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MrPhil says ...

I found it pretty hard to play. I like your minimalism in the keys/inputs. I think you could have taken it a step further and made the gun fire automatically. The best part is the circular world... kudos on that idea.

drZool says ...

I like the egg level. A bit smoother contols would have made the experience better. Fire sound got annoying. Great idea and interesting TimeLapse.

dgriff says ...

Playing that game made me sick as a dog. Oh god I'm dizzy. Sorry. I got through the first level and killed all the eggs on the second level. I got the last egg via kamikaze so I still had to redo. The controls, as phil said, could have been simpler. Good graphics, when they aren't spinning =P

Uhfgood says ...

That's pretty impressive for 48 hours. Although I agree it's a bit too hard to keep the ship from smacking into stuff.

jakbob says ...

I really like your idea, but the game itself was a little boring. Do some tweaking and it might be great though...

SethR says ...

All I can say is wow, that's an incredible amount of content/gameplay to whip out in 48, awesome work. Difficulty seemed about right to me.

sol_hsa says ...

Mouse control (fly where you aim) would probably make this a bit more fun (and less nauseating).

jovoc says ...

This was awesome. I loved the controls, except for the aiming, I'd have rather you just fired forward. But very impressed at the level of polish and graphics, the variety of worlds, and the game itself was unique and fun. It was challenging but in a good way, and I liked that the different levels had different objectives. This was my favorite game of this competition.

pekuja says ...

Nice game. It was kinda weird that your ship goes slower when you fly low. I liked the game. I wish it had music and an ending (I finished all the levels, but nothing happened). Sol's idea for the controls sounds like a good one. It is dizzying to have the screen basically jumping up and down all the time when you're trying to keep a steady course.

pansapiens says ...

Gosu was too much of a pain to compile for the linux verison, so I had to use the Windows version. This is already quite very professional looking game, and it is a considerable feat to have produced it all, from scratch in 48 hours. The radial levels are a nice idea (Super Mario Galaxy inspired maybe ?). Sounds are good, graphics are great, and the control scheme is minimalist, so loosely fits with the theme. I haven't finished it yet, but I intend to.

HybridMind says ...

really liked the strange rotational world idea in theory (until I have to look at anything that wasn't rotating, then the vertigo sets in! ;) )

impressive amount of levels and polish for such short time. The graphics were enjoyable and I liked the controls well enough. Sometimes found the shooting mechanic a little tough and also when you get near the center of the levels the up/down controls seem like they should need to scale with the reduced velocity in order not to thrash up and down and die. :( Heh. Anyway, played a bunch and finished about 80% of the levels. Great job.

keeyai says ...

Nice. Fresh gameplay, although the controls were a bit hard to perfect.

philhassey says ...

Pretty neat game, but it made me kind of dizzy after a minute or so, so I gave up. Very good polish!

Hamumu says ...

Tons of very positive things to say here, and one huge negative: made me physically ill. I'm still reeling right now, and had to quit playing just because I didn't want to die. The combination of the spinning and the constant bobbing up and down is nauseating. And I am totally immune to motion sickness!

Polish is awesome, amazing to do all that in 48 hours, and the round world system is super cool. One of the most impressive entries I've tried so far. I did feel like it shouldn't have gotten so slow when you got in close. I know it would be a lot harder, but I got tired of waiting so long to go around. I'd rather have the challenge of zooming through.

Devon says ...

On the first level I couldn't figure out if the caped thing was a bunny after I killed all the drills but i couldn't seemed to hit him so I gave up. I like the new take on the helocopter/swimming/onebutton movement gravityness, it was fresh. I also am a fan of helicopter, oh the memories.

robot_guy says ...

This is very, very, annoyingly good.

phren says ...

Very well done on the game! Really cool graphics and the gameplay is mostly good. I didn't like the fact that the ship slowed down when it got closer to the centre of the level. I guess the angular velocity (or whatever it's in English) was constant or something, but it didn't really work for me.

mjau says ...

Fun game, if a little dizzying. Should probably loosen up the camera a bit to lessen that effect, not tie it to the position of the ship so rigidly. It's a little loose, but not loose enough.

Also, pretty much the only minimalism I can see in this game is in the controls, but unfortunately I think they actually detract from the game, specially the aiming. You do get used to it, but not being able to aim where you want is still downright annoying, specially when you have to choose between avoiding obstacles and hitting things. For example, on the warehouse planet I was forced to go round the planet several times inside that cave without being able to kill one last groglot that was always standing in a spot where I had to go upwards to avoid crashing into things, meaning I couldn't actually shoot the damn thing more than perhaps a few times per round, while *it* was free to shoot fire towards me every time I went by. In general, I had some issues taking out the last (generally hardest to hit) thing on the levels, having to take several round-trips, though it could've been worse =]. The warehouse planet was the worst in that respect.

Also, the eels were pretty unforgiving. If you hit one, each segment will take a sizable portion of your remaining life, and they've got what, 7 segments? At the speed they're swimming you're pretty much dead if you scratch by one once, it was much less damaging to just barge into rocks to avoid them.

Still, it's a nice game, fun, and with an impressive amount of content for 48 hours. (Wish *something* had happened when you win though.)

PS. Had some issues with slowdowns at the water planet (using the optimized version). Decoupled fixed logic rate please =)

DrPetter says ...

So. Difficult.
It gets madly hard to control once you come closer to the level hub. Maybe with analog joystick input it would have been more manageable (so you could find a nice balance between gravity and thrust). Most of the time I found myself crashing into enemies since the aiming was pretty wild and hard to influence. Hitting enemies wasn't very rewarding either, you don't get any feedback that they were in fact hit (until they die).
I didn't complete the game, though I did finish three levels and tried another two before giving up. Hunting for the green circuit thing buried deep within the spiral maze was the most memorable moment (mostly because it was damn hard but also because I did beat it at last ;))

negativegeforce says ...

beautiful artwork and a "circular" perspective on platform shooters.

Archive for the ‘LD #11 – Minimalist – 2008’ Category

“Of Robots & Groglots”, Post-Mortem

Posted by
Monday, May 5th, 2008 4:27 am

 What worked well:

  • Building a good infrastructure: Clean object system & usable level editor = worth a lot. I only really started building levels around the 40 hour mark, and that worked like a charm.
  • Cutting stuff in the end: Music wouldn’t have helped me a lot. Not having an ending was smart too: Everyone who noticed that must have liked the game anyway 😉
  • Ruby, together with an ad-hoc autoloading mechanism, made for one of the smoothest coding experiences ever.
  • TIME MACHINE! I knew I’d need a backup system sooner or later (turned out to be true), but I really didn’t feel like bothering with Subversion because I always forget to add files etc. and it wastes time, so I just watched Time Machine do its background work every hour. Boy was that a relief.
  • Periscope: While my timelapse wasn’t highly interesting, it only took two clicks to create, so no time wasted here for a low score 😉

What didn’t really work:

  • People had various problems with the gameplay (controls, motion sickness, …), and even if I knew that earlier, I probably could not have done much about it except getting into a panic.
  • Needed to do more optimizing than I usually do, and some levels are still slow. Will revisit this and try to improve on this from the Gosu library’s side.
  • I had a cold that made thinking pretty hard. Anything that involved maths was buggy, which caused a minor panic just before the deadline. It also made IRC very hard to follow :(

Next time’s plan: Keep the solid workflow, hope that the game concept works out better with regards to the Fun, and consequently Overall category, try to be more experimental technically. Can’t wait :)

Also, did anyone play the game with a gamepad? Would be cool to know for the next time, because it was hard to decide between a small ending screen and gamepad support in the last few minutes :) Thanks!

Final: Of Robots & Groglots

Posted by
Sunday, April 20th, 2008 6:00 pm

Introducing ‘Of Robots & Groglots’, which is a cross between an old favorite of mine, Star Fox 64, and the minimal and popular Helicoper Flash game (see link if you want to be prepared for minimalist controls):

Final screenshot of ‘Of Robots & Groglots’

The whole game is controlled using only two buttons, of which one is usually permanently down; the microplanets add another touch of minimalism. Downloads:

These links have been updated to point to a version that includes 1) a two-line fix for two levels that were unplayably slow on some systems, and 2) a one-line fix for a bug that could stop your show, depending on your style of playing. Other minor bugs and balancing haven’t been touched. If you want to see the original version, replace ‘opt’ by ‘final’ in the links. Thanks!

Be prepared for:

  • No music — no need to stop Winamp 😉
  • Gamepad support!
  • Needing a minute until you can maneuver as smooth as you want.
  • Two interwoven storylines (sort of) and very different levels. If you get stuck, see the Readme file for a cheat so you can inspect them.

Last foodphoto:

Ludum Dare, last foodphoto

The timelapse is available on YouTube. I caught a cold and look pretty exhausted =) – and it’s probably only interesting if you know the game.

(Mac only) demo and some more food

Posted by
Sunday, April 20th, 2008 10:46 am

According to my To Do list, I’ve been late for the last four checkpoints, now lagging 44 minutes behind… panic panic panic! …actually I already ruled music out in favor of more levels. :(
If anyone wants to play a two-level demo version, it’s here. Instructions are given in the first level briefing, but of course there’s minimal need for them.
And for the record, here’s my breakfast and lunch:Breakfast on last day of Ludum Dare 11
Lunch on last day of Ludum Dare 11

Screenshoft after the first 24h; foodphoto!

Posted by
Saturday, April 19th, 2008 6:49 pm

Hmhmhm, I’ve been annoyingly lazy and slow today, and I know it will come back at me tomorrow — but at least I managed to have the first playable level :)

This game is also inspired by the popular one-button helicopter game, but transferred into polar coordinates, with an overworld, enemies and kind-of quests. So it’s my minimalist version of Starfox on microplanets, or something :)
In other news, I found some leftover veggie BBQ stuff to photograph… and eat! Nom.

Barely three hours to go!

Posted by
Friday, April 18th, 2008 3:25 pm

Okay, so here’s my flickr’d deskshot:
Deskshot for the upcoming Ludum Dare 11
Got sick last night and exchanged the planned house partying for some medicine. Only more reason to focus on some desktop zen and healthy food during the compo.
Timelapse is set in place and I might give the foodcompo a shot :)

It’s all about having a masterplan!

Posted by
Wednesday, April 16th, 2008 5:18 pm

Nine Step Masterplan (as if one of them had ever worked during compos):

  1. have EVERYTHING (libs, food, tools…) set up; no figuring out of things during the 48h anymore
  2. set alarm clock to 4am (starting time here), ponder about theme in half-sleep
  3. get up at 9, don’t worry ONE BIT if idea doesn’t really match the theme, code like a madman
  4. 13:37 Yoga break!
  5. 18:00 have game technically finished, leave for local ‘Long Night of the Theaters’ (only watching it, not acting!)
  6. 0:00 show up at minimal/electro/house party as promised
  7. 3:00 sleep
  8. wake up in a panic and build content until contest ends
  9. after deadline, do a quick Windows port

(I have this feeling telling me that only the house party will happen as planned.) I’ll try to write a readable game using my own library, Gosu. Tools: C++ and Xcode or Ruby and TextMate, Photoshop with Wacom for graphics, maybe GarageBand + The Wiinstrument for music, and of course SFXr :)

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