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Loudest Sound Effects Award
Awarded by dstrysnd
on August 13, 2008



edwardoka says ...

If this had accurate physics (shear/compression/tension) and support beams it would be a large bag of win. Still fun though.

Hamumu says ...

I\'m not sure what the \'rules\' are (the simulation, I guess). It was really fun throwing down explosives all over and watching them do their damage, even if I didn\'t know why. There was WAY plenty of money, so it didn\'t much matter how much I overkilled.

I think you\'ll raise some eyebrows with a level named \"Twin Towers\", and also, that level was INSANE. There\'s something odd or broken about it too - the \"other building damage\" was always at least 60,000, so there was no way to win. And that was even if I never scratched them, thanks to my handy wooden barriers (which sometimes don\'t seem to help).

Anyway, innovative and cool. Would\'ve loved more types and bigger power explosives (and a better interface for choosing them). And an understanding of why you do things. Awesome SFXR sounds.

dstrysnd says ...

the randomization is a bit too.. random. sometimes i run a level and win it, then replay with the exact same config and lose by over $300. still a really good game.

Notch says ...

I think I know too little about controlled demolition for this game, but it\'s still fun. =)

nilsf says ...

Pretty fun, I didn't have much trouble finishing it, so I guess my demolition strategy was pretty good. As someone else said, the explosion sounds were very nice.

Frimkron says ...

The detonations are extremely satisfying. I probably just haven't figured out a good strategy yet, but the wooden walls seem very expensive.

MrPhil says ...

I played it for a while, but never really found a 'good' way to demo the buildings. Hope you keep going, I'd like to play it.

matrin says ...

Maybe the wood barrier was a bit expensive, ther than that nice game. The money is also a little unbalanced. Some times yoou have too much, some times to little (cheaper wood barrier would probably fix this). The click sound got kind of anoying.

Deepflame says ...

Boom! I love this game! :D

The controls are a bit cumbersome though, and the randomness is a bit random. :P

Codexus says ...

Cool idea. The results are a bit hard to predict.

keeyai says ...

Pretty nifty, and good looking too. Biggest complaint would be the random - once I figured out how random it was I just hit the same config a couple times until I won. Also, I never used that $250 protection - stuff flew right past it (not through it, past) and it costs an arm and a leg.

Sivart13 says ...

Definitely a well-polished piece; results were too random for it to be fun, after a while. Especially trying not to hit the other buildings - sometimes they'd get showered, sometimes nothing. #1 improvement would be a way to place multiple items without dragging each one, maybe I just missed it. Putting up a full line of sheeting was super tedious.

adamzap says ...

Cool idea. More realism and consistency would make it better.

Morre says ...

Nice idea, very cool game.

These were my thoughts after playing the first time:
Graphics okay, sound's a bit on the loud side ;)
Perhaps the ability to speed up the destruction process a bit would be nice?

After reading the comments on this page and playing again:
Ah, this is more fun than I realized. I tried too hard to save money at first, but the trick to making gameplay fast and game fun is spending lots of money and placing a lot of charges.

Good stuff :)

jolle says ...

I never figured out the system (is there one?), just generally tried stuff. Worked fine until twin towers. Even with it's not so political correct setup, I didn't manage it. It was kind of fun. Think it could be really fun with cooler physics.

pansapiens says ...

Nice sounds. Great idea .. a controlled demolition game. Graphics were simple but functional. Would have preferred not to have to _drag_ explosives / shields into place, but rather just click to place.

jovoc says ...

I really like the concept... kind of the anti-bridge builder. However it was pretty counter-intuitive placing the bombs.. too indirect a reaction to really predict. I'd love to play it again with a simpler more puzzle like damage model

kutani says ...

Incredibly fun. The particles seriously need to be deterministic, though. Twin towers is very difficult because of the randomness.

Archive for the ‘LD #12 – The Tower – 2008’ Category

Tower Collapse Inner Workings

Posted by
Monday, August 11th, 2008 11:28 pm

Since there have been a few question regarding the “simulation” i’ll explain a bit:

There is no grand simulation inside. It’s all tile based. I refrained from using a physics lib (there have been enough entries with one already) because i’d have to learn it during the compo time.

Every tile has two damage counters, one outer, one inner. The outer is mostly used for the appearance (cracks in the window) while the inner is responsible for the strength left. Once the inner structure value is down to zero the tile collapses.

Collapsing is done by moving all the tiles above one tile down. The tile below the collapsed one gets a damage applied which is calculated by the number and “health” of the tiles above it. This can lead to nice chain reactions of a column collapsing in itself.

Since the collapsing code only works vertically i have the particles. Half of the particles are able to inflict damage when hitting other tiles. Therefore it’s also possible to have columns affect each other.

Oh, and about Twin Towers: You actually have to raze the two towers on the left and right and protect the building in the middle. That’s probably the reason why some can fail spectacularely in that stage.


Did i mention that the game also has flying toilets?

Tower Collapse Final

Posted by
Sunday, August 10th, 2008 8:26 am

Tower Collapse

Ok, i couldn’t hold back.

Here’s the final version of Tower Collapse. I’ve added two more stages, fixed some small bugs, enabled window/fullmode switching and added the source to the zip file as well (forgot during the first preview-final).

Download from here: http://www.georg-rottensteiner.de/files/Tower%20Collapse.zip

If you take the time to test please tell me about any bugs! Thanks and have fun!

Edit: 20:27 local time, added a Compo Game Loader file for easier testing! It even works :)

Tower Collapse

Posted by
Sunday, August 10th, 2008 5:46 am

I’m feeling pretty tired, so i’m not sure i’ll add much more. I’ll try though.

To be on the safe side here’s a pre final version. The gameplay is there, as are 8 stages of bombing goodnees and a editor.

In game

The link for the pre-final version is http://www.georg-rottensteiner.de/files/Tower%20Collapse.zip. Anything else will be polish from now on.


Edit: Modified the zip file, this is now a newer version. Removed the final tag.

Annoying stuff done, now to the game

Posted by
Sunday, August 10th, 2008 1:40 am

Second day. Today morning i decided to get the usual annoying stuff done like proper menu screen, editor and general GUI. With most of that finished i can go to add more stages and refine constants to squeeze at least a bit of fun out of it.

Menu Screen

Here’s the probably final menu screen.

Where’s my gameplay?

Posted by
Saturday, August 9th, 2008 12:37 pm

Looks like i’m not the only one with the problem:

I have a working prototype but the game is not inherently fun. Dang. It does make kinda fun blowing up the building though. So far you can set up the bombs and some protection and need to get a certain percentage of the Tower razed. Right now there’s not too much challenge in there. I’ll have to find something tomorrow (i hope to dream the solution up during the night).

I’m leaving the level design for tomorrow as well. At least i have half the menu system going, so the drag part is mostly done. This leaves lots of time for late bug inducing 😉

Rubble Rubbish

Posted by
Saturday, August 9th, 2008 3:09 am

And here we go with some demolishing action. You can switch from build mode to action mode and watch the whole building collapse. Or not.

Adding particles was a good idea, it makes it look quite nice pretty easily. And it’ll probably add for another game element: Try not to break too much from the nearby buildings.


Kaboom, crush, crumble and chomp

I can’t work the full 48 hours (family time!) but i’ll try to get a half decent game finished though. Anyway it looks i’m at stage based design again. Looks like i’ll never get rid of that :)

Whoever’s idea it was to put the Save/Publish buttons on the right side has some weird ideas. Do not listen to him/her again.

Bombs away!

Posted by
Friday, August 8th, 2008 11:48 pm


Ok, i think i will enter. Tower is not one of the themes i voted for but whatever 😉

Interestingly we had the same topic a while ago on the 3h Gamedev.Net compo.


Setting us up the bomb

This time i’m trying for a demolish-the-tower-with-as-little-as-possible-money-used. And probably some more stuff if i can get a decent damage routine going.


For now i’m still partially using some art from my LD#10 entry, but they’ll be replaced eventually. The goal is to get a working prototype as soon as possible.

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