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    Notch says ...


    Endurion says ...

    Yum. Chocolate.

    PoV says ...

    Delicious Trophy.

    nilsf says ...

    Golden chocolate!

    Deepflame says ...

    I don't understand. Surprisingly.

    ;) One of the more humouristic entries, but you can see you only spend two hours on it. :P Bad DrPetter!

    Wiering says ...


    Morre says ...

    The mood is excellent! ;)
    Good fun while it lasted, really - just about the right balance between humor and difficulty finding out what commands are available. Bit short though.
    Graphics are... not there, which means this is the first N/A in graphics so far - one to go :)

    Codexus says ...

    Well... that was minimalist!

    matrin says ...

    I loved it. I wish i could give it more points.

    Orangy Tang says ...


    jolle says ...

    Too many hovercrafts. Really. And then it went all 'ladders for you are bad lols GAME OVER'. Are there any better endings? I don't know. Hovercraft.

    Hamumu says ...

    I win! Of course, I read the code first. To be honest, I had a lot more fun reading than code than trying to guess the right words to actually play. Come on, "go down"? Whatever happened to "d"?

    pansapiens says ...

    An excellent _LD11_ entry ... :) Creepy atmosphere. Not sure about a 'natural language' text adventure ... there are conventional commands used for most interactive fiction, and while "n" may be more boring than "walk to the north, pretty please", for players that are familiar with the standard commands using them makes playing the game a whole lot less frustrating ... I guess that's why they became popular since the Infocom years. I guess I should have browsed the source to figure out the commands ...

    drZool says ...

    I suck at text games. I might have to look at the source to get me through ;) I'm voting N/A on humor be course I can't get very far.

    lexaloffle says ...

    Heh.. I feel like writing a text adventure now. I gave you high marks in humor and technical, for making C look like a viable adventure scripting language.

    Archive for the ‘LD #12 – The Tower – 2008’ Category

    Quick and weak entry from me this time

    Posted by
    Sunday, August 10th, 2008 4:15 pm

    Started at local midnight, two hours ago. I had grand plans of making a generic scriptable text adventure engine when the compo started, but couldn’t find the inspiration and energy needed to get on with it. Instead I stalled and waited for the very last moment to get something half-assed out the door. It ended up completely hard-coded and very simple, but at least I got to write a text adventure. Last one I did was probably in AmigaBASIC twelve years ago.

    Download and poke around a bit. You might have a minute or two of frustration fun: drpetter_ld12.zip

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