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My First MiniLD70

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Tuesday, September 20th, 2016 8:41 am

Search Treasur In The Cave My Entry For This MiniLD70 ,This Game Is Intended For All People Of Any Age , You Can Play This Game On Windows Or Linux And Also On Android.The Aim Of This Game Is To Discover The Treasure,Follow The Arrows Drawing On the wall To Direct You To The Aim…ENJOY!!! Thanks all.

My Page For Game :

1 2 3 4


My Page For Game :

Bug Fixed

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Wednesday, August 31st, 2016 6:47 pm

One Two Three Three


My Video Youtube :

In This Video you Find The Link To Download This Game And The Video Gameplay..


Thanks All…

My First Ludum Dare Compo

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Monday, August 29th, 2016 9:43 am

One Two Three Three

The Game Is Intended For All People . You Can Play This Game On Windows Or Linux Or Android…

For Your Comments And Points :

Download Link :


Thanks All..

I want to share something with you guys and get your feedback. Feel free to agree or disagree. But before I continue, I just want to say that I’ve participated in 8 Ludum Dares so far, and they’re what I look forward to, I love them. Ok, now I’ll give my little spiel.

After making your game in the 48/72 Hour Time Limit, we get to check out and Rate other people’s games. When rating somebody’s game, we are allowed to give them x out of 5 stars in 8 different Categories. These Categories include: Innovation, Fun, Theme, Graphics, Audio, Humor, Mood, and most importantly, Overall. I’m going to talk more about the Overall category in a minute. Let me just talk about something else first:

As many of you may have noticed, probably for a while now, your results don’t seem very honest. The results you get may seem surprising, this could be in a bad way, or in a good way. You’re either pretty disappointed, or you’re really happy. This is because you didn’t get a ton of votes (i.e.: ~20-70 votes, which is what a lot of people end up getting). Think about it, there were about 2,800 other games out there. Do you think that with 50 votes out of the 2,800 entries you’ll get a really honest evaluation? You shouldn’t, because unfortunately, that’s not the case.

If 5 people rate your game and they all give you a 5 on Fun, the average would be a 5/5. If 10 people rate your game and 8 of them give you a 5 on Fun, and the other 2 give you a 4, the average would be a 4.8/5. Now the game with an average of 5/5 is ranked higher than the game with an average of 4.8/5. But the game with an average of 4.8/5 should be ranked higher because it had similar scores, and more people played it. Now I’m pretty sure that in the end the game’s categories aren’t ranked based on just the amount of stars given but still, I just wanted to give you something to think about. The rankings aren’t all that honest. I noticed that many of the Top Ranked games only had about ~30-70 votes. You’ll see that the games that got the most votes weren’t up there in the Top 100. But they did, however, have more real honest evaluations, while the others with ~30-70 votes were just lucky enough to get a handful of good ratings which therefore gave them higher rankings. The Top 100 are great games, no doubt, but are they the best out of the 2,800? We don’t really know for sure.

Ok, now I’m going to talk about this Overall category. The site says that your game is ranked overall based on your Overall category ratings. Do you think that we should be allowed to rate the Overall category? The Overall category should be based on the other categories rounded up. The site should give us the Overall Rating, not us. Here’s just one reason why: I’ve seen many people give a game great ratings, like 4-5 stars on every category, and then they would give the Overall category a 3. Umm… What? Shouldn’t you base the Overall category on the other categories? If you gave all the other categories 5 stars, then why would you give the Overall category 4 stars? The Average Overall Rating would be a 5, so give it a 5. But since people don’t always do that, let the Robots do the math and give us the Overall Rating, not the Humans.

I’m not entirely sure how Mike (Founder of Ludum Dare; Support him on Patreon!) can make the evaluations more honest because you can’t just have 2,800 people play all 2,800 games, that’s just ridiculous. But it’s just something to think about.

Give me your thoughts in the comments please.

Thanks for listening!

“Quarter Quell” Ludum Dare Week!

Friday, May 3rd, 2013 10:13 am

I have to be honest, I mostly didn’t participate in the last LD because I wasn’t a huge fan of the theme. I know, I suck, but it’s the past now…

….. But now, to make up for my laziness, I am bringing the past back!

Starting this Friday, I’m having a Quarter Quell (#HungerGamesReference). For a week, I will make a game based on one of the 25 first topics, and it would be cool if you guys joined me in this effort! If not, it’s cool lol.

You can pick any topic (or topics) from the random list below. I went to and randomly selected 10 out of the 25 numbers:


So the topics are:

Advancing Wall of Doom
Build the level you play
Preparation — Set it up, let it go
It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!
The Tower
Growth … <– “Grow”, also this May’s optional theme for One Game A Month

I think standard LD rules should apply, minus the week to do it. I plan to do this alone, but you can be in a team if you so desire. If you want to participate, post in the comments of this post your intent to do so… and share your finish products when you’re done!

If any of you decide to participate with me, let’s see what awesomeness we can create!

Pie. (“quiche” if you will)

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Friday, August 20th, 2010 11:10 am

8 hours

8 hours to go, and what’s this? Joining with tradition of posting food pictures, I present to you my tasty dinner for the weekend (and today for that matter):



Became this:


And This:


mmmm *drools all over my monitor*

Pathways, LoFi RPG Jam

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Wednesday, February 25th, 2009 3:30 am

Hey guys! I took part in the Roads Ludum Dare, but unfortunately withdrew my incomplete entry, Pathways. I’ve since finished it, and I thought some people here might be interested in it based on some of the comments that I got back then…

You can download it here! (windows only for the moment, I’m afraid)

On a totally unrelated note, there’s a contest-like-event taking place this weekend that I’d like to let you know about – RPGDX are hosting a 48 hour RPG making jam! The theme is LoFi. More details here, if you’re interested! :)


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Tuesday, February 17th, 2009 6:08 am

Some time has past but I still wanted to finish my LD13 project. Maybe some of you remember the big 3d-bug I published! Hehe…well the game is still not very intuitive but I added instructions, fixed lots of bugs added some graphics and models! I would say it looks almost like a game! And that was my task! I learned a lot as it is my first game I finished.

Have a look here:

plz read the instructions in the game before starting!!

Here is a video-tutorial how to survive the first three levels. Maybe that will help to get a clue what the game is about :D.

Now I can start finishing my miniLD Cryptogame! (On LD#14 I will finish in time! I’m sure 😀 )


PS: I want to thank everyone who tried to figure out what the first version was about! I know that must have been a hard time that surley was followed by massive nightmares! 😀

My Christmas Album

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Monday, December 29th, 2008 10:29 pm

So my friend Ian and I made a Christmas album. I know it’s after Christmas, but I was out of town, so Happy New Year Everyone!

I finished the songs that I posted for the LD Christmas Album weekend (‘All I Want for Christmas is Presents’ is now all Phil Spectoredy, yay!) and recorded a few more. Then Ian did the lion’s share of everything else (He even made an incredible 8-bit song, The Ice Storm, that makes me wish I could us him for Ludum Dare’s). Anywho, here it is:

Better Programmer Art

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Monday, December 29th, 2008 2:13 pm

Woot! My article got featured on

Better Programmer Art: Or how to fake it as a game artist.

I use a lot of examples from past LD48 games (mine and others), and most of this is stuff I’ve learned through doing these contests. Ironically, in the most recent contest I didn’t have time to replace the placeholder art so it pretty much ignores all of these tips. 

Hope this is helpful to the community. Enjoy!


Roads to Nowhere – Post Mortem

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Sunday, December 28th, 2008 5:10 pm

Digital Road Jam – Post Mortem

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Friday, December 26th, 2008 3:50 pm

12th in Overall and 5th in Innovation. Not to bad for a bugged game I guess. It sucks bigtime that I bugged mission 5, which means nobody got to play the “speed” mission.

The good

The graphics where not great, but people liked them. I’m so glad that I went with the simplistic line style. It saved me time doing graphics and I did not have to load any resources. I only spend like 30 minutes on the car graphics and the line drawn font.

Box2D did a nice job, while I could have tweaked the controls better, the engine acted fine on large load. My biggest fear was that the large amount of ‘objects’ that I created would slow the engine to it’s knees. Special thanks to Erin Catto (creator of Box2D) I think I scored points just because I used this engine.

Time, I never thought I could finish a game in 24 hours (I noticed to late that LD13 was that weekend, and had other plans made already) but with cutting some corners I did finish something. I’m surely back next time. (with food photo!)

The Bad

I should have taken the time to add some sound, and test everything. I broke mission 5 just before my final compile, and I forgot to add the frame limiter (if you run the game at 120Hz the game runs twice as fast as on 60Hz) a few simple tests could have catched this.

Controls, I never got the high speed stearing right. Not sure how to fix it, might need to change the stearing angle depending on the speed. Or ‘fade’ the stearing from zero to max-stearing when you hold the button, instead of giving max-stearing instantly.

The map generator has some issues. The AI paths generated are fine 95% of the time. But sometimes they where just plain wrong. As I spend most time on the map generator I still had to make a game after that.

The AI was stupid, too stupid. They piled up so easy, there is some “teleport yourself away when stuck and not seen” code just to keep everything moving, but that didn’t prevent jams, it just solved them when you where away. I made up the game name later to make up for it a bit.

Also the lack of chooses for the player made the replay value low. After you got to mission 5 there is not much left to do. And if that one worked you got 1 more mission and just random old missions after that. You don’t upgrade anything, surroundings never change, and you never get to shoot anyone. I got the feeling that I could do a lot more in 48 hours next time.

Exproad, Improad, Reroad! Post Post Mortem

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Monday, December 22nd, 2008 1:01 pm

Wow, I’ve got the best food, and the second best journal.


I can’t say I expected that, but I did expect EIR! to land just about where it did in the other categories. 14th overall, with my other places in that ballpark. That’s top 24% which really isn’t bad, and I said to myself after playing everyone else’s games, “it’s one of the better games but not one of the best games.” And I was right.

One thing that I learned from this whole experience which I hadn’t gotten from my previous game ventures was a chance to see what’s successful. After creating them I think I have a good feel for which of my games have something really good going for them and which don’t, but that’s different than being able to specifically point out what gets acknowledged by the community as “good.”

So, what is good? What does that really mean? In Ludum Dare 13, it means something that looks complete, and not something that looks like it was made within a time limit. The vast majority of the entries to LD13 were more like demos and attempts than completed games (mine amongst them), because people would finish an engine and time would be up. The top 5 places in overall could all be described as games that  set out to achieve something and did it. Complete products, no holes anywhere. That, I believe, is the most important piece of doing well in a 48 hour competition.

There’s more to it than that, obviously. The game needs to have something unique in it to set it apart. Some of the games submitted were complete but didn’t do amazingly well, mostly because they didn’t stand out enough. Increpare, the big winner of LD13, made something that any one of us could have done. His gameplay is crazily simple, the execution of it not at all complicated. But his idea is so standout and brilliant that he went away with 5 medals, all of which were gold. Then there is PsySal, who weaved an engrossing story, and bluescrn who who executed incredible gameplay. All of these approaches are different, but the key point is that they all stand out.

Similarly, you also need to have a sort of minimum level of execution in every other category. If there is one part of your game that is memorable because it’s bad, then you’re pretty much out of the running. When I saw the initial screenshots of these games I thought Fiona’s entry was a surefire winner, because the presentation is so slick and the idea so cool. But when I played it the controls were so difficult that this potential was immediately eliminated. Meanwhile although increpare’s gameplay was ridiculously simple, there was something about creating that movie length time limit and the maddening screw-you-over mechanics that made the gameplay good, and some people spent a lot of time trying to get to an “end.” His gameplay certainly wasn’t the best, but because it wasn’t at all bad, his game was able to seem like (and become) a winner.

So, in the end, what you need is:
1) A complete-feeling and polished game.
2) Something that makes your game stand out.
3) No major or easily noticed problems with your game.

Easier said than done, of course. But the most noticeable thing to me is that bells and whistles and complexity of gameplay are completely unimportant. It’s much better to take a simple idea and make that work perfectly.

Lost Roads Post Mortem

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Monday, December 22nd, 2008 9:51 am

I know that it is late for such a thing, but I still will give it a try.

It was my first Ludum Dare, as also was for many others. My first mistake was using only the first 24 hours of the contest to finish my game. That was because of the fact that the game got more and more detailed in time, and it began to get harder and harder to test the game, which ultimately resulted in me getting bored.

What did the design consist of:

A post apocalyptic world, the ability to build hotels, oil wells and gas stations, fighting different types of mutants and enemies, a story which allows the player to take two different paths, increasing difficulty, the ability to empower your gun and get more and more guards(which had a bug), gambling(which I ultimately removed) and random encounters.

What went wrong:

It was just me, I think. If I had used every bit of my 48 hours, this game would’ve had turned out to be great. But the changes in design and UI pretty much made the game unplayable except me. A programming error in guards which caused the game to crash when there were no enemies was the only critical programming error, I believe. The rest were just results of laziness. The tutorial also was incapable of teaching every aspect of the game.

There still is hope:

I am still developing the game and the engine further. This time, the game will take place in a low fantasy world. The map is now more detailed with randomly generated names, towns and quests, as well as loot. The boring battle part is also removed from the game, to be succeeded by a old prince of persia-like fighting system (I also plan to implement a guitar hero style swordfighting mode). It will eventually be released, though not in this year. It is to be named “Sanity’s Eclipse”.

soltcras post-compo

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Monday, December 22nd, 2008 8:16 am

Thanks for all the nice comments. My best time is 13.78, so those of you stuck around 17 seconds will have to put in some more effort 😉

I’ve added some stuff to the game, mainly the option to generate random tracks (and save/load them). Also I added mouse controls for one player, in case keyboard sharing gets uncomfortable. Furthermore, there’s a fullscreen mode and slightly different track graphics.

The game still starts up with the same default track, and the gameplay code/simulation hasn’t changed.

Download here:

CoMuTor – Post Compo

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Monday, December 22nd, 2008 6:07 am

First of all, thanks so much to everyone who left feedback to me in the ratings area.  I have taken a bunch of the suggestions that people made and have worked more on improving CoMuTor in the past 2 weeks.  Here is the latest work in progress of a post compo version of CoMuTor.  The readme file contains all the changes that I made so far based on my own and others feedback.  I welcome further feedback in the comments on this post for anyone that liked CoMuTor enough to try and play it again.  I’m just having fun working on aspects of polishing and modifying this silly little game.  I look forward to more Ludum Dares!!

CoMuTor v1.1 – Post Compo win32

Changes from compo version:

– added visual score feedback and level indicators
– added 3 minute time limit
– made it harder to eat people
– points scale with faster/smaller vehicles
– rebalanced point system
– rebalanced timing / car release system
– vehicles have different speeds now
– added people to vehicle sprites
– broke out car and suv sprite body for better coloring system
– crushing gas trucks no longer counts towards crush count
– vehicles running into you no longer spawn people
– adjusted menu instructions to reflect new changes

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