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MrPhil says ...

Clicks start getting hard to do in time once they get moving!

matrin says ...

Very unique and fun game. Only thing missing is the sound. Nice job. even works in wine. :D

Endurion says ...

Nice idea i haven\'t seen before. Sound would be nice. Also the random appearing can be a problem: Once my correctly placed plane crashed into a newly appearing plane.

Notch says ...

Nice graphics, and fairly intuitive gameplay. I\'d like it more in windowed mode, though. Stretched out pixels and huge mouse cursors are weird.

edwardoka says ...

Fun game. Well realised concept. Shouldn't be full screen at that resolution, and perhaps a smoother way of contolling the planes would improve it as I felt it was a bit hit-and-miss with the clicking.

keeyai says ...

I liked the nostalgic graphics. Maybe you could have different colored planes/targets so you can put more than just two on the screen at once. I think that would really increase the fun factor. Also, it took a minute to figure out how to play -- I was avoiding right click because the menu says that is how to quit. On that same note, you need a way to quit in game - ESC or Q or something.

dstrysnd says ...

As others said, the random planes are a problem. But other than that, fun game.

Frimkron says ...

Nice use of the tower theme. The game gets nice and frantic as it starts to speed up - it works well. I think it would have greatly benefited from a custom mouse cursor and maybe some kind of explosion graphic when the aircraft collide.

Wiering says ...

Doesn't work for me, my monitor doesn't like the full screen mode it's trying to set.

Codexus says ...

Nice use of the theme. The collision with the control tower is a bit silly they are clearly not on the same scale.

Hamumu says ...

Really nice idea. I really wish you could drag the planes for less RSI. There's something very wrong with the lives counter, it went from blank to MISS, to unreadable, to game over.

Cool, fun, good graphics, needs sound.

nilsf says ...

Pretty planes and tower, but not fun with a touchpad. Where's the source?

Deepflame says ...

Game brutally stole my windows, very difficult to exit out again. :P

The idea is pretty fun, but it's hard to click on the airplanes. I only managed to get a score of about 3600 before clicking became too difficult to get them to the arrows on time.

adamzap says ...

I like your art style.

LoneStranger says ...

Neat for a little while, but the resolution of the game made the mouse movements very difficult to perform, i.e. not precise enough. Reminds me of old Atari games though, which is nice.

Morre says ...

Very nice style on the pixelled tower. The gameplay isn't much fun for me, I'm afraid. Too much clicking, no repeat (holding down button), and a bit too simple.

Sure looks nice though :)

pansapiens says ...

Very nice pixel art. Simple idea, but it works. Good use of theme. Maybe some different plane type (helicopters, blimps ?) and some birds to dodge would keep it more interesting (or maybe I died before I saw those sprites ?). No sound ?

wonderwhy-er says ...

Nice pixel graphics. Game idea is original too :) Tough there is still some room fro polishing. Like adding some pointers to from where new airplanes are awaited. My final score is 1250...

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Control Tower

Posted by
Sunday, August 10th, 2008 5:21 pm

First time in LD. So I am glad I made the deadline.

Actually I wanted to make the game about looking after many slower planes at once. Unfortunatelly I got stuck with the plane spawning pattern and wasn’t able to fix this. So it’s a never ending circle which just gets faster and eventually kills the player with cheap deaths. (and that with using cheap Multimedia Fusion 2, I think I should be very ashamed..)

Anyway better luck next time.

Download Link: http://rapidshare.de/files/40207537/Control_Tower.zip.html

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