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The Kittenfinder Robot Award
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Awarded by allen
on April 26, 2010
LD Honeymoon True Dedication Award
Awarded by SethR
on April 3, 2008
Lolcatz Award
Awarded by Cthulhu32
on February 25, 2008
Excellence in Kittens and Planet Destruction
Awarded by mjau
on December 31, 2007



sol_hsa says ...

Is it even possible to lose? =)

Papper says ...

It was a bit easy as it is, but with more time I think it coucld have been great. Nice work :)

BenW says ...

Audio popped and it was a bit easy. Other than that great job.

SethR says ...

Somehow that soothing music didn't really work as a sound track to destroying the universe but I liked it. I won the game in < 1 minute, but it was a fun 1 minute!

philhassey says ...

Not a bad game .. got a bit dull after a while, because it seemed too easy for too long.

Hamumu says ...

Okay, I really don't get this game... is it possible to lose at all? Well, I mean assuming you have control of your limbs. As long as you successfully hit the big planets with your rockets (which is hard not to do, thanks to gravity), the pieces will ALWAYS eventually hit the other planets. Hmm, I think I'll run it again to fail on purpose and see what that does! ...Wow, it took me 3 passed levels before I succeeded at failing (and I only failed that one by rapid firing as many missiles as possible - I barely avoided winning at the end!). But I got another cool guitar ditty for my troubles!

Great music and graphics, but I have to knock the fun rating. Maybe you should've made the game be to lose the levels, then it would be pretty hard. Seriously!

SteelGolem says ...

cool, gravitation and flying debris! i had fun with this one ^_^

Samiljan says ...

Sweet feeling, but not much game.

XMunkki says ...

Couldn't really see the chain reaction in this one. I hit a planet and it's pieces kill other smaller planets. But I didn't notice them sharding further (a basis of chain reaction). Might be all the recursive action was so fast that I just didn't see it. Most of the times I didn't even know why I finished the level. But I won! It told me so! =)

Sophie Houlden says ...

it is very easy, but I found it pretty soothing and I dont think thats a bad thing in this case, but the audio really helped out there :)

DrPetter says ...

Very odd. Idea is interesting and non-obvious, so that's a plus. For the record my brother did manage to lose one level, but it wasn't repeatable (yeah, he actually tried to fail again but... failed :))
Music is definitely the high point of this entry.

mjau says ...

Why does this game remind me of Red Dwarf? (Also, Star Wars..)

Anyway, I didn't seem to be able to lose, so it's a wee bit on the easy side perhaps. Great idea though, and great music =). I also like the planets whizzing by on the title screen =)

john says ...

Nice graphics and music, but, as the others said is it possible to lose?

I agree with Papper it needed more time, and the later levels are easier than the first sometimes, are they generated randomly?

Perhaps you could, if you wish to extend it, add in some logic so the higher levels are always harder than the first.


saluk says ...

Fun physics, but unfortunately there is no game here. Shoot the big planet and win! And if it had been any harder (time limit etc) it would have just been frustrating, because it's hard to tell which way the fragments are going to go. But there might be a game in there waiting to come out. Who knows :)

gimblll says ...

Nice guitar playing. The game itself seemed more like a toy than a game. Not much to play there, just click and win.

Wiering says ...

Nice but too easy.

Archwyrm says ...

It is probably a bit easy, but still fun. I like how your own little planet is also affected by bumping into the others. Although perhaps for some extra difficulty this might destroy you?

negativegeforce says ...

lol, that was easy.

TenjouUtena says ...

The game is too easy. You don't seem to be able to lose. Good graphics.

Deepflame says ...

After reading the comments I wondered if it was indeed as hard to lose as people said it was. But to be honest, once you understand the game it's easy to lose. Just shoot the debris. :)

chaotikZA says ...

It's a bit easy...

Liked the music and graphics.

midwinter says ...

it was fun to see a game with some gravitational physics coded in :).

greencow says ...

blowing up planets has never been easier!

Archive for the ‘LD #10 – Chain Reaction – 2007’ Category

song2 tab

Posted by (twitter: @fydo)
Tuesday, December 18th, 2007 11:22 am

Since the music to my game, Space Reactions, has become a little bit popular, I figured I’d tab it out for any fellow guitar players here. I haven’t got a guitar in front of me right now, but I think this is pretty accurate. I’ll update this post if I find anything wrong with it 😉


Sounds good with some light distortion and little bit of tremolo. Enjoy!

Quick update

Posted by (twitter: @fydo)
Monday, December 17th, 2007 2:24 pm

Hey, not sure if everyone noticed the edit to my last post, so I’m making a new post…

It appears that I missed a source file (.py) in my original zip, so I’ve updated the zip to include it. If you were having problems running the game in linux or OSX, please re-download and try again :)

Thanks for your patience.

Space Reactions – final entry – LD10

Posted by (twitter: @fydo)
Sunday, December 16th, 2007 5:44 pm

Hey everyone!

I’m happy to announce my final entry, Space Reactions. The aim of the game is to destroy planets using the pieces / fragments of other planets, which you ‘asplode using rockets! Bam!

There are 9 gutwrenching levels to tease your gravity-lovin’ brain, and it also features a totally original soundtrack! (special thanks to DrPetter, as I used his sfxr to generate the sound effects for this game)



Game download (includes both win32 executable and python source) right here:


edit: Updated the zip to include a missing source file (check the dates, I didn’t cheat! 😉 )

You don’t need to re-download unless you’re interested in looking at the source, or playing on a non-Windows machine :)

i hate trigonometry :)

Posted by (twitter: @fydo)
Sunday, December 16th, 2007 2:37 am


I’ve got some small bugs to work out, but I think I’m on track for a release before the deadline. Whew 😉

a little progress?

Posted by (twitter: @fydo)
Friday, December 14th, 2007 11:31 pm


I’m off to a slow start. Due to some circumstances, I’m using my wife’s laptop to work on my entry. I was planning on doing something in C, but I couldn’t get the build env to work correctly and I didn’t feel like wasting more time getting it work. So I’m back to the good ol’ Python 😉

I’ve got an idea involving planets and gravitational physics. I made this nice intro/menu screen (it’s animated! wowee!)



Posted by (twitter: @fydo)
Friday, December 14th, 2007 12:18 am

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