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swergas says ...

after like 10 seconds the clouds stop moving and the "game over" screen appears. i tried several times and it stops always like that, except once, i've seen a gas station and some zombies but just after the "game over" screen appeared. so for me the game is too buggy, sorry

MrPhil says ...

Seemed like it could be fun, but death came upon me at random it seemed. Sometimes I'd die without seeing any zombies or gas stations, just clouds. It be nice if there was a gas gauge instead of the warning count down. Most time I couldn't slow down before the count down ran down.

nilsf says ...

I seem to randomly lose when I try to play this game. A few times I got to a gas station and a HUD appears but that's rare most of the time the clouds just move for a short while, stop and the game over screen arrives.

dertom says ...

Hmm,...I actually never came close to gasstation! But it was fun to kill all the teletubbies!

matrin says ...

Very buggy on linux. :S

PsySal says ...

I liked the concept, sort of like U.N. Squadron but with a car and zombies and with you delivering pizza. Couldn't really get into it as a game, though...

Hamumu says ...

Serious ammo constraints! A lot of weird things about how this works... I just don't know. Sometimes it lets me get gas, but usually not. Very mysterious and odd game!

demonpants says ...

Same as others, I just kept losing for no reason. Also I couldn't really refuel properly, and my bullets stopped shooting sometimes.

HybridMind says ...

hmmm.. didn't seem to have any of the issues the others are talking about here, weird. My gas attempts met with success (you have to touch the building at a stop) and it seems a gas station gives you 7 bullets? Anyway, I was able to cruise along and either shoot or run over zombies with abandon. Wasn't sure why the zombies kept moving after they became shot though, maybe cuz they are undead or maybe cuz they are bugged? Dug the music of intro and game. Seems like there isn't a whole lot to do in the game though so that it doesn't stay very interesting or challenging for long. I went really fast after awhile and hurled my self along the sand dodging the gas station and running over zombies until the death screen appeared! ;)

ondrew says ...

Very mysterious game :). Gets a lot of towlr from me.

Sometimes I could play it for a while, but usually I would just die.

DrPetter says ...

The rotated controls are a bit odd. With this scheme, you'd typically expect forward to be upwards or "into" the screen (for 3D), alternatively having a rotating car so that the controls map to the local car direction. The obvious choice for a fixed side view like this is to have the arrows map directly to the screen direction you'll move in.

The gun reload time seems to be one frame long, which means you can't really conserve bullets the way you'd want to given the low (and not refillable?) ammo supply. Hitting fire will spew at least a handful of bullets every time.

For it to be fun, I'd say make it fire only one bullet per keypress, or maybe autofire with something like 5-10 bullets a second. You'd also need some kind of ammo reload, or make it an explicit survival game where your score is based on how far you made it along the road (so you can make a mad dash at the end when your ammo runs out).

The zombies also should stop and properly die when they're hit. It's not at all rewarding to just paint them with some red splatter and have them move on as if nothing happened. Bullets should stop when they hit a target.
Shoot+hit sound effects would have been nice.

Kudos for haing menus and music.

erik says ...

The control scheme is odd, and the gameplay needs some work. I liked the audio.

Morre says ...

Very nice music - great work there!

As for the game, I find it counter-intuitive. It's about as confusing as the others have said. I also agree with DrPetter in that the control scheme is odd; left-right should be acceleration, up-down the movement into and out of the screen.

Oh, by the way, there's no score screen early - all the user interface elements only come up after you've played for a while. That's perhaps the most confusing part of it for me :)

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EXE version of Entry available

Posted by
Monday, December 8th, 2008 7:20 pm

My entry “EndoftheRoad” was made with Pygame and Python.  I didn’t have time to make an exe before time ran out, but just made one today.  I made no changes to the program (besides changing the font because the new exe kept crashing with the SysFont).  Try running over some zombies… hope its not too boring. :-)

Also, I forgot to put any instruction on the first screen.  Hit any key to start the game.  Also, don’t go too fast when you start before the first gas station you will run out of fuel and die.

Here it is:  http://davesgames.googlecode.com/files/EndofRoad_exe1.0.zip

Done! With Zombies!!!

Posted by
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 7:33 pm

I can barely see straight and need a break desperately so this is it.  I didn’t get everything done that I wanted to but I feel pretty good about my final entry… considering its my first game.  I planned on big monster bosses and lots more features like bombs and more of a story but at least it resembles a game. Plus its gotta be fun running over zombies!!  Didn’t have time to make an exe though.  Game requires Python 2.5 and pygame.  So here it is:  End of The Road

List of tools used:


Python 2.5 and Pygame

Music: Audacity and jamstudio.com

** hit any key to start the game **  Also, don’t go too fast when you start before the first gas station you will run out of fuel and die.

Link to code: http://davesgames.googlecode.com/files/EndofRoad.zip          10 mb (req. pygame/python)

Link to exe: http://davesgames.googlecode.com/files/EndofRoad_exe1.0.zip     17 mb

Slow progress

Posted by
Saturday, December 6th, 2008 7:25 pm

Looks like some others had the same idea as me… drive on a road and run over zombies… but maybe I will add a twist to it.  So far only have the road, controls, and background, no zombies.  The car sucks as well, I need to update it…    Need to add some gas stations, collision detection, maybe bullets. This is my first ever game so hope I finish!

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