home from watching a glorious victory of bayern munich in german football(soccer)league in tv and full of hope for tomorrow.

I’m going to code in Java trying to use the jMonkeyEngine that is using OpenGL. Too bad all I did until now was trying the tutorials and using Milkshape to model a very simple character.

Well, my goal is to finish a work. I am really curious about….

First Steps:

Kill the alarm at 4:55am! Start computer! Start coffee-machine! See the topic! Translate the topic! Shower! ThinkThinkThink….That my plan for the beginning!

This are my workspaces:


Cu in 5,5h, ToM

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