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pymike says ...

This was actually fun, despite the game not having being long enough. The GUI was really nice. I hope you keep working on this and add more 'levels' :-)

pekuja says ...

I liked the interface. The little effects with the fire and the leaves were also really nice. The game was pretty short though, and included some adventure game logic (of course I want to burn the map if I don't need it anymore). Nice entry though.

phren says ...

The parts that were made were really well polished. Some cool plot twists, definitely shows that you have put thought in this. The menus were a bit sluggish on my machine, but that might not be your fault. :P

GBGames says ...

w00t! I beat it!

jolle says ...

Suddenly I got pygame troubles :/ Might try later after reinstalling pygame.

mjau says ...

This was fun! And certainly minimal (well, except for the pyopengl requirement, but I won't hold that against you). Nice effects, too.

thedaian says ...

Waiting for possible exe

sol_hsa says ...

waiting for possible exe

HybridMind says ...

great user interface. very simplistic yet very effective. I beat the boss, yah! ;)

Not really sure how I made it through the infinite dungeon though. Also, I almost gave up a few times thinking I had 'reached the end' only to discover a few more options / branches. Kept me quite amused, nice job!

Hamumu says ...

I guess I need an exe... I didn't know which .py file to run (mini was my guess), but none of the 3 did anything more than briefly flash a window on my screen, so no luck. I probably don't have pyOpenGL since I can't recall explicitly getting it.

drZool says ...

Waiting for possible exe

keeyai says ...

food poisoning, oh noes! After reading the comments and realizing it was a 'compelete' game, I went back in and finished it. Good job - I like the effects, but the menu fade-in/out was really slow. It's probably my crap machine, but it really got in the way.

mariusz says ...

It crashes on startup for me on both the Linux machines I tried with an OpenGL error 1281, it would seem while it's trying to draw text.

DrPetter says ...

Very nice and sparkly for a text adventure. Not as minimal as it first appeared, though I was eventually killed while exploring all the dialog permutations (wretched A!).
This also made me rethink the purpose of a "red herring" present in one old Amiga game which I played to damnation way back... Can't remember what it was called, but it was all 3D and polygonal. Made in Amos3D I think. At one point there was a red fish in a fishtank and it did come up as "red herring" when you examined it. Since it was placed around an area with lots of really weird stuff which I couldn't figure out, I naturally spent quite a while manipulating it in vain. That game was horrible.

robot_guy says ...

Fun little text adventure but the screen effects were very annoying (and not very minimal). Disappointed that you couldn't try to eat, use or burn the other adventurers, all three options would have been very tempting. There is something deeply ironic in requiring OpenGL for a text game.

negativegeforce says ...

couldnt get it to run, sorry

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minimalist entry

Posted by
Sunday, April 20th, 2008 10:54 am

Well, didn’t really have time for LD, but I scribbled together a minimalist text adventure in 2 or 3 hours :)

It requires pygame and pyopengl to run if you still want to look at it..

final entry zip (.py files, had no time for py2exe)

The entrance of the minimal dungeon

Discovered the boss room!

[cache: storing page]