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dstrysnd says ...

The best part of this game are the owls that say "OWL!"

Endurion says ...

Holy feck, the laser sounds gets annoying fast :)
And it really is hard.

Notch says ...

How do I stop the lightning storms?

Codexus says ...

too hard :)

pansapiens says ...

Nice simple background music (it's great how a simple beat can change the game feel). Good that you had sound (too many entries leave out sound) and a title screen. Funny, crazy little game ... rough but amusing graphics. Also nice to see there is a clear goal / completion criteria (I haven't finished it yet, but I haven't tried too hard).

matrin says ...

wow hard. Sounds are a bit annoying. But it work.

Morre says ...

Very hard - I couldn't kill more than 20 or so.
Entertaining in (story) and style, although gameplay is not all that interesting.
The raphics are rather simple :)

Deepflame says ...

Zoom. Zoom zoom zoom zoom. :P It's very hard to aim that thing!

nilsf says ...

Insanely hard, +1 humor for the owl graphics.

Hamumu says ...

That was just wayyyy to hard. Mainly because it's almost impossible to actually hit anything other than the evil clouds (how come non-evil clouds can't be shot? What's so special about the evil ones?). Do the knights take several shots each? I am fairly sure I hit some sometimes and nothing happened, so I fear they do. Insanity. Good artwork on the owls.

GBGames says ...

It's definitely too difficult, especially since the knights take multiple hits and are hard to aim at, and those evil clouds are so damaging. "Owl" is funny.

jolle says ...

Well, at least I lose a lot.

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Femme Tower final

Posted by
Sunday, August 10th, 2008 6:57 pm

Edit: To all of you who think my game is too hard, I have beaten it twice! =P And the laser collision is just box-based, so if you shoot it diagonally you have tons of whitespace to possibly hit the things with. Also, a bug escaped the final version so the non-evil clouds sometimes get stuck indefinitely. It’s fixed locally but not in the zip; oh well.

Here’s the link, includes source (python + pygame) and windows executable (not guaranteed to work, though I have been told it works):


(If it doesn’t work try: )

Will add post-compo thoughts here later. NOW!

It’s about 20 minutes after now. So, what I did horribly wrong this time around:

I slept in too late twice, got distracted by all sorts of things, felt horrible demotivation and considered dropping out for most of the compo. I also didn’t pace myself well (submitted about 2 minutes prior to the end) so the art and sound could have been slightly better.

This game seemed pretty hard to me and to my EXE tester, but I assure you it is beatable. =P


Posted by
Saturday, August 9th, 2008 9:28 pm

Due to a little joke in the IRC about my craptacular drawing abilities with the whiteboard, I have decided to call my game Femme Tower. Here’s a screencapture of what’s been done as of about an hour ago… At least my windows are pretty.

Food for the day.

Posted by
Saturday, August 9th, 2008 5:36 pm

I woke up around 3pm, having horribly overslept. But I had a good breakfast of cookies and hawaiian punch.

Then later on it was almost dinner time, so I had some Ramen to tide me over. Yes, that’s a Titanium Spork, given to me by the gods.

Then the main meal, steak. Yummy.

I think I’ll have some ice cream later too…

An idea at last!

Posted by
Friday, August 8th, 2008 10:58 pm

And now it’s all whiteboard’d (yes I have a big whiteboard). Here’s some really low-quality pics of most of the whiteboard… I’ll actually be surprised with myself if I get everything implemented in time.

Dry Eyes

Posted by
Thursday, August 7th, 2008 8:22 pm

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