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The "Ludum Dare Entry in SOWN" Award
Awarded by PoV
on January 27, 2010
Cat Stack Fever Medallion
Awarded by Hamumu
on August 23, 2008
kitten genius award
Awarded by matrin
on August 12, 2008



matrin says ...


DrPetter says ...

Cute and pretty. Too bad about the unstable physics. Seems odd that it would deteriorate over time, even between rounds (floating point absolute timescale?). Works fine initially though, after refreshing.

wonderwhy-er says ...

Looks good. Tough takes time to master some features like cat\'s still are under control after touchdown :) Overall 4 ;)

Jach says ...

Neat game, even if the physics are a bit fudgy.

Yezu says ...

Crashed it...

jhauberg says ...

Hehe cats.

Endurion says ...

Looking nice :)
It needs another key for \"dropping\" a cat so you can continue with the next.

PoV says ...

Very nice. I was also able to crash it, but it took some funny high speed stuff to do it.

Hamumu says ...

So hard! It seems a little too crazy for me to actually get a grip on in terms of physics. I never quite knew how the cats were going to act on impact. It\'s kind of fun to try to torque the whole tower around for a few seconds once you land one, though.
Definitely awesome looking. You DO know that owls could\'ve been made in this exact shape, right?

Notch says ...

Very nice graphics! It feels like the platform is too small.

Codexus says ...

Cute graphics!

kutani says ...

The cats are adorable!

GBGames says ...

There were a couple of times when the physics engine launched an otherwise stable kitty even if it was the only one on the ground, but otherwise, this was well put together.

nilsf says ...

Fun game with really nice graphics, I like the details, the clouds, the page wallpaper and the little flowers on the platform. :)

Wiering says ...

Very nice, I played with it for a long time.

Perhaps you can ask the haxe mailing list about the physics problem. It seems like a very active community, they might be able to point out the problem or fix it.

dstrysnd says ...

Really cute.

LoneStranger says ...

Neat tower builder. I found it tough to get the cats to stay on the platform with anything more than about seven, but that's just lack of practice. Maybe different levels with goals would make this a complete and sellable game. And fixed physics, of course.

Deepflame says ...

Haha, cute. ;)

Managed to get an.. uh.. pile :P of give-or-take 7 high. After that cats just exploded all over the place and I insta-lost. :'(

jolle says ...

I can has stacked kitties?

Just stacking cats feels a bit limited though. Possibly more interesting IRL.

Was a bit annoying that you controlled the cat for so long after it had been placed. Because if you started on the next falling cats movement before it arrived... bam! Tower destroyed. Perhaps nothing for hurried people.

Sivart13 says ...

Cute but booooooooring. Maybe if the cats exploded...?

Frimkron says ...

I'm glad you spent time tweaking the friction and such because the result is a stack-em-up which is much more forgiving and a lot more fun than some of the similar games I've played in this competition. Nice pixels, too!

pansapiens says ...

Those are some funny looking owls :). Quite a different feel to most physics engines. Very nice. Cute sprites. Impressive non-rectangular collisions +tech points. No sound ?

greencow says ...

sweet kittens

drZool says ...


jovoc says ...

Very cute little game, and the little cats make it so much more interesting than if it were just shapes.

Morre says ...

Super nice graphics.
Gameplay is good fun - the idea of using those cat shapes makes it all that much more fun than standard block piling. I love it!

Edge says ...

Pretty nice game. I esspecially liked the art style. And since the physics are a bit forgiving, it was fun to play around without every single mistake making the tower crash.

Maybe it would have been fun to also make the cats shape suitable for horizontal placement... ?

Archive for the ‘LD #12 – The Tower – 2008’ Category

Cat Stacker v2.0

Posted by
Thursday, May 14th, 2009 7:22 am

My LD12 entry, Cat Stacker, has grown up and now features assorted fruit. Also, instead of the original tetrisy controls, you can click and drag the current piece around with no time pressure (press A and D to rotate). There are 20 levels and it get’s pretty tough. Good luck! (^ _ ^)/

Cat Cat Watermelon

Cat Stacker (Final Entry)

Posted by
Sunday, August 10th, 2008 12:34 pm

Play it online here (requires Flash9)

Download with haXe source here

Ran out of time to do music ): I’m moving house later today, and need to start packing @_@.

Good luck with the rest of the compo — I’ll see you on the flipside.

High Score Table

Posted by
Sunday, August 10th, 2008 11:59 am

I’ve implemented a simple online high-score system for Cat Stacker. Well, actually the game will link to the comments section of this post, in case anyone wants to get competative. See what happened there? It was the act of telling you about something I made which allowed me to make the thing I’m telling you about.



Posted by
Sunday, August 10th, 2008 8:21 am

..and coffee.

Dense, High Friction Cats

Posted by
Sunday, August 10th, 2008 4:11 am

I spent most of today fighting with flash and tweaking the shapes and material properties of the cats for maximum stackability. It turns out dense, high friction cats are the most fun. Slippery cats suck, but you already knew that.

(‘scuse the weird dithering)

First Stack

Posted by
Saturday, August 9th, 2008 12:05 pm

End of day 1 for me.. after a lot of messing around with physics and n00b flash stuff, I have something playable to work with.  The cats appear from the top and are controlled tetris-style.  The aim is just to stack them as high as possible.

An unstable stack

Flash Mod Player

Posted by
Saturday, August 9th, 2008 6:54 am

For anyone using flash.. let me direct your attention to a mod player which has been released recently:



Cat Stacker

Posted by
Saturday, August 9th, 2008 6:45 am
stack o\' cats

Here’s my first screenshot – a quick mock-up of stackable cats. Notice that if you put two next to each other, you can also stick another cat on top in the middle upside down. This is important!

I’m doing this entry with haxe and physhaxe. It’s my first time using either (or, any flash development for that matter), and I’ve been pleasantly surprised how easy it was to get up and running with these tools. This program will be about 99% physhaxe and 1% game.

It started off as ‘The Amazing Human Tower’ — a bunch of acrobats joining hands and feet together to make a big wobbling structure. I suspected this was going to be too complicated though, so went with rigid cats instead. I’ll throw a few other things in too if I have time.

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