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Gyroids - Smudg3's 'thumbs up' Award.
Awarded by Smudge
on December 22, 2010
The 'Even bluescrn wouldn't attempt that!' award for pushing the limits of 48hr game tech!
Awarded by bluescrn
on April 19, 2009
The "Unexpectedly Deadly Bats" Award
Awarded by Morre
on August 23, 2008
Best Use of 2 Bit Color Award
Awarded by dstrysnd
on August 13, 2008
The Happy Retro Mirror Award of Deflection
Awarded by mjau
on December 31, 2007



SteelGolem says ...

laser mirror games've been done to death :<

fydo says ...

You're a fun guy!

sol_hsa says ...

Yay! It's a remake of the, the.. the.. um, can't remember the name. Was made by gremlins if I remember right.

Endurion says ...

Ah, a deflector remake ;)

Hamumu says ...

Well, it's super polished and great graphics and sound, but I don't buy it for the theme (or innovation).

And way hard! There's just so much pressure on as you adjust the mirrors and try avoid feedback and hope you don't run out of energy, it's crazy. It's interesting that you have more angles than the usual mirror game.

chaotikZA says ...

What Hamumu said. Couldn't get past level 2.

gimblll says ...

A really good looking and sounding game. Gameplay was ok, I found it quite frustrating though and never bothered past the second level. Quite lacking in the theme and innovation department like Hamumu said...

mjau says ...

Well, I like the game, but it's pretty much just a Deflector clone, isn't it? I mean, it looks like Deflector, plays like Deflector, has the same elements as Deflector.. The only thing I can see in the game that wasn't in Deflector is the mouse control, since most C64 owners didn't have a mouse .. (buttons feel backwards btw, I keep thinking right is CW) .. the levels feels pretty Deflector-inspired, too (though they're not exactly the same I think).

Anyway, apart from the complete lack of any innovation at all (so that's a '1', sorry), it's a good game, and well done. Music is nice (and in stereo!), but gets a bit repetitive. Would've been nice with some sfx.

Deepflame says ...

A fun game to play, I enjoyed solving the puzzles, although level 5 was nuts hard. Took me 5 attempts.

Wiering says ...

Very nice, I never got past level 4 (not enough time/energy). The game really needs a sound for feedback warning or something big blinking.

TenjouUtena says ...

It's really hard. I don't think there's enough time or something. It's bright, and pretty, but not compelling to play.

allefant says ...

Ohh, the music immediately caused this nostalgic feeling.. also the graphics went perfectly with it.. and.. also the gameplay. 20 years ago I would have had fun with this for hours and days. But nowadays, I barely made it through the first level with the last pixel of energy and then was overwhelmed by all the possibilities created by different mirror configurations in level 2. There was no point retrying level 2 as there was nothing to remember - I'd have started with it where I started the first time, just randomly turning mirrors. So, I guess, the problem level design - which just takes lots and lots of time. Your level 1 probably should be level 10, and then 9 levels before which manage to have much less mirrors but still be fun.

midwinter says ...

I had a lot of fun with this game (even though I found level 2 a little complex to finish). Loving trance, I absolutely loved the music in this!

philhassey says ...

My mind is too feeble to handle this game! Sweet music :)

Sophie Houlden says ...

very difficult, I was getting by more on trial and error than anything else :(

greencow says ...

i dig the challenging puzzles, i love chromatron and this is like a fast paced version of that. some trial and error just spinning around every new mirror i get to, but there's strategy to quickly assessing feedback sources. restarting the puzzle feels a little tedious compared to just working the pieces til it fits like chromatron, but that got my adrenaline rushing on the second attempt as my energy started to get low, had to wait for a second for my feedback to go down while my energy was running low and like two pieces left and i'm like arg! hurry! great job!

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Sunday, December 16th, 2007 3:10 pm

All done, 5 levels. All dll’s included now (release build)

LD10 Final

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Saturday, December 15th, 2007 8:56 am


Well its a start, but I dont really feel like working on it. Might just leave all the game logic until tommorow.

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