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Notch says ...

Too much fetchquesting.

Codexus says ...

Excellent game! The flaw is that you can get stuck if you fall with stones until you don't have enough to continue. It would be great if those stones would get replaced or something so that one doesn't have to start from the beginning when that happens.

Ariel Yust says ...

I like the characters alot :)
and it got some good sense of humur which I like, even more :D the characters just look funny XD

The intro didn't impress me... but then the level came up :)
I like the 3d graphics and the fact that the map is rotrating to the side your walking to =D
everything is in the same cartoon theme its great

The game is inside a huge tower so it sticks to the compo theme well anought - hmm owls live on towers? :P

I think it would be better if you lift the characters a bit, because it looks like everyone are walking on the edge :P
and shame I couldn't even fly to the second floor >_< its hard to move on those blocks without falling and I couldn't understand where to go.
this game could use some more work.

rather then that you made this in 48 hours! and its great! good job! hope you continue this game I like it :D

kai says ...

Great game, very well done.

edwardoka says ...

Very very charming. I love the graphics. Platform collision detection a bit iffy but overall great job.

Wiering says ...

Very well done, but it could be a lot more fun if it weren't so hard. Even jumping one step with a block is hard and falling down all the time gets frustrating. But with some adjustments this could be a really nice game.

Hamumu says ...

Really impressive to get such an intricately designed 'quest' going (meaning the jump distances and stones and all so that it's possible but not trivial), and the fact that you can talk to people! Now if only I could get past tunnel cat, I would be happy. But as others have said, it's really annoying to get cheated by the stones. I did that, and ended up coming up with a workaround to do all the stones from ground floor. That got me up to tunnel cat... I hope I don't need more stones to get past him!

keeyai says ...

I love the 2D characters on the 3D world. The 3D looks really great. I'm with notch on the too much fetchquesting -- also, I never did make it up the second time. I moved all those blocks to the left and to the right and was always one block short. As for codexus - you can pick up a block and hit a cat and it will put the block back where it spawned. Not an ideal solution, but available.

Also, food++ for the cookie (?) tower!

Frimkron says ...

I had some rendering issues with this, but that seems to be a recurring thing with all of the OpenGL-based entries I've played so I think I must be in need of a driver update or something. The sprite colours seemed to be inverted and there were black boxes around the text. Also, if I left the text on the screen for a while before hitting enter, the game would run very quickly as if it was catching up the time again. All this aside, this is a very cool, very substantial platform game made all the more sweet by the 3d background. The graphics are alright, for what they are, and the game makes good use of sound.

nilsf says ...

Owls AND Kittens, what more could one want?
Seriously, awesome game, though the level gets rather tedious after a while. I got past the tunnel cat but gave up pretty soon after that.

dstrysnd says ...

Amazing. My one gripe is that with all the tedious platforming, you could make the collisions with the platform a little more forgiving. I seem to fall off an awful lot.

Endurion says ...

Getting an error on start:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<string>", line 6, in <module>
File "__main__.py", line 105, in <module>
File "__main__owl__.py", line 553, in <module>
File "__main__owl__.py", line 549, in main
File "__main__owl__.py", line 79, in init
File "text.py", line 37, in __init__
File "image.py", line 53, in from_string
File "image.py", line 25, in __init__
OpenGL.GL.GLerror: [Errno 1281] invalid value

I really would like to play this one; i'll be happy to help in debugging.

GBGames says ...

It was kind of tedious bringing the blocks everywhere. I like the 2D characters in a 3D world.

adamzap says ...

Great game. Audio could have been better though.

Enjoyable style overall.

Morre says ...

Way, way too hard.
Good fun until the the running back and forth with blocks.
Very pretty! Nice style to it. Entertaining talk, story.

All in all, a great game and a very nice achievement for 48 hours.

pansapiens says ...

Very cute, including dialog. You have an interesting diet. +tech points .. always impressed with 3D. Like your SVG to OpenGL Poly loader ... I've tried this for 2D level design before but found the SVG rotation/translation matricies tricky ... I'll be studying your code more closely in the future :)

Sivart13 says ...

I tried for maybe ten minutes to try to get to the second floor and failed. Death by kitteh became too tiring.

Deepflame says ...

Very slow to play this game with all the "Fetch me a Shrubbery!" style quests that have you drag stones instead.

Graphics are cute, and the sounds aren't earpiercing. (nice for a change in LD games :D)

It's disturbing how the mouse is afraid of the cats, but when I removed the stones, he killed the cat. And also, how trusting it is to an owl. Mice are generally food for owls. ;)

Archive for the ‘LD #12 – The Tower – 2008’ Category

.exe + video

Posted by
Monday, August 11th, 2008 7:00 am

I ran bbfreeze on the main python script, so should work in windows by simply double clicking the owl.exe (also contains the source, so i replaced the previous link in my final post as well): http://allefant.googlepages.com/OwlbyAllefantsourceandwin32.zip

And I managed to encode and upload a gameplay video i made yesterday while half asleep: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWRXimhigvk

(removed embedded link as that seems to be an admin-only feature of wordpress (?))


Posted by
Sunday, August 10th, 2008 12:14 pm

[updated with bbfreeze link instead of just sources]

Here is the final entry: http://allefant.googlepages.com/OwlbyAllefantsourceandwin32.zip

It should contain now an “owl.exe” which supposedly will work without python/pygame/pyopengl. It’s made using bbfreeze. No idea if it actually works. If you have the three dependencies, then running run.py should work instead.

Not really done, but I’m too tired to do anything anymore. It’s possible to reach the top, just recorded a video of it, will post it later. It’s way too hard/tedious in any case. In the end, I wasted too much time on little things (like getting the 3d-wrap-around done) and spent way too little time on the actual gameplay and level design. Oh well, still was lots of fun, I coded more-or-less non-stop :)


Oh, nice comments..  editing here as a reply. A few things:

If you run into a cat while carrying a block, it will respawn at its original position. So you can always get the map back to its original state.. just can be somewhat tedious :)

The tunnel cat jump is rather easy, harder jumps are waiting further up. The three mice below it should give you a hint about the solution :)

If you don’t want to repeat the two times of tedious block-building in the beginning, open up “data/The Tower.txt” in a text editor, then find the “P” in line 79 (and don’t ready any lines below to avoid spoilers :P), and replace it with a “.”. Then go to line 30 or wherever you want and replace a “.” by a “P” :) After tunnel cat some more difficult jumps and two less tedious blocks puzzles await, so if you actually played until up there, it might be worth it :)

update + food

Posted by
Saturday, August 9th, 2008 5:28 pm

Things are going slow. Now there’s a.. cylinder in the middle of the tower. So well, I must do a lot fast from now on.

Anyway, need some sleep first. And food.. which is cooking right now.. and now done and photographed. Some kind of noodles and the last rest of coca cola which was still left in the bottle. And the small animal normally sitting on top of my computer wanted to be in the picture as well.

And my final food pic which I moved from the final post to here, so it won’t show in the grid:

slowly getting there

Posted by
Saturday, August 9th, 2008 2:06 pm

Having fun with OpenGL here. Added kittens and a ground. Now need maybe some gameplay items, and then create a level.

level geometry

Posted by
Saturday, August 9th, 2008 11:27 am

Well, all I wanted was a Nebulous style round-the-tower effect, now I have actual 3d cubes as tiles. I’m way way behind schedule though, so not sure if it still will lead to anything.

first screen

Posted by
Saturday, August 9th, 2008 8:24 am

Well. With no idea after 12 hours, I finally decided what to do:


A platformer.

You play an owl, and start at the bottom of The Tower. Then you have to jump up all the way to the top of The Tower. What I got so far is:

  • A blue screen, and an Owl made out of a few colored GL_TRIANGLE_FAN and a few GL_LINE_LOOP.

What I need to do next:

  • Make vector-brick tiles for the tower.
  • Draw a monster (kittens).
  • Code (display of level geometry, platformer controls, collision detection, monster behavior)
  • Draw a level (The Tower).

Optional, if I have time left:

  • Animate owl and kitten.
  • Some extra tiles besides the brick.
  • Sound/Music


Posted by
Saturday, August 9th, 2008 4:26 am

Hum, well, here’s my breakfast. Wasn’t easy to build The Tower, even though I cheated and it’s leaning against the glass. Now about coding a game.. or even finding an idea for one.. that will come next.

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