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Gyroids - Smudg3's 'thumbs up' Award.
Awarded by Smudge
on December 22, 2010
The 'Even bluescrn wouldn't attempt that!' award for pushing the limits of 48hr game tech!
Awarded by bluescrn
on April 19, 2009
The "Unexpectedly Deadly Bats" Award
Awarded by Morre
on August 23, 2008
Best Use of 2 Bit Color Award
Awarded by dstrysnd
on August 13, 2008
The Happy Retro Mirror Award of Deflection
Awarded by mjau
on December 31, 2007



MrPhil says ...

I found the controls and my brain disagreeing on out comes a lot.

DrPetter says ...

Reminds me of N. Stylish and interesting, I always wanted to try automated level generation in a platformer. Seems to work ok here, but the enemy placement is really evil sometimes. I hate the scorpions :)
I still haven\'t survived long enough to see the entire scroller.

jhauberg says ...

Crazy hard. Looks good though.

dstrysnd says ...

Simply stunning.

nilsf says ...

Really good looking, but too hard (though something about a glass house and stones springs to mind). Having the screen scroll to keep the player in center would be better I think. Also I couldn't get it to work in wine so had to borrow my sister's laptop. Procedurally generated levels are sweet.

Notch says ...

Wow, this is hard. I love the art style.

demize says ...

Fun game, I've only made it past 1 scorpion so far, but that's fine. ;)

wonderwhy-er says ...

Well feels good. Kind of atmospheric :) Little bit hard but makes interesting to play it :)

Hamumu says ...

Okay, if it wasn't so ridiculously unforgiving, it could be super cool. You might've considered a maze about 1/4 the size... but the one-hit game over is really nasty. I haven't gotten past a scorpion alive yet.

Really cool though, and the easiest and most natural wall-jump I've ever dealt with (although on the other hand, the sprint is annoying and tricky to do - tap one time too many and you walk).

edwardoka says ...

Fun game, but I can't rate it highly because it is far far too hard. The fact that it jumps between screens instead of smoothly scrolling means that 9/10 times you get killed it's because you've taken a leap of faith off the edge of the screen, where a scorpion is waiting for you, which is a bit of a fun-killer. Perhaps some lives/respawning in the same maze would lessen the pain of this. If this were fixed it would get 5 overall.

keeyai says ...

So you got your maze generation in! :) Very cool concept - I love random levels. I didn't make it very far though - really hard to avoid bats and scorpions and whatnot. I kept wanting a better way to duck under things. My first level I started right next to a scorpion, who promptly killed me. :P

Endurion says ...

Looking very stylish, but there's a few things that need to be fixed:
Screen flipping instead of scrolling, the scorpions are frigging nasty and you usually don't get very far.
It's also pretty jerky on my pc (FX5500), is this using shaders? That's not your fault though ;)

kutani says ...

Pretty fun but ridiculously hard. The scorpions are really too big to effectively jump over, especially on small platforms, and bats in the long shafts are just insidious. Agree with other comments that some kind of health bar or multiple lives would be nice, especially if you respawn where you die (or nearby out of danger?).

Deepflame says ...

Holy crap batman. Crazy hard! A bit too hard for me to really enjoy it. Game is very solid though.

LoneStranger says ...

Reminds me of Knytt a little bit, with the jumping and climbing in an expansive world. It's pretty hard to play, especially when you get a different starting place each time. It makes it harder to learn from your mistakes. I know it's supposed to be a 'dark' tower, but it could use some other colors; tans, greys, other dark tints. Nothing to make it bright, just a little more distingushable.

adamzap says ...

Hard but cool. I don't wall kicking was a complex as the instructions said.

Codexus says ...

I like the controls of the little guy, who is nicely animated. However just running around in this randomly generated labyrinth really feels pointless very quickly.

drZool says ...

I have nothing to add

Morre says ...

Awesomely animated - so many frames! I love it <3
The overall art style is awesome, and the game is lots of fun - although perhaps a bit too hard at times. I couldn't get very far. Also, the look-ahead is a bit short when you get to the edges.

Excellent stuff!

pansapiens says ...

Wow, great entry. Excellent graphical style. Wall jumping is always fun. Love the demo-scene-esque scrolling text with instructions and the panning zooms +1 techpoints for good looking auto-level generation.

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Dark Tower Post LD fixes…

Posted by
Tuesday, August 12th, 2008 11:56 am

Had some great feedback on IRC so I decided to try and fix up lot of the faults people found with the game.

Now with lives, score and a difficulty curve.

Dark Tower Revisited

Dark Tower.

Posted by
Sunday, August 10th, 2008 2:00 pm

All done. I still havent managed to complete my game, but I suspect nobody else will :)

Didnt bother with sound in the end.

Hope its fun.


Posted by
Sunday, August 10th, 2008 11:31 am

Game is 100% done.. but no sfx, still some time left so I may think of something else to add.

Posted by
Sunday, August 10th, 2008 1:02 am

Simple game in there… starting to add more features and polish.

Posted by
Saturday, August 9th, 2008 7:34 am

Level generation is mostly complete, most of the player gfx are done.

Now its time to get the game logic done.

Posted by
Saturday, August 9th, 2008 4:07 am


Made a start.

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