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I make video slot games by day and indie games by night. I dream of one day making indie games full time, but it might take a while because I'm highly prone to procrastination.

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Endurion says ...

With different shapes it could be more of a challenge. As it is you just keep popping out blocks carefully and end up winning :)

jhauberg says ...

I like the idea in general, but I think it is way too easy. I lost interest already after the first level.

I think a huge improvement would be to let each level have a set of shapes that you had to stack to get above the line. That way each level would be different, and difficulty could easily be scaled simply by adjusting the amount of pieces available. (..i just realized Endurion already proposed this)

Hamumu says ...

Well, you are next! Another game that's basically just a sample for a physics package. Disappointing indeed. It's actually sort of fascinating and I kept going to about level 6, but if you really try to win, it's trivial, since you are allowed to put the blocks anywhere (why didn't you limit it to above the line?). But no, just a physics sandbox with a win condition, and this one even only has one shape and one action. At least the others implemented grabby-hands (on the other hand, the simpler interface is more fun).

jolle says ...

Don't have Silverlight, might try later.

Edge says ...

I also have no Silverlight...

Codexus says ...

Having to install silverlight was annoying. Plain vanilla stack the cubes isn't really enough. It needs something else to make it interesting. A physics sandbox doesn't make a fun game by itself.

*off to uninstall silverlight now*

pansapiens says ...

I'd never used Silverlight, but it runs well despite requiring a quick install. Physics engine was had a very good 'feel' ... game was challenging but achievable. I think there need to be some other element introduced to make it a bit more 'stressful' ie a block number limitation, or a countdown to an earthquake. Other contestants also made physics based tower building games, but it's not a classic genre of game, so I'd say it's slightly more innovative than the norm. No sound ?

Morre says ...

Was fun at first, but the increase in difficulty was a little too gradual. At level 8 I got a bit bored, spamming blocks,
and at 89 blocks the game crashed and my browser stopped working :)
Graphics are very simple.

There was also quite a bit of random flickering in the text messages.

nilsf says ...

Having to install silverlight was annoying. OK physics stacking toy, but pretty boring as a game.

Archive for the ‘LD #12 – The Tower – 2008’ Category

Stacker High Score

Posted by (twitter: @xMrPhil)
Monday, August 11th, 2008 9:44 am

I actually enjoy playing my game! I finally beat level 14!

MrPhil Stacker High Score L14

Has anyone else done better?

Stacker Final

Posted by (twitter: @xMrPhil)
Sunday, August 10th, 2008 6:58 pm

I made it harder at higher levels.  Have fun!

Stacker Final

Stacker Final—(See note below)
It is written in C# for Silverlight 2.0 Beta 2.  It should run in Firefox and IE on Mac and Windows.

I used the Farseer Physics Engine and the rest was written from scratch.

NOTE: I found a bug that can lock up the browser: Here is the repair Stacker Final (Repaired) I now limit how many blocks you can use and make you restart the level if you go over. The Farseer engine starts to suck up all the CPU cycles after about 90 blocks.

Stacker (maybe final)

Posted by (twitter: @xMrPhil)
Sunday, August 10th, 2008 5:52 pm

Getting close to the deadline so I wanted to submit a backup final.

I’m calling my game Stacker. Goal is to get the little blocks to stack up to the line. If you are successful the next level raises the bar a little. I have not made it too the very top yet. It should reward you, but I haven’t been able to tested it yet.

How high can you go!
Here is the link: Stacker

Why does it start spinning just before hitting the ground?!?

Posted by (twitter: @xMrPhil)
Saturday, August 9th, 2008 7:38 pm

Pretty much spent every hour since the start trying to get the Farseer engine to work.   My biggest and lengthiest hurdle was discovering and then fixing the fact that Silverlight uses a TopLeft coordinate system and Farseer use a center of object system. I probably would have figured it out faster, but I just happen to pick coordinates that interacted in a way that my small test box would hit the corner of the ground and bounce off spinning. Visibly the ground took up the bottom of the screen so it sent me on a wild goose chase looking for buggy forces.

Farseer finally behaving

PS.  I’ve been Twittering as I work in a sort of experiment.  If anyone else is, let me know and I’ll follow: http://twitter.com/MrPhilGames

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