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SethR says ...

5 for theme, salsa!

drZool says ...

Top scores on theme!

jhauberg says ...

Definitely minimal in every way, shape and form.

Gameplay-wise it is, surprisingly, always fun to move your mouse to the right spot and hear a win sound!

tirpen says ...

Very good puzzle game. Reminds me of the NES game Rescue Rangers. Which is obviously a good thing.
Some of the last levels made me scratch my head quite a bit.

pekuja says ...

I know the theme was "minimalist" but I thought this might have been too simple. There's room for more interesting games in that space. For what it is though, a pretty well made game. I liked having different patterns for the blocks flying on the screen.

jlnr says ...

Missing MSVCP71.DLL or so...

Surrealix says ...

Also missing MSVCP71.DLL, but I suspect many other entries will need it, so I went and downloaded it.

The different block patterns were cool, but the game got very boring very quickly. Guess that shows it's minimalistic.

Wiering says ...

Very minimal game. My highscore was 22.

Uhfgood says ...

Interesting idea. Very minimalist to be sure.

fydo says ...

Simple game, almost too simple though. Good use of theme.

dgriff says ...

..00000776 with 2:16 on the clock. I stopped cause I was getting too sick from the motion. The game gets easier once you reach the point where more blue squares appear per time unit. Might I add that I think you were a little ambitious/optimistic with the size of zerofill on your score display =P

The game takes a few tries to become fun in a non-superficial way.

keeyai says ...

Decent game. The fact that you have to overlap them instead of just touch them drove me crazy at first.

mjau says ...

Fun for a little while, but gets old fast. Like others have said, I think it's perhaps a bit *too* minimal. 5 for theme though =)

HybridMind says ...

Ok- finally got downloaded! I seemed to have a bit of trouble hitting / capturing the blue blocks with my mouse. Not sure what was up, but sometimes I was on a roll and other times not. I liked the various block move patterns I saw go by, especially the sidewinder bit the red blocks do a little later. Very minimal and amusing for how simple it is. Nicely done!

Hamumu says ...

I don't know what game Tirpen was reviewing...

Anyway, this really was a bad theme, wasn't it? Ahh...

I like the log built into your timelapse, very helpful.

As for the game, minimal indeed. Fairly entertaining, and I liked seeing the new patterns showing up, I totally expected it to always be the same. SFXR is the best.

pymike says ...

Almost to minimal. My high is 20.

DrPetter says ...

I think I mentioned this earlier, but I have a problem with the hitbox... since it's so small, why not just make the visible box equally small? Having them disagree makes it feel fluffy and annoying, as you must deduce the actual active size and play by that while trying to ignore the visuals to some extent.
And... uh, that pretty much covers the entire game, so I have nothing else to say ;)
(guess I'll bump polish up by one point due to actually having a menu)

phren says ...

Pretty fun to play, albeit very simple. The hit boxes were a bit annoying and misleading. Good for a game made in 4 hours, but I felt disappointed you didn't use all 48 to make something even better.

philhassey says ...

Minimalist, no doubt about it!

negativegeforce says ...

dunno what to say, a pretty minimalist block catching game - in a good way!

Archive for the ‘LD #11 – Minimalist – 2008’ Category

Kick-start package, LD11 edition

Posted by
Monday, April 21st, 2008 10:44 pm

Temporary download site:


About 160 megs or so. Notes:

  • Only entries with trivial download links included (rapidshare and links to home pages not followed)
  • Doubtlessly missing some stuff
  • Did not uncompress stuff this time, so have fun figuring out how to decompress all the various formats =)

As always, this is just a kick-start package and you should read everyone’s blog for updates, missing files, as well as food photos and timelapses. Have fun, kids!

EDIT: Great minds think alike – mrfun was working on a kick-start package as well. Here’s his link:


Tailored for windows, entries unpacked in their own directories, etc.

EDIT2: Keeyai set up a torrent of mrfun’s package!

Block Picker 1.0 – final, timelapse

Posted by
Saturday, April 19th, 2008 12:16 am

Game in under 4 hours. Pretty minimal. Grab the final version here (includes sources). Needs SDL, SDL_mixer, SDL_image and GLee to compile.

Block Picker RC2

Posted by
Friday, April 18th, 2008 11:44 pm

Audio added, release candidate 2 available.

Block Picker RC1

Posted by
Friday, April 18th, 2008 11:12 pm


I fear most of the screenshots will end up looking like this.

Anyway, feel free to grab the release candidate 1, about 2 hours after starting..

Good morning..

Posted by
Friday, April 18th, 2008 9:27 pm

And the theme is minimalist, like everyone who reads this blog probably knows by now. Bleh. That has no edge to it. Do something that does a little. Some ideas sprung to my mind but nothing .. interesting. Oh well, I guess I’ll think of something eventually.

Euro-whining on compo timeline..

Posted by
Friday, April 18th, 2008 10:35 am

I’m a finn, so the compo starts on early morning hours (4am or 5am or something). I do not intend to wake up for it. I’ll wake up when I’ve slept enough.

The point is, this way I get whole two days of competition time. The competition ends 48 hours later – or 5am on monday! Which means that if I really need to, I can crunch until the night (not that I intend to, mind) – I don’t have a harsh deadline at, say, midnight.

Posted by
Thursday, April 17th, 2008 11:44 am

survival motivate

And of course I’m referring to http://iki.fi/sol/ldsurvival.html

Yeah, that time again..

Posted by
Tuesday, April 15th, 2008 4:34 am

So, just to be sure nobody missed it, I posted my basecode some time ago (based on my last LD entry, cleaned up and improved along with some other projects, like http://atanua.org) – http://iki.fi/sol/zip/sol2dglbasecode20.zip – OpenGL + SDL, pretty basic stuff, except maybe for some IMGUI widgets which come handy.

I’d also like to remind folks (esp new folks or others who haven’t been able to finish an entry in some older LD) of my Ludum Dare survival guide: http://iki.fi/sol/ldsurvival.html – be warned that it’s quite serious, unlike some other survival guides you may encounter =)

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