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DrPetter says ...

Well, it\'s a first person shooter. I beat the first two levels, but didn\'t feel up to chasing the same metal floor tiles once more. Some texture variation could have helped here, and maybe a less random enemy distribution. It would also have helped to allow simultaneous strafe+run, so you could move around more freely. Similarly, sliding against walls instead of stopping dead would be nice.

Notch says ...

The FOV seems way too low, and the movement could use some interpolation. I got a headache from playing it.

Nice ground and wall textures!

gadlor says ...

I'm fairly impressed that you managed to come up with something 3D in that short of a time span. I agree with the strafe+run comment, as well as sliding against walls, but overall - pretty good.

matrin says ...

It worked very chopy, so i cant realy vote on anything else, but i liked the graphics.

pansapiens says ...

Some nice textures, and ran very smoothly. Beautiful opening screen (great font !). Ghost sprites were a little dodgy. Only vaguely on theme, and an FPS isn't all that innovative .. but a little more technically challenging than most entries, which is impressive. No sound ?

Endurion says ...

Quite nice for the given time. A few flaws though plague it: The controls are not really friendly, and it's annoying running hither and thither to find the last few enemies.
Also, there's some z-buffer problem when enemies stand behind each other. Looks like some alpha test setting didn't work.

jolle says ...

The mouse control had serious problems. Made it very not at all smooth. Could have been much more enjoyable.

drZool says ...

Kudos for pulling a fps.

Deepflame says ...

Technically impressive to make an FPS. But I couldn't really work out what to do. I killed a bunch of guys then wandered aimlessly through what seemed to be an empty level. I guess I missed one monster somewhere, or it clipped into a wall and got stuck outside. I'm not sure.

Codexus says ...

Too bad the jerky movements really ruin the game.

Hamumu says ...

I think this game made me ill. I had to stop after level 3. I didn't see any monsters in my few moments on level 4, though, so maybe I won.

It is pretty impressive to have set up the whole thing, but some pretty crazy controls and extremely confusing mazes made it rough. Also, the exit spot looked a lot like the various bumpy spots (what were those supposed to be anyway? Very odd and random), so even when you found it, it was hard to tell. And then if you hit it on accident, you don't even realize you've moved onto a new level!

wonderwhy-er says ...

Well i don't know... Doesn't seem as fun :) Played trough few levels and all...

Morre says ...

Woo, 3d shooter!
Nice style and sprites.
Lacks some smoothness, and gameplay isn't all that exciting.

Sivart13 says ...

Why is strafing speed so much faster than moving forward? That was my big problem with the controls.

nilsf says ...

Sadly it was too slow on my (rather old) computer. Pretty impressive nonetheless.

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Tower of Doom is Complete! :D

Posted by (twitter: @yezu)
Sunday, August 10th, 2008 6:06 pm

My first entry for LD is complete. I don’t know what came over me to make an FPS. It’s finished but I had to cut off many features that seemed cool, like levels with many floors and such. It seems that I slept too much, and made some organizational mistakes. Anyway it’s not the best game ever, but it is playable. It has a beging, end, gameplay, win/lose conditons and something that may be called a plot πŸ˜›

It is read for LinuxΒ  and Windows.

It has no known requirements for win, maybe somekind of directx, and any 3d capable graphics card. Linux users should make sure they have SDL and SDL_image packages installed.


To make this ‘killer’ game I used:

  • KDevelop
  • Dev-cpp (for porting to win)
  • GIMP

It is 4 AM where I live. I’m not sure I will be able to go to work tommorow :/ but anyway, I hopy You enjoy this little creation of mine :)





Linux Source (this is actually a full KDevelop project after “Distribution Clean”, as far as I know it is full “makable”):


I’m going to sleep. Have fun :) I had πŸ˜›

Tower of DooM

Posted by (twitter: @yezu)
Sunday, August 10th, 2008 1:52 pm

There is a chance I will finish this one. Five and a half hours to go, and I pretty much only have implement win/lose conditions, and port the thing to win32.

The game looks and is a bit inspired by games like DooM or Strife. One of the reasons is that I didn’t have time to make any 3d models, sprites had to do… πŸ˜›

I’m tired. Everywhere are cans of energy drinks. Me… Want… Sleep… … Must… Finish… Game… First… Ugh…

The Mighty Penguin!

Posted by (twitter: @yezu)
Friday, August 8th, 2008 5:37 am

It would seem that I will be another heretic not using Python. I’m not a fan of scripting languages, so I’ll be using good old C++ with OpenGL πŸ˜€ I will be trying to do something in 3d and I’ve prepared myself a small framework using SDL (loading models, loading images, window initialization etc.) Apart from that I will be using only free ( as in freedom :) ) tools, so no Visual Studio or Photoshop for me. But that’s ok, I always prefered KDevelop and GIMP.

It’s still a couple of hours till the compo. I just can’t wait. It’ll be my first LD actually. I tried to participate in LD10 but due to some circumstances I wasn’t near my computer through the weekend.

I hope I won’t be the only one developing on a Linux powered machine :) Good Luck!

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