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Dathgale says ...

It would be nice if it didn't lag, and if the blue block moved at a useful pace, or if the yellow blocks would actually keep the red blocks away, or if there weren't so much ghosting that I can't see what's happening.

phren says ...

I thought the tails the blocks had made it look really great. Really loved the death sound too. Cool idea with pretty nice physics, sometimes the blocks would jump around quite unfairly though. At times it felt like shooting the red blocks made it more difficult to stay alive than not shooting them.

pekuja says ...

Looks nice visually with the blur effects. The blocks were really unpredictable in their movements, which I though added unnecessary difficulty to the game. I also wish there would had been an alternative fire or something with slower bullets so that you didn't have to always slam the red blocks flying in the other direction. Still, a nice game.

jhauberg says ...

I like the sounds, and the actual game runs very smooth. The minimalist vector graphics, and simple controls kept it in touch with the theme.

However, it just seemed hard to me. I didn't realize you could actually move the blue box until after a couple tries, but even then I found it difficult to stay alive once there were more than just one red box in play.

sol_hsa says ...

Some kind of overall goal might have been nice, I think. Some kind of feeling of progress while you're playing..

drZool says ...

Sfx was ok, didn't get on my nerves like they use to. Effects could look a bit diffrent than the actual game entities, made it hard to see where the player and enemies were.

SethR says ...


Surrealix says ...

Nice idea, but it lagged a little. The trails on the effects (purple, while blocks) were really good, but when applied to the cursor and incoming blocks, things just got too difficult to distinguish.

Hamumu says ...

I didn't have lag issues, and I didn't really have a problem with the trails... go me! Of course, I got smashed relentlessly, so it's not like I was actually dodging things well. For how hard it is to hit a block with a yellow block, it seems like they ought to stop bouncing off walls if hit, and just go flying away never to bother you.

I got to a point where the blocks suddenly came raining down at intense speed, and that was about the end. Wish I had gotten a score for that! I saw a number during play, but I couldn't pay attention to it, and would've liked to see a "Last Score" on the title screen (if that was in fact a score).

This is an entry where I can actually see you using the theme clearly as opposed to just not finishing stuff. Thank you!

HybridMind says ...

I also had the suspicion that shooting the red blocks seemed to make it harder sometimes.. ;) Enjoyed the trails and didn't find them laggy, but did get tough to see sometimes. I second the commenter who said they wished the red blocks once shot would fly away.. seems I couldn't figure out when they turned white versus staying red.. didn't know if they had hitpoints. Nice use of theme.

LunarCrisis says ...

Neat idea marred by a poor framerate. I have a feeling that collision issues, visual distraction, and difficulty problems all boiled down to the response time.

Still, good job completing!

keeyai says ...

I'm pretty much exactly in line with dathgale here...

jlnr says ...

This actually was pretty smooth technically, unlike I would have expected from Java, I must admit. But I didn't really enjoy playing it a lot, it was a bit confusing and too much going on at once. But since this is the same reason for which I don't like Super Smash Brothers, I guess other people will disagree ;)

robot_guy says ...

Good, but I did find it impossible to fire and move as I have a touch pad on my laptop and couldn't do both with any accuracy. Thought it was a bit cruel for the meteors to actually _target_ the player when launched, I had enough problems with them bouncing near horizontal along the bottom of the screen.

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Game Complete!

Posted by
Sunday, April 20th, 2008 2:16 am

Final screen shot

Play it here

Blog entry with run down of libs used.

First release

Posted by
Saturday, April 19th, 2008 9:42 pm

Ok here is my first release!

It is a java applet so it should simply play in the browser if you go here


You are the blue block, dodge the red blocks using the arrow keys. Control the green block with the mouse. Left click fires a yellow block to help deflect red blocks.

Second Screen shot

Second screenshot

Posted by
Saturday, April 19th, 2008 4:21 am

Got a bit further with my entry.

It now has a small green square, some red squares, some white square, a yellow square and a blue square!

Second Screen shot

First screen shot

Posted by
Friday, April 18th, 2008 11:09 pm

Well I have a bit of an idea and have started on it.

Here is a screen shot of my idea so far.

First screen shot

A blue square and some red squares, pretty minimal 😛

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