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Took part in Ludum Dare 4 and 6, without completing a game in time.
Submitted a games for Ludum Dare 10, 12, 13, 14, 15 and miniLD 6.
Made games for Global Game Jam 2009-2012.
Lead organizer UCSC GGJ 2013, West coast regional organizer GGJ 2014.
Graduated UC Santa Cruz BS game design summa cum laude and MS computer science in the Expressive Intelligence Studio.
Hobbies not (generally) involving a computer: mountain biking, yoga, philosophy, education, dancing.
C++, Allegro, GameMaker, flxl, opengl, fltk, PushButton


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Endurion says ...

It\'s pretty hard to get a valid expression done.

Notch says ...

Math? In my computer game? Works fairly well, though.

Frimkron says ...

I quickly ran out of equals signs. Its a nice idea though and the tetris implementation is perfect

Hamumu says ...

The concept here is just too vague and messy to really do anything with. The combination of trying to fit in the pieces, along with hoping to get the exact numbers and symbols you need, along with being able to read the math in this messy way ("1++ 3+5 =9+7=" is correct... I think! Who can know that offhand?), makes for just really unplayable mush. It's not that this is badly made or looks bad or plays bad controlswise, it's just that the concept doesn't work!

dstrysnd says ...

i really hate falling-block puzzle games, and combining them with something else i have to think about is sadistic. good idea, but it's just too hard.

drZool says ...

Controls felt good, but Im not much for math in tetris

jolle says ...

I think this is a great idea but it needs some improvements. It's kind of fun, but not very fun.

I mostly just lined up numbers making x=x equations, and that seemed enough to make it most of the time.

Some kind of scoring/combo system might have helped, and perhaps actual removal of tower pieces and falldown stuff.

Codexus says ...

I like the idea, but the same type of equations aren't always detected consistently: something worked on the left side of the tower but not on the right for some reason. It would need work to make the concept really work.

Deepflame says ...

Interesting idea, though I didn't really enjoy math-tetris. I had a little fun playing it at first but it got boring after a while. Very innovative though.

pansapiens says ...

No sound ? Very innovative. If I could give a 10 for innovation here I would. The ugly owl graphic was funny, but lost points for graphic quality. Maybe some funny sounds and some wise cracks in speech bubbles from the owl would add to the 'fun factor'. Really smart idea for a game though. You should improve it, polish it, and get it put on the OLPC XO laptop ....

Morre says ...

The game idea is awesome (it's an educational game that I actually enjoyed playing, who knew?).
Graphics are okay, although I'd have preferred black text on white or bright gray; easier to read that way.
Gameplay is good fun for a while.

It accepts stuff like 7 + 1 = 1, though. Shame :/
Also, I have to press escape to terminate the application - I can't just close it in a normal manner.

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Cannon Hearts Tower

Posted by
Sunday, January 11th, 2009 10:12 pm

I will just apologize in advance, as the next level may shock and dismay..

Cannon Hearts Tower is my entry for miniLD6, the secondary theme is ‘LD12: The Tower’ and the tertiary theme is ‘miniLD5: Cover someone else’s game’. This is a cover of Sivart13’s game for LD12:  “Cannon Hates Tower”.

Use up and down to aim your cannon and hold space before releasing space.

This mini game will be used in the LDCollab framework as a single level, with the other miniLD6 entries.

This first version does not use score files.

The Max Score is 1000. Post your best score in the comments. I’ve gotten 650.

Download: http://sites.google.com/site/roboticarts/cannon-hearts-tower

LD12 – post mortower

Posted by
Sunday, August 17th, 2008 12:09 pm

On 8/8/8 @ 8pm Ludum Dare 12 began, and the world would never be the same. The theme was ‘The Tower’, once again the theme ‘evolution’ was downed through natural selection. I didn’t find the theme very inspiring, but I was also brain drained from taking two finals earlier this day. I aced the classes though, so I was feeling good. One class was calculus, which probably influenced my choice of game.

I wasn’t having any particularly awesome ideas friday night, I wrote the basic “Hello, Tower” code. By the way here’s what I used:

Slow old laptop, which I’ve done all my coding on for about the past year. I like to write comfy code on the couch. Windows XP.

My IDE is Microsoft Visual C++ Express 2008, library is Allegro, graphics in Gimp.

Anyway I went to sleep without a decision at my usual 11pm, too tired to think. The possibilities I had come up with at this point:

  1. Grow towering corn stalks by watering, but watering off center will cause corn to grow at an angle and eventually fall.
  2. DeSprawler, pluck people from suburban houses and drop them in big city apartment towers.
  3. A tetris game where you cleared equations instead of lines.

I woke up at my usual 8am, still not enthused about any idea. After lunch, about 1, I had decided on and started to code tetris. Now, I’m glad I finished it and I’m happy with it, but I could have come up with something more original, but so much time had already passed, I figured this would be simple to do in the time I had.

Also, funnily, I almost did a tetris clone for a previous LD. In LD6 (Light and Darkness) I started a game which involved working at a solar panel assembly plant. Solar panel parts would come on a conveyor belt, in tetris-like shapes (but I was going to have many more shapes) and you would pick them up with the mouse and drop them into a grid. The object was to fill as many grid cells as possible, but to make things trickier, the lights were slowly dimming, but completing a panel would raise the light level depending how much of the panel grid was filled. I didn’t finish that game in time, but now that I have a tetris engine, it would be pretty easy to finish it up to some extent. I put this into consideration when deciding on my LD12 game, which is actually not a good basis for the choice.

So, Saturday was making tetris for about 10 hours, rotation is the tricky part, I drew out all the pieces in all the positions on graph paper and typed in about 300 lines for this data. It’s all modularized so I could easily add more pieces and positions (I was thinking, tetris with 8 direction rotation, bricks on diagonal lines). I tested and got the numbers and symbols in the bricks and tried forming equations. They weren’t coming out too well, always the wrong symbols, I was thinking of giving up now because the game seemed overly frustrating. At this point there was not the tower of equations in the start. The game hardly had to do with the tower theme.

I played Notch’s entry: Breaking the Tower for at least an hour on Saturday night, too much fun, I had a few tabs of the game open and would leave them alone to just gather up resources while I coded. Note to self: there will be time to play other people’s games when they’re good and done after the compo ;] These web browser games are great, such easy distribution! This is exactly why I learned Java earlier this year, to distract people so I could win at LD ;]

Saturday night I went to sleep at about 1am, pretty much given up, woke up at 9am, lollygagged, at about 11am I decided I would go ahead and finish it. Sometime after this I came up with the tower idea, put that in, and now I was making equations! I got into it, making the equation checker, and I was doing pretty good on time. The game was a grid on a black screen with green text until about 4pm, 4 hours from the end, when I started making graphics. Making the background with help, code for level starting and sequencing, and tile graphics came pretty quick.

About an hour from the end, I remembered that in LD10.5, the game I submitted didn’t run for some people because I didn’t include any runtime libraries. So I researched that, found some libraries I hoped would work, but I didn’t actually get to test them on a virgin computer until after the end. This was because when I built the game in release mode, I got a screen full of tiles! One hour from finish and here’s the showstopper. Only happens in release, so I couldn’t debug easily, I was stumped. I narrowed it to some problem accessing the grid data, and switched _setstr to strcpy, and it was fixed! Whew, 15 minutes from the end and I almost didn’t have a game. Built my zip, wrote my post, uploaded and that’s a wrap. gg.

I’ve posted pictures of some of my meals, workspaces, kitties, and screenshots as the game was being made at a picasa album here: http://picasaweb.google.com/greencow/LudumDare12

To those who find my game too hard:

Posted by
Friday, August 15th, 2008 12:10 pm

qq l2+

Teenage Mathant Ninja Tower

Posted by
Sunday, August 10th, 2008 6:56 pm

Hola =]

Looks like I’ve finished with 10 minutes left..a new personal record! This is much nicer than finishing with 2 minutes left. Look at me writing this like I’ve got time ;]

I didn’t manage to have time for sound, which is probably good news, I was going to sing.

So Teenage Mathant Ninja Towers is a tetris clone, with numbers and addition, subtraction will be available in the retail version which hits shelves august 2012 for one million dollars MWAHAHAHA preorder now.

No, really, I could use the cash.

The file is here:


Let’s hope this one works! I included some redistributable files from MSVC2008 in the zip.

Good luck! Looking forward to playing some of your games!

Edit: Drat, well I found a bug, at level 3 there’s minus signs in the tower, however the code for computing minuses isn’t in, so some equations at level 3 and above will not clear. Here’s a link to a zip with no broken minuses, in case you’re really getting into the game and want to play it past level 3, but this version is not to be judged!



Posted by
Friday, August 8th, 2008 7:10 pm

Hiya =] well I took two finals today, completing my summer semester. If my calculations hold, I’ll have an A in environmental biology and calculus 1 woot. This is a nice place to relax after a busy summer =]

Hmm I haven’t written code in months, guess I’ll use allegro with ms visual c++ express as before.

Good luck everyone, may the force be with you!

Tower Power!

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