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SethR says ...

As a game, feels a bit random. Soothing. But I can't stop thinking "vagina" when I play this.

Hamumu says ...

I read the explanations and IRC discussions, so I had an idea of what was happening... but that still didn't leave me any particular control over the outcome. Not very fun as a result. It controlled nicely, though.

As a a side note, you seem to have resurrected the Anti-Text theme from LD8.5! If only this had taken place on the moon.

sol_hsa says ...

I was doing something, but didn't know what, and then something happened and.. well, it seems like something you should be able to understand, but it's just tad bit strange.

Endurion says ...

The idea is something you don't see often.
At the start the window is partially off screen and i can't move it since the mouse is captured inside the window.

The win symbol could be cleared.

NyanNyanKoneko says ...

The one thing I really like about this game is the controls. I like that you have mouse controls. The graphics are also good and the theme itself made me chuckle. :)

Maybe next time, you could make it so that the game doesn't grab the mouse.

SteelGolem says ...

bah, you wussies never heard of the control box? alt-space JEEEEEZ newbs. anyways, the game doesn't really have much to it. good ambience, interesting "characters".. but i played it for like 45sec and there wasn't really any reason to go on. i give points now!

fydo says ...

The big symbol that appears (at the end of the round??) is a little confusing.

I don't like that the game steals my mouse and I can't move the window around, etc.

Also, I didn't really get how it ties into the theme?

saluk says ...

Did not get it.

negativegeforce says ...

played almost like Flow. Nice effort

Sophie Houlden says ...

I liked it, but it wasnt fun... to be more specific, if I could hang up interactive stuff on my wall instead of posters, this would be there, but I wouldnt actively engage in it. but its nice :)

Deepflame says ...

Way too difficult to win, I tried and tried, but in the end the AI kept winning. :( Funny game in theory, but the lack of winning chance makes it unfun for me. Some difficulty settings would have been nice.

gimblll says ...

I just didn't find out how to "play" it. Too abstract. And chain reaction?

philhassey says ...

Soothing music.

TenjouUtena says ...

It runs too big on my laptop for me to see it. The idea is kinda cool, but the guy that you let off seem to have little AI.

chaotikZA says ...

Interesting idea, but not much fun as a game. Looks, sounds and controls are good so points there.

greencow says ...


mjau says ...

So I'm supposed to float around and eat things to multiply or something? Whatever I'm supposed to do, I'm absolutely horrible at it .. or so I thought, I just played it once more and managed to win somehow (if the purple logo thing means I won). Er, either way I didn't find it particularly fun, sorry.

Wiering says ...

I didn't like that the game locked up the mouse pointer inside (especially since the bottom of the game was off screen and I couldn't go up to move the window). Anyway, it looks nice, but the game itself was very easy and repetative.

DrPetter says ...

Would have been nice to be able to do more than... eat. I guess. I expected to evolve somehow and be able to spear the red guys and eat them. Managed to win once at least, and the ambient soundtrack is nicely soothing.

Archive for the ‘LD #10 – Chain Reaction – 2007’ Category

Paramecium (Instructions)

Posted by
Tuesday, December 18th, 2007 11:55 am

Since Paramecium is a bit abstract, I hope this quick explanation can help you get into the swing of things:

The goal of the game is for one team to collect enough food vacuoles that they have 25 paramecia on their team. After collecting 6 vacuoles, a paramecium will split into 2 paramecia, and each of those will go on and collect food vacuoles and split, etc., until the team size reaches it’s goal.

The computer starts off with between 3 and 8 paramecia, where you start off with only one. This helps keep it challenging and interesting. Instead of just running around and collecting vacuoles, one has to make a strategy in order to replicate faster than the computer. For instance, if you eat an area to exhaustion, you may replicate lots, but those new paramecia won’t have much to eat… so you’re team won’t grow as quickly. You can also use this to your advantage if you follow the other team’s paramecia around… (although I’m in no way trying to promote paramecia competition… make paramecia love, not competition!)

The coloured markers at the top of the screen represent the score. The larger the marker (and more it turns), the more paramecia that team has. Once a team reaches 25 paramecia, a screen will come up to show which team has won (the coloured marker screen), and the game will reset with random parameters after a couple seconds.

… and to those who doubt it can be done, winning is tricky but not impossible: :)

Paramecium Final

Posted by
Sunday, December 16th, 2007 6:36 pm

Paramecium is a monocellular love story, in which the protagonist (you) must collect food vacuoles in order to replicate. You play on a team versus an a.i. opponent, and the first to collect enough vacuoles to replicate 25 times wins the round. Some of the game’s parameters are randomized at the start of each round, so it’s quite replayable.

Features artsy graphics, intuitive mouse control, and a looping ambient soundtrack.





Download Paramecium Game and Source

Paramecium… a monocellular love story?

Posted by
Sunday, December 16th, 2007 12:37 am

Here’s the next screenshot of my paramecium game. A microscope-slide-type background has been added, the animation has been fixed, multiple cells can exist, the mouse now works, and there’s a neat new mouse pointer graphic!

The paramecium you play follows the mouse pointer, and ‘swims’ when you move it or click the left mouse button (“swim”).

Time to add some gameplay… but before or after sleep?

First Screenshot

Posted by
Saturday, December 15th, 2007 12:53 am

I decided before hand that I really liked the idea of putting the game setting in a microbial environment, and generating the graphics procedurally — using bitmaps as little as possible.  I think I’d like something like a simple 2D version of the tidepool phase of Spore, with the Chain Reaction theme in place.  I think the player will play the part of the single celled organizm that progressively grows and gets more complex by either gathering protien chains, which (when you have enough) react and make a more complex creature…  I’m not sure if this will also involve ‘mating’ with other similar looking creatures.

So far I have the initial cell body done with the shading.  So far both the shape and colour are functionally generated with alpha blending.  I hope to add some organelles (sp?) and other such things tomorrow, as well as some other shapes for the other microbes that you coexist with.  Since the shape and everything is generated through a function, the entire cell is animated quite easily and gives a ‘squishing itself through the water’ look as it progresses through the animation sequence. 

This is a kinda neat experiment, so far.  I’m usng Visual C++ 6.0 and DirectX 8.


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