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on May 24, 2008
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SteelGolem says ...

lol you get points for burned girls! i couldn't beat one of the levels AT ALL though :<

Deepflame says ...

Awesome game! Chain reaction really showed here.

sol_hsa says ...

Way too difficult. So difficult in fact that I didn't want to try it too much. Slightly easier starter levels might be a good idea for us who haven't played bomberman for a decade now.. =)

Endurion says ...

Nice variation on the basic Bomberman :)

What's mean is that it kinda depends on luck as well. You can get caught without a chance to escape.

Papper says ...

Pretty crazy game, it was fun :)

Wiering says ...

Well done!

chaotikZA says ...

Nice, I enjoyed it!

Not sure why people are complaining about the
difficulty - finished all the levels in less
than an hour :)

Samiljan says ...

Not too difficult and not luck based, not according to me. In total a pretty nice, pretty fun game.

Hamumu says ...

Very nice! I especially like the Duplicity level - exploiting holes/"features" in the code to make a new type of level (there are levels just like it that people made for Supreme With Cheese). I also especially like excessive profanity, and partial credit for corpses.

The idea of introducing tools level by level was good, except that the game is WAY easier once you have wire cutters. The levels before that are insane and unfair.

This is one of those entries where I feel like it meets the theme, but doesn't really go for it. It's not about chain reactions at all, though they do occur. I really prefer to see stuff that just jumps all over the theme.

Anyway, really fun and funny and excellent use of SFXr (which is making audio ratings tough this time).

Sophie Houlden says ...

even when I lost it was funny enough for me to enjoy it. lots of fun :D

saluk says ...

Pretty hard, also the failure state isn't obvious. It only takes score away when you die, rather than making you lose. I assume you win if after all of the girls are dead or collected, you have a greater than zero score? That part was confusing to me, when several times I collected all of the girls and still failed.

gimblll says ...

Fun. Not much to complain here. Well done! :)

mjau says ...

The game started when I pressed Alt-Enter to go into fullscreen. It pauses when it loses focus though, so that's good =)

The Rat in a Cage level was very frustrating, as the bombs kept killing all the girls before I could get to them, being trapped in my cage most of the time. Also, I don't like how the level objectives lie to you! "Frickin' Live" says to me that just not getting killed would pass a level, which is completely wrong; you have to get some unspecified amount of points as well, and you don't actually lose if you get killed on those either (except Duplicity?).

Still, it's a fun game! Specially when things get frantic =). Where's the chain reactions though? Yes, explosions make other bombs explode, but that rarely happens, the game doesn't seem to take advantage of it at all..

TenjouUtena says ...

Really hard. Fun, I think you could get good at it, but it seems like there's too many bombs.

midwinter says ...

the schoolgirl sprites made me laugh, and the random level adds replay value since the premade levels were fairly easy for me. probably one of the most polished entries.

DrPetter says ...

Boom boom boom! Beat all levels after a few attempts. Great fun. I like how levels had very different mechanics going rather than just varying geometry. With more effort put into the graphics and some catchy music playing in the bg this one could be littered in 5's.
Duplicity level could have been really hard if it weren't for the fact that you can easily demultiply all the guys back into one before the action starts ;)

BenW says ...

fun game, a bit easy though

greencow says ...

shit, a bomb

Archive for the ‘LD #10 – Chain Reaction – 2007’ Category

Hero School Final

Posted by (twitter: @rtsoft)
Sunday, December 16th, 2007 6:08 pm

Hero School is an arcade game that forces you to nimbly avoid, disarm or block bombs while navigating terrain to rescue alarmingly ugly girls who tend to say snide things to you.

It’s sort of Bomberman with new play mechanics, you don’t throw bombs, you avoid/disarm them.

Each level has different rules or items in place.


Heroes can’t cross water but fire sure does.

What a good looking hero!

Hero School

Download game with source for Windows
(will think about doing a linux/OSX build too.. hrm)

Postmortem comments:

This was a really difficult competition for me because my brand new computer arrived RIGHT BEFORE it started and I had to constantly fight the urge to go set it up! Yeah, that’s dedication.

Game tuning

Posted by (twitter: @rtsoft)
Sunday, December 16th, 2007 7:58 am


Have made a lot of progress, today has been mostly boring to code stuff like a level selector and GUI and few fun things like designing maps.

I’ve setup five test levels, each with vary different parms so I can get a feel for what works and what doesn’t.  For instance, bombs with flames spreading fast or slow, being able to build/destroy walls, diffuse bombs, and so forth.

I had numbers counting down on bombs and counting up on people (protect them for a higher score) but removed it because it was just visually distracting.  Now the bombs have a sequence of fall, blink red, blink fast.  Same info, easier on the brain!

I’m sort of burned out now so I’m done for tonight, hope to look it over with a fresh eye tomorrow before uploading the final.


Posted by (twitter: @rtsoft)
Sunday, December 16th, 2007 3:14 am

Quote from my wife: “But will my dinner beat Hamumu’s?” (she saw his dinner pics… I think she just made this personal. Very personal. Be afraid.)


Lunch pics!

Posted by (twitter: @rtsoft)
Saturday, December 15th, 2007 9:21 pm

Hmm, after I told my wife that we were sort of having a food competition too, suddenly the meals got fancier. :)


Nabe with shimifuri Kobe beef!


This beer should help me code better!


Fresh baked cookies for dessert.

After all that, now I just feel sleepy…!

Conclusion of day 1

Posted by (twitter: @rtsoft)
Saturday, December 15th, 2007 8:14 am


Here is my “schoolgirl” sprite.  Not too shabby!

Well, it’s the end of day 1 for me so here’s where I stand:

  • Bombs explode
  • Player can run around
  • Using sounds made with DrPetters awesome sfxr app like oh, 99% of the rest of ya bastids!  Hope to augment this with some mic stuff later.
  • Need to add the items, walls, win/lose, levels, etc


Goodnight and good luck!


Posted by (twitter: @rtsoft)
Saturday, December 15th, 2007 4:20 am


Ok, bombs in and smoothly chain exploding with Bomber-man-like mechanics.  It’s sort of mesmerizing to stare it.

But wow, isn’t that five frame explosion anim I did crap?

Lot more to do to turn it into a unique and possibly offensive game though.

An idea. Sort of.

Posted by (twitter: @rtsoft)
Friday, December 14th, 2007 10:51 pm


Yes,  a game screen consisting of a boring-ass grid.

I think I’m going to be really original and base my idea around… BOMBS! Erm, yes.

The idea is to cross bomber-man style chain exploding (tweaked to be slower though…) with saving children from fire by building walls and things.

My desk and fridge. Yes.

Posted by (twitter: @rtsoft)
Friday, December 14th, 2007 6:27 pm


And for sustenance?


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