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The "We Love Particle Effects" Award
Awarded by keeyai
on April 24, 2008



keeyai says ...

Great work. Awesome game, awesome music.

saluk says ...

I WON! 2858. I didn't want it to end. Strangely mesmerizing game. Great music (music IS the game almost).

Wiering says ...

It was nice for a while and just when I thought it would go on for ever and I was about to quit, it stopped by itself!

sol_hsa says ...

Amazing music!

Why the heck did you password protect the archive?
Why on earth did you use something else than zip as the archive format in the first place?!

drZool says ...

I stopped moving the lightcatcher and just listened to the music.

SethR says ...

17,000 with my 280 combo! nice musaks

pekuja says ...

14211 points. I will agree with the other voters, the music was great and the game had a very cool atmosphere. It was kinda easy though once I figured out how the little yellow things were being shot out. The bit where you turned into the huge comet or whatever was extremely cool. Nice bit of pacing right there.
I was also kinda happy that it ended, because I was thinking I was going to get bored of it after a while.
And yeah, the encrypted 7z archive? Try not to do that next time. ;-)

jhauberg says ...

The keyboard controls felt annoying to me. Had it been fully mouse controlled I think i'd have enjoyed it much more. But still, good game.

The music is not a genre i like, but it seemed like a good piece of work. :)

gustav says ...

Great game! Fits the theme and it's fun :) I'll have to play this one more..

HybridMind says ...

Really like most aspects of this game. I think the only thing that is really negative is the control system (for me) the key controls just didn't seem to respond in an intuitive way for me. Other than that, I loved the pacing, graphics, music, gameplay etc. Awesome job!

Kimau says ...

Brilliantly simple and addictive. The sound makes it work.

Devon says ...

I liked the graphical effects, but my computer didn't and spat out a crappy frame rate. That did make it really easy though. Nice job on the music and parallax scrolling.

Hamumu says ...

I won... did not expect that (or know what made it a win? Was it the end of the song?). I enjoyed it a lot when in super mode (and moreso in super-duper mode at the end), but really disliked it during normal mode. The controls are obnoxious, so grabbing guys in a combo of more than 2 or 3 is extremely unlikely. Until of course, super mode, when the screen covers with tons of them. I got an 88 combo there in super duper mode.

It did seem nearly impossible to lose with even a token effort. And once you had gotten through your first super mode, losing would be a virtual impossibility, I suspect. In fact, I think I will try to lose now, just to see what happens. Now I have seen it!

I liked the parallax!

mikeware says ...

Very pretty graphical work, just wish we saw more night sky and stars than green grass.

erik says ...

Mushy controls hurt what little gameplay there is. Very nice visuals and music though.

phren says ...

Nice game with great music. The game didn't really run well on my computer, and it minimized itself regularly for some reason. I couldn't see the end screen at all since it minimized every time I tried to start it up again. (might be just my computer though). Cool particle effects. :P

philhassey says ...

Pretty fun, very nice music :)

jolle says ...

This didn't look fun but it was. Not exactly sure how it was fun. Hmm.. was less fun in the 'normal' mode though. Nice music. Nice scrolling.

pansapiens says ...

Great music ... I've really got to get back into tracking. Game was very playable, nice minimal idea. The scrolling backgrounds look cool too. Nice sneaky way to do particle systems ... pre-animate them as frames :) Code looks nice a clean, but a few comments would be nice.

DrPetter says ...

Music sync is effective (though minimal). Makes the game feel much more thought-out and tactfully put together than if music and action had been completely disjoint. Indeed I was just waiting for those "burst" moments where everything stepped up a few notches. Game was rather bland between them though, partly due to little action on screen and partly due to technical reasons, namely: Relatively poor framerate on my machine (15-20 fps?) and not very responsive controls (lots of weird acceleration/inertia that I had to anticipate and compensate for all the time).

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Sunday, April 20th, 2008 4:34 pm


Bump into the lights to get points. The music will help if you can survive long enough. This is minimalist because the gameplay is such =P


Edit: The .7z’s password is, if you couldn’t figure it out, ‘dare’.

Edit2: It’s password protected because googlepages doesn’t let you host a file with a ‘.exe’ extension, even when compressed. If I encrypt the filenames, it lets me get away with it; but the only way to encrypt the filenames is to password-protect the file.

Edit3: Its extension is .7z because I couldn’t encrypt the filenames *and* save it as a .zip. Sorry for the inconvenience =(

With a theme like ‘minimalist’ …

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Sunday, April 20th, 2008 1:34 pm



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Sunday, April 20th, 2008 1:02 pm

screenshot 1screenshot 2


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Wednesday, April 16th, 2008 5:25 am

This is my first game competition. I plan on using pygame, blender, imagemagick, reason, and audacity.

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