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Doches says ...

Could stand to be a bit faster-paced, or have some way of increasing the difficulty of successive levels.

Frimkron says ...

"Application failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect" =/

dertom says ...

I like the theme where to connect to pices. (as I did the same in someway) :) But your seems more obvious how to use it even it is without instruction (as mine as well) :D

ondrew says ...

Would not start up on one of the computers I tried on, works fine on other (both WinXP).

I found the game quite easy, since you basically need only three block to finish any level.

However I couldn't come up with anything like that in four hours. Hats off.

SpaceManiac says ...

Works great, but it's somewhat boring. Could probably be improved / added to. Doesn't quite work with roads though.

PsySal says ...

Couldn't get this one to run, unfortunately. Not rating it!

erik says ...

Not bad for 4 hours, even with cheating. Seems like there is an interesting game idea here.

demonpants says ...

It's okeydoke. Not much in the way of levels obviously and sort of slow and boring.

negativegeforce says ...

Very nice for a 4 hour entry!

The only improvement I see would be to add a feature to swap tiles when placing one over another and better art.

crc says ...

What do you mean by "Unfortunately, I cheated, so I can’t win anyway."?

DrPetter says ...

Innovative but flawed gameplay design. As I pointed out earlier, the "most difficult" level is impossible to beat, and the others are fairly easy. Could have used a more interesting playfield, with static obstacles/holes and maybe tiles that you could rotate but not move or vice versa.

Another evil twist would be to have two or more "cars" moving at once, perhaps starting from different corners of the map, and/or more than one goal (or pickups/keypoints that you need to collect/visit before finishing).

I'm assuming you're talking about your basecode when you say "cheating", which isn't really very relevant in this case since you're just using graphics primitives and basic input in addition to the core gameplay logic.

caturday says ...

Really cool idea. Fun game. Unfortunately, didn't keep me hooked.

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Hexxxy final.

Posted by
Sunday, December 7th, 2008 2:10 pm

I spent about four hours total this competition. Unfortunately, I cheated, so I can’t win anyway.


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