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mikeware says ...

Like the simplicity. Reminds me of Sonic Blue Sphere a bit.

pymike says ...

Neat idea... kind of hard though :-)

dgriff says ...

That flashing background when you change dot colors was annoying. The game was pretty fun, though my highest score came from holding down my up arrow for 60 seconds. But still, it has more gameplay than other, more-complicated entries.


sol_hsa says ...

Seems a bit too much random.. instead of time limit, move limit might make sense. A single score has no value in a vacuum though, so some kind of ranking / highscore list would be nice..

drZool says ...

Score 888

pekuja says ...

Well, it's kind of a nice puzzle game, but I felt like in the end it was pretty random, since you can't really plan a whole lot ahead especially when the colors keeps changing when you get away from them.

SethR says ...

1290, eat it! :) Should have added a few sounds, come on!

keeyai says ...

As some others have said, it's hard to care a lot when it is so random. You really can't plan, so it is just a luck game. Maybe if there was a way to see ahead, or maybe see a big map for a few seconds at the beginning or something. High score: 1018

Surrealix says ...

There wasn't really much to it, I guess it fits with the minimalistic theme. I couldn't help but feel there'd be a better way to implement the same mechanic. Scrolling the screen over a fixed field of dots wasn't particularly intuitive to me.

HybridMind says ...

Dug it. Agree with Hamumu that 5x5 grid size might be interesting to try as well. Like the basic idea and I am a fan of odd simplistic combo games. Woulda been sweet with some simple sounds as you rack up the pointless points. ;) 885 was my best with actually searching around (hadn't known about the hold right-arrow exploit.. heh)

phren says ...

A nice idea for a puzzle game and the basics of the game work pretty well. I found it a bit random to my tastes though, since you couldn't really see much where you were going before you were screwed. Nice song choice for the time lapse. :)

Hamumu says ...

Ha, I too got my highest score by holding an arrow down. But it was 860, so I am way better at holding down arrow keys than dgriff (also, I used the right arrow).

At first I thought it was completely random because of the limited view, but I started paying attention to the fields I was passing, and I'd find that in scooping up some oranges, I'd have learned of a giant purple field (and seen which way I could move in that field to not go over myself). So there's an interesting strategy there and probably some specific brain area it's good for, since you have to memorize what you're seeing and build a map in your head.

Still, I did better holding down the arrow than trying to find combos. I suspect it would seem much more strategic if you had 5x5 view instead of 3x3. But maybe I just have bad cartographic skills.

Good job being minimalist, though I would've liked to see pixel-land more than a color grabbing game!

DrPetter says ...

It's kind of interesting how you only see a small part of the "world" and you sort of explore while munching away. But that also makes it pretty random as you'll have to guess most of the time and just hope there will be a string of same-colored in the direction you're going. The time limit doesn't help, as it encourages fast play and you get punished for thinking/planning too much.

jlnr says ...

I actually think the concept is great, it's just the implementation that seems to be a bit half-hearted (sounds etc.) :( With (theme-compatible) graphics and a larger view it'd actually be pretty cool. Also, I think it should be a move limit instead of a time limit.

philhassey says ...

Nice use of the theme. A bit of quiet sound would have been nice. I think having the screen a bit bigger would have maybe been nice to, I always felt like I couldn't see far enough .. but that's sort of the point, so never mind me :)

robot_guy says ...

You need to see more of the grid so you can plan moves better, but has potential.

negativegeforce says ...

its like match 3, except possibly infinite. its almost one button-ish. just slouch on the chair and fiddle with the arrow keys.

Archive for the ‘LD #11 – Minimalist – 2008’ Category


Posted by (twitter: @S0phieH)
Saturday, April 19th, 2008 9:24 am

so I couldnt think of what else to do with theme, so here is a little puzzle/score/maze-em-up.
[ This here is the download link ]

sorry its not as funny as my other games :(

and heres a final desk shot, make sure to note the almost finished pack of hobnobs, the hardcore biscuit for hardcore people 😀

Timelapse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Av6esGTALq4
Source: http://sophiehoulden.com/randomstuff/ludum/minimalist02.fla
Browser Version: http://girlflash.deviantart.com/art/Dot2doT-83299341

Update no1

Posted by (twitter: @S0phieH)
Saturday, April 19th, 2008 3:39 am

ok, so first off, heres my finished game: [ linky ]

and heres a screeny of what I have really been doing for a good couple of hours:

of course I’m going to end up scrapping that because I didnt think it through and although I managed to make some cool code that draws super pixelated stuff from vector landscape, it just runs slowly, and wont fit the theme anyway, so the drawingboard is where I’m off too.

and here is my desk and food so far:

its getting messy. also I would like to point out, that normally those sausage rolls are awesome, that batch was just gross, I may have to order in the pizza sooner than planned >__>

bring it on ^_^

Posted by (twitter: @S0phieH)
Friday, April 18th, 2008 12:38 pm

so this time, I’ll be taking shots of my desk, of my food, and also theres gonna be a timelapse. seeing as I always miss out on these things, ima do them all at once now 😀

also, I plan on using that gamepad for whatever I make, even if it turns out to be a text adventure >.<

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