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saluk says ...

Pretty. Easy. Short. Minimal. :)

pekuja says ...

Easy and short. The graphics are nice. The moving mechanic was confusing. Made me miss the lighthouse for a long time. The sound effects seem out of place to me a little.

SethR says ...

I escaped!

fydo says ...

Wow, I absolutely loved this.

doofer says ...

Nice. Reminded me of something, I can't remember what.

jhauberg says ...

I really like it. The graphics are lovely.

Also, big thumbs up for making an adventure game and for making an adventure game that keeps with the minimal theme! :)

sol_hsa says ...

Minimalistic Manhole, maybe Myst.. =)

HybridMind says ...

Minimyst.. ;) Art style was great, theme adherence was awesome. Took me a long time to notice where one of the final objects was so I almost quit in frustration before I discovered it.. great job!

jovoc says ...

This was really fun. Lots of atmosphere. The essence of the adventure game genre. It could have been a little tricker, puzzle wise, but overall it felt like a complete game and was fun and interesting.

mikeware says ...

Nice Adventure, like the style. Took a little while to figure out about turning though.

keeyai says ...

Awesome game. Took me forever to find that last important thing... I loved the art style.

I really enjoyed the music in your timelapse -- was that the song you wrote for the game and didn't put in?

dgriff says ...

The captain decided it best to tear down the tree and bind together a raft. We left at dawn. Four days in, hard waters hit and they threw us onto the shoals. We ate one of the crew -- mostly out of frustration. As death approached, the captain finally decided it best to signal for help, even though he'd be using his roaming minutes.

Devon says ...

The sound effects did it for me. Nice art and mechanic. Simple, polished, minimal, fun, briefly frustrating (as it should be).

drZool says ...

Lovely style. Solid game.

Hamumu says ...

Yeah, what they said. This contest theme has resulted in no lasting hits for the future, but more than one bit of ephemeral art to inspire and enjoy. Besides this bit of scratchboard myst, Pansapien's Mondrian game really stands out, and Mrfun's Mini-Portal, and a bunch of others I'm not thinking of right now. I think the theme was a triumph of style over substance, and while I wouldn't go for that regularly, it is kind of fun that we did it this once.

phren says ...

Quite nice, actually made me want to finish. The graphics have a nice style. Maybe turning to the side could've been a bit more obvious, but mostly it felt intuitive. Short though. :/

pansapiens says ...

Good gfx, good fun. I could see myself playing a longer version of something along these lines.

jolle says ...

Yay, a mini-myst, except less weird and better looking. Really like it, good job.

philhassey says ...

Great graphics. I got a bit stuck on one puzzle, but your tip helped me out. The only improvement I can see is adding some subtle music.

DrPetter says ...

Yay, graphical adventure! Doing it all in black and white does reduce the graphics burden I guess, otherwise that's the main killer with these games. So intensely time-consuming to draw tons of environments that will only be glanced in a jiffy while clicking away at some keypoints.
Reminded me more than a little of Lost... Trapped on an island, locked up control room, password codes, mysterious button, hatch. Intentional references or coincidence?

negativegeforce says ...

although very short, the game was quite fun. it brought back my will for discovery, but only for a minute :p. artwork, food, timelapse are good

Archive for the ‘LD #11 – Minimalist – 2008’ Category

Trivial Escape from Minimalist Island Timelapse

Posted by
Monday, April 21st, 2008 12:41 pm

Here’s a timelapse for my game. Watch me repeatedly fail to draw stuff, write big chunks of code that was later thrown out, and also try to make music that I decided to not put into the game! (The music just didn’t fit at all. I extended it a bit and used it in this video in stead)

Contains spoilers obviously, so play the game before watching =)

Oh, and I noticed the counter shows -1:39:49 at the end of the video. I did go a few minutes overtime (mostly upload issues though, also I started way late so please go easy on that =]), but only by a minute or two. There was a bug in the counter that caused it to count wrong when it went past the deadline. (Also, the time skips when the sleep window pops up as my PC was off then.)

Trivial Escape from Minimalist Island

Posted by
Sunday, April 20th, 2008 6:12 pm

Trivial Escape from Minimalist Island

Windows exe + source (compo version; if it crashes, get the post- compo zip below)

Windows exe + source (trivial post-compo fix edition, see below)

Timelapse video

Updated with a fix version above. The game would crash if run at a bit depth lower than 24bpp, use the fix version if it does! The fix also removes a comma from brygge-s.lua to fix a copy/paste bug that prevented turning around/right when looking away from the wharf, this isn’t required to beat the game or even much noticeable though.

Tools used: kate (text), gimp (graphics), sfxr (sound)

Libraries used: SDL, SDL_image (png), SDL_mixer (ogg vorbis), Lua

Burger time

Posted by
Sunday, April 20th, 2008 11:17 am

Game is progressing, but very slowly.. Spending too much time fiddling with details.

I ate some stuff again in the hope that some energy will be beneficial:


Also ate a banana earlier. It’s important that you know these things.


Posted by
Sunday, April 20th, 2008 5:57 am

Woke up today, ate some food:


Got some cola here too, but unfortunately the floor decided to take a sizeable portion of it.

Anyway, I finally got the engine done now! No new screenshot since it looks the same as before, but now I can easily add screens simply by making a new png for the graphics and a lua script to link it to stuff. Time for content creation..

Also, maybe some sound. I’ve got some samples that would be perfect for ambience, but I probably can’t use those since they weren’t created during the compo (or by me, even). Guess I’ll have to try to make something.


Posted by
Saturday, April 19th, 2008 7:59 pm


I spent way too long getting this to work..  Need sleep now.

Minimalist game development!

Posted by
Saturday, April 19th, 2008 2:22 pm

So, Ludum Dare! Woke up a bit late today and had some breakfast to prepare for the compo while I chewed on the theme a bit. (Also this.)


Then a friend of mine called and wanted to go on a mountain trip. I needed to think some more about the LD theme anyway, and what better way to get the brain working than to starve it on oxygen by breathing much thinner air? Seemed like a good idea, so off we went.

Ate some Rislunsj first, though. This is Rislunsj:


(My food started floating about in the air at this point, not exactly sure why.)

Then we walked on said mountain for a while, and I took lots of pictures (mainly of trees), since I thought there might be a remote possibility that they could come in handy for the compo.

Anyway, at some point we decided it was time to eat something. My friend brought a portable stove and we cooked this on it:


Unfortunately we used all our water for the food, but miraculously we found we’d brought something else to drink, seen here posing in the scenery:


My friend had a Solo. Afterwards, some chocolate:


Then we went back down again.

And that was my day! Man, with all this hard work my game will surely be way beyond awesome. The product of dreams.

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