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Papper says ...

Awesome, loved it :)

Notch says ...

The download link seems to be broken. It should be http://www.the-manatee.net/AkinTower__c_Ariel_Yust_2008.rar

VERY nice graphics!

Frimkron says ...

The graphics are excellent, with so much work put into the animations and little extra touches. The game mechanics are made interesting with the varying levels of destructable armour, but holding down the mouse button and casting fireballs I was able to hold off every wave, so it was a little on the easy side.

Jach says ...

Fun little game, and pretty graphics. I think I might have to steal your art skills...

edwardoka says ...

Very entertaining game. Fantastic animations, overall nice art assets, especially with the enemies.

The spellcasting menu is a bit off, and perhaps the difficulty curve is too shallow. I had to turn off the music immediately, though.

dstrysnd says ...

Graphics are awesome.

keeyai says ...

The art is beautiful! Great job.

What did you make that music in? I don't know what these other people are thinking about the music - I loved it.

Daz says ...

It was pretty fun, animations are nice and smooth and the music isn't annoying.

demize says ...

Nice game. :)

matrin says ...

Akin looks cool. :D

drZool says ...

Ahhh, I had to stop at wave 21, a bit easy. Music is good, it didn't get annoying, gfx is great, you really worked on this game, much animation, etc... good job!

Endurion says ...

Looking very good, i also like the idea of the armoured enemies, where you have to hit the unprotected parts.
The music is annoying fast ;)

Codexus says ...

Awesome game with great graphics and cool music. I really like the the way the different enemies with armor are handled.

Hamumu says ...

Really awesome graphics, and cool effect on the arrows with ghosting. It was really hard to aim them though, they didn't really head quite toward the cursor, especially at the bottom end of the screen.

Real easy, I too had to quit at wave 21. I hope I didn't miss an amazing ending.

wonderwhy-er says ...

Nice graphics. Game play is fun but i think it could have been little bit better :) Got repetitive after some 10 waves and well i exited... Music if fine. Not annoying but may little bit off considering the theme.

And gosh how did you feel after so much energy drinks and cola. Must have felt as if you drunk much yesterday :D

Morre says ...

My tower took no damage until level 16 - too long :/
I died at level 25 - the gameplay doesn't quite hold enough variation, so I was hardly trying in the end.
Superb graphics - awesome characters!
Music's very nice, although it's a shame that there are no other sounds.

Overall, good stuff! Oh, and I love the doll :)

Deepflame says ...

Not many LD games get a 5 on graphics, but this is definitely one of them. :)

adamzap says ...

Awesome graphics. Great game.

pansapiens says ...

Excellent graphics ! The mummies hiding in little towers made me laugh. Difficultly ramped up nicely to begin with, but then seemed to flatten off ... my mouse had got tired before I was properly challenged. Background music is fairly generic, but sounded good enough that I left it on for ~ 20 waves. Simple concept for a game, not entirely unique but additions like the magic (the fireballs ARE fun) keep it a bit more interesting. Great entry.

Sivart13 says ...

Quite good. I didn't realize that you could just spam arrows without cost, and that made it quite a bit harder.

nilsf says ...

Really nice graphics. I played until wave 21 then got bored and let the monsters kill me. Unfortunately the sound didn't work on my machine (using wine) so I couldn't rate audio.

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AkinTower – Time Lapse

Posted by
Tuesday, August 12th, 2008 10:51 am

The day before:

The competition have started I was sure that the theme would be evolution, I went to sleep early with a mind full of ideas about the theme, but when I woke up, which was at 6:00 at the morning a surprise striked me ~ oh boy! its “THE TOWER” >_<

So, it began:

I love tower defence games so I have decided to make a tower defence game about a very unique character, Akin, which is a character I made, he came to me in a very strange dream including nika nad well what ever… >_< I made a stuffed doll out of him which you can see in the game and in my journal early photos 😀 I made a doll out of him because everyone said that its not possible… weaklings… anyway his a cool character and he was fiting the game – bringin it abit of originality.

 I was thinking about using him in the game while taking photos of my work space hhh :) probably because he took over my keyboard 😛

First thing I’v done was to draw the enemy… then a test map, after doing that I wanted to start abit coding, a problem apeared, Fenix using Bennu (game compiler) didnt want to show me graphics no matter what >_< I strugled with it for an hour and in the end I managed to solve the problem by deleting everything @_@, then I started coding… coding and drawing arrows and then Akin him self and the mouse pointer and in this day I’v managed to make great progress 😀

In order to stay alive and awake I was drinking energy drinks and listening to 1576 heavy trance music… and yep it helped alot! I had to sit and eat with the family and lose another hour and I had to drink some vodka too 😛 well that wasnt a problem hhhh any way…

First day was great!

final day

Was in panic to finish the game… time is short and I have much to draw and code… I’v drew a new background and fixed many isuues with the shooting and the bounchinf fireballs and added 2 more enemys that I was thinking about yesterday…

now grandparents came and again the family sits togever and eats… again drinking vodka while on energy drinks XD ahhhh… what was I  thinking… I was coding from tierdness >_<, firmly and realy fast I’v took a photo of my self with my two trusted axes and photoshoped it… and realy fast put it in the game… damn! my levels aren’t implimented! :O okay… realy realy fast I’v managed to write a spawn algorithm and had to disable a super attack >_< because I had no time to code it… baaa… I didnt have time even to put sounds which I had allready recorded with the music >_<

oh well… the panic was worth it… I was so dead tierd I had to go to sleep… and I was so willing to sleep that I couldnt fell a sleep >_<

11 min left

I could berly upload the game in time thanks to Ghotistix that helped me upload it 😛 he came just in time hearing my prays for help XD then in 3-5 min I had a post with a screenshot taken realy fast and some text that was writen so fast that It still has mistakes XD oh well hhhh

any way thanks for reading this and playing my game :) wish you to have fun and I’m thinking og improving it because I realy like this game 😀

           see ya dudes!

AkinTower Ready

Posted by
Sunday, August 10th, 2008 6:49 pm

AkinTower – rip your foes on this tower defence game!

Akin is a character I made – he came to me in a dream half a year ago

I made a doll out of him and now I thought why wont I make a game out of him :)

enjoy the game mates and dont forget to blow them up with Bounching Fireballs!!! yeeeesss

game have 3 enemys 3 shot types and a survivel mode


-use the left mouse key to shoot

-use the right mouse ket to shoot special rage drinking attacks

-hold rthe right mouse ket for attach menu and pick the attack you want

find the game here:

or here

Edit: Mirror 1 works now just added “http://” and it fixed the problem – lol 😛

Fireball muhahhah

Posted by
Saturday, August 9th, 2008 3:22 pm

Yes…. you heared it right! Fireballs!!!!!

yes I made it using photoshop!!! muhahahahahahahaha >:} there is no resistents!!! 😀

and its allready working in the game so much fun! 😀

Forgot my pizza :P

Posted by
Saturday, August 9th, 2008 1:06 pm

hhhh didnt have time to post my pizza muhahhhaha to busy doing a special attack 😛

so here it is Bon Apetit XD

pizzaaaaaa yammmeeee

ohh you know you want a piece! >:} well you won’t get any! its all mine!


Posted by
Saturday, August 9th, 2008 11:57 am

I’m working seens 6:00 at the morning… >:}

Im druged by those damn energy drinks and my PixelArt skills are being burned 😀

hahahaha but I still have power and I shall continue at once!!!

here I added you a pic of what I have allready :)


sprites for the engine are done…well for the simple stuff… I have many surprises to add 😀

units can move/die/attack and my Akin hero (on the tower) is using crossbow to blow up his foes 😀

stay tuned for some more Akin Action!!!


muhahahahha (dont mind me im on energy drinks and hearing a playlist of 1576 of the finest Trance music OMG im energized and have new headphones YAHOO!!! :D)

^_^ keep the good work mates!!!

I have a better Work Space

Posted by
Friday, August 8th, 2008 7:53 pm

Im mad! you made me wake up at 6:00 oh well at least I’m ready 😛

I have energy drinks(XL), coockies(chocochips), all sorts of drinks(including Tuborg&Smirnoff) and I wont fall asleep never!!!! 😀

heres a screenshot good luck to every one! Tower Power!


here is my breakfast with Akin trying to steal my food 😛


and here are some of my drinks 😀


okay I’m gone to work on My game now and It allready have a name: “AkinTower” (c) Ariel Yust 2008 :)

good luck everyone !!! 😀

There Is No Price For Freedome!!!

Posted by
Wednesday, August 6th, 2008 5:01 am

Greetings Ludum Dare Community my name is Ariel Yust.

I’v been in a 48hour compo long time ago and couldn’t stay and compet because I was in the army and had no time…

Mow! I have finally free from that prison which calls the army! I no longer a soldier and I have finished myservice :) therefor I have the time to join and enter this LD12 compo 😛

My Tools… 

I’ll be using Fenix with Bennu as a compiler because I’m on vista >_< and writing all with Context, GraphicsGale and Photoshop as for the graphics of course. I’ll be using SFXR\Ejay\VoiceChanger for sounds and music 😛

I Hope I’ll manage to finish this one hhh I wish everyone good luck! may the crazies mofo wins! 😀

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