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dgriff says ...

I like the sounds and the aesthetic. Regarding gameplay: you sir, are a bastard. I couldn't for the life of me win that stupid level =)

tirpen says ...

I solved it but gee one of the levels was insanely hard with the timing.
I think I'd have liked it better if it was a little bit slower but it was still a very good game with a unique game mechanic I hadn't seen before. Kudos.

jovoc says ...

Yay for CGA. And it ran like it needed moslo, too. Pretty cool game, but it felt too twitchy for a puzzle game, and to puzzly for an arcade game.

Wiering says ...

The last level was very frustrating but I eventually won it.

pekuja says ...

I'm not sure if "old" counts as "minimalist". A tip of the hat for going for an unpopular type of retro though. ;-) The sound effects were really loud. That's how they were back in the day I guess. The fourth level was really hard. The fifth one was actually pretty easy, which was surprising considering.

sol_hsa says ...

I'm getting 404 on the download link =(

jolle says ...

Requires too much timing on whichever level it was. Gave up there. Up until that it seemed nice.

SethR says ...

After the insaneness of level 4 I took one look at level 5 and quit out in tears. Yay for CGA. Also, big congrats on finishing a 2 hour entry in the other comp as well DURING LD, I couldn't get that one running though.

Hamumu says ...

I can't freakin believe I won! The second-to-last level was far and away the worst... seriously unforgiving timing! Mrfun missed out, because once you figure out what to do, level 5 is totally trivial! Although at first, I did discover that it's possible to move diagonally in trying to solve it. Probably not intended, since you don't need that to do so.

That was good... I don't know what else to say. I would've liked auto-repeat on the movement, and the timing was way too evil on the timing level. Other than that, I think I have nothing constructive or destructive to say.

keeyai says ...

I had fun. Level 4 didn't hold me up too badly, and level 5 was pretty easy, although I won it and there was still that lone left arrow (but I'm pretty sure I shot that...)

phren says ...

Really good theme in the game, really feels oldschool. :) Quite a nice idea on the game mechanic too. The level design was perhaps a bit hard, but 48 hours doesn't really leave you a lot of time to playtest these things so it's ok. :P

drZool says ...

The timing stuff isn't my cup of tea. I stuck on level 4 I think. Love the style and audio though.

HybridMind says ...

Great little puzzle game. Loved the CGA/Audio flashback as well. Liked the initial challenge of realizing what that 'compass acts as remote control' thing meant and finally getting past level 3 onto the hellish timing level 4. 5 seemed really easy in comparison. Anyway, congrats on getting so much done in 48hrs with some playable levels even. Enjoyed the game mechanic and the intro song was a great throwback.

pansapiens says ...

Heh ... extremely nostalgic. There was much LOLing here. Reminds me of the days playing Alley Cat in 3 colour CGA under DOS. Great sound, and with more levels would could make a fun puzzle game. I got stuck on level 3 ... I'm convinced it's a bug. The scale/rotate transition on level restart sort of breaks the illusion that the game is old skool. I really enjoyed my short time playing it.

Dathgale says ...

That was good. The timing level probably should have been the last level, because the one after it was trivial in comparison. I like how the cyan guy hops when you win the game. More levels, please.

DrPetter says ...

I win! Damn, that next-to-last level was tricky. Great job on the retroishness, but what the hell is the deal with the smooth rotating transition when you restart a level? Not very CGA I say :)
Sound was mostly very good, but the volume was a bit unbalanced at times - do you play one instance of the "bump" sound for each tile that disappears around the exit? They seem to add up and play really loud on some levels.
Laser system makes for some really nice puzzles, requiring both thought and reflexes/timing. Great job overall.

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CGA Quest

Posted by
Sunday, April 20th, 2008 6:46 pm

CGA Quest Title

CGA Quest is a weird little puzzle game.  The graphics are 4-colours and blocky, and the music was written in Monotone, a PC speaker tracker, running inside of DOSBox, which is hopefully enough “Minimalist” cred.

The really interesting mechanic is that you have a “Laser compass” which dictates the direction your lasers travel in.  Which means that when you pick up a token that changes the direction of your compass, all of your lasers change direction!

CGA Quest Gameplay

There are five levels, including the trivial first level in which you just walk to the exit.  Download here.

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