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mikeware says ...

That's a lot of fun. I almost made it to the end of level five before dying... :)

Dathgale says ...

Very good. The game is hard because of the non-constant character velocity and the narrow platforms you have to land on. The interface is annoying at times-- the dot next to the menu options doesn't line up, the "You Crashed" and "Game Over" screens can't be skipped, and the player character's bounding box is wider than his feet-- but these problems don't detract significantly from the game.

john says ...

Very nice!!!

HybridMind says ...

Nice minimal platformer. Barely beat it on first try. The 'final score' seems to have a bug as it said I had 0 points? Anyway, most others have pointed out the tweaks needed with movement mechanics but I got a handle on the controls soon enough. I couldn't get the top two coins of the arrow and I think that is where I died the most was falling down blind to try and land on that itty bitty chunk. ;)

phren says ...

Well made basic platformer. Putting even the sounds into one file is totally wacko, so extra points for that. :D

The graphics did their job and the sounds were nice, without being too annoying. Some spots in the levels were designed really well. The main problem with the game is that there isn't really anything we haven't seen before.

NULL says ...

Nice game!

jakbob says ...

One file is very minimalistic. Good Job!

Wiering says ...

Nice basic platform game, I think there is one unreachable coin in the last level.

dgriff says ...

It didn't show my sprite =(

GBGames says ...

I didn't like having to jump very precisely. Otherwise, it seems like a well done game.

Surrealix says ...

Nice wee game, I think the difficulty balance was just right. Level 4 was really hard (lots of fiddly little jumps) but overall was pretty good fun.

sol_hsa says ...

Pixel-accurate jumping platformers aren't my forte; Frequent respawn points would make it more enjoyable =)

jlnr says ...

Everything being in one file saved you two points where I was in doubt ;) More levels would have made another one.
I actually really enjoyed it (platformer lover here :) ), but it could be more innovative. Solid entry.

Uhfgood says ...


pekuja says ...

Nice platformer. I thought the controls could use some work though. Way too quick. There was almost no room for error with jumps. Gets hard especially when there's enemies around.

SethR says ...

Ok, congrats on making the kind of game that pisses people off :) Maybe for Pixelman 4 we could have a continue on same level button?

fydo says ...

Had some problems with the python version for some reason, but the win32 version worked great.
It's a nice basic platformer. High-five!

DrPetter says ...

Finished it on my second attempt. First time through I got stuck on level 3 or 4 I think, the one where you have to go right-left-right. Bottom part had a few tricky jumps, and it was hard to get used to the controls. In general I think he moves a bit too fast and slows down too quickly. It's as if the game is running too fast (I get 60 fps btw).
In Mario and other established platformers, you generally have a lot of intertia so that the character keeps going left or right for a bit even when you let go of the keys - especially while jumping. In pixelman you slow down to a stop within just half a tile or so, which makes it very hard to land on small platforms.
So a few tweaks on the controls and some more varied enemies & environments/graphics would have improved this a lot. Maybe for PM4?

thedaian says ...

Nice, but rather hard for me, couldn't beat the blasted thing.

mjau says ...

Great little game! Pretty standard fare as platformers go, but it's minimalistic and it's fun. The movement felt a bit off, but I got used to it soon enough. Would've been nice with more levels =)

Is there any way to get the topmost coin of the arrow at level 5, btw? I tried and tried but couldn't get it.

Kimau says ...

Level 4.... I just cannit do it captin. The fact I tried over and over proves the game is worth playing however.

Well done love the art style. Sound is perfect to. Min(Max)

Jach says ...

That was awesome.

Hamumu says ...

This is crazy fast! Yet somehow, I only rarely missed what i intended to do. Not sure how that's possible, but it seems to be. Still, I wish it ran about half the speed, because the main challenge in this game was my nerves and stress from expecting to fail (I'm assuming I'm playing it as intended, and it's not just running super fast on my computer). I did manage to win eventually, but level 4 was rough.

Anyway, it's a good job of being minimal, but it is just the basic platformer, so no innovation there. The graphics, black monsters on a grey screen, totally reminded me of the original Game Boy.

Just overall, a nice solid tiny game.

philhassey says ...

I had a bit of fun with this one. It was certainly minimalist on innovation .. a bit more there would be nice. The graphics were minimalist, but I think the game would have kept my attention longer if they were minimalist in a more interesting kind of way.

All in all though, the engine seemed pretty decent and solid, so not bad :)

gustav says ...

Very cool game! The controls and handling were precise and you had to control the guy carefully in order to beat the levels. Would have been cool with diffrent types of ground, like ice for example.. I've reached the end of level 4, I will try to get further soon :)

Not very innovative idea, but very fun and it fit the theme well, good work :)

robot_guy says ...

The movement is a bit too fast for my liking, but a good complete fun game.

erik says ...

On two of the computers in my house it doesn't show the main character sprite for some reason. I liked the visual style.

negativegeforce says ...

jump physics keeps me guessing. everything about the game speaks minimalistic platformer.

jovoc says ...

Reminded me of mega-man. In a good way. So much fun for so few pixels.

eugman says ...

Not much innovation but quite fun. Just difficult and reptitive given the theme.

Archive for the ‘LD #11 – Minimalist – 2008’ Category

Pixelman 3 – Final

Posted by
Sunday, April 20th, 2008 6:38 am

Okay, this time I really think I’m done. I added an intro and an outro, fixed some bugs, and changed the way scoring works, and tweaked gameplay a little bit. I also added a windows executable. Cheers! 😀

Source: Download (55 KB)
Windows: Download (3 MB)


Final Entry! (I guess…)

Posted by
Saturday, April 19th, 2008 3:55 pm

Well, I guess I finished my entry, though I might add some more levels tomorrow. Gonna go chill out and play my DS now… Cheers 😀

Source Code: Download (53 KB)
Windows: (I’ll upload a binary later, hopefully)


A menu!

Posted by
Saturday, April 19th, 2008 9:45 am

Woohoo! I have a menu! Yeah, its not the best looking menu in the world, but it works 😉


Pixelman 3

Posted by
Saturday, April 19th, 2008 7:22 am

Woot! I’ve made some good progress on my game. Its a 2D platformer (how inventive, eh?). Unfortunately, its really hard not inserting all my ideas in, since the theme is “Minimalist”. Anyway here’s a screenie of my prog:

pixelman 3 screenshot

And believe it or not, everything you see on there is in one file! Now that’s minimal 😉

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