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The "You've Made That Awesome Game, VVVVVV!" Award
Awarded by Qrchack
on May 30, 2015



fydo says ...

Picture was a little creepy, good entry overall.

ExciteMike says ...

Entering some numbers.

SpaceManiac says ...

He's about to punch another one...

HybridMind says ...

I don't really understand what you were trying to do with this game. Is this one of those 'art' games? Where's the gameplay? Where's the fun? Better luck next time!

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It’s gone now

Posted by (twitter: @terrycavanagh)
Monday, December 25th, 2000 6:14 pm

It was tough, but I managed to finish my game in 48 hours! Here’s a screenshot:

Huh! I’m not on the grid!

Well, let’s try that again:

it's gone now

it's gone now

[cache: storing page]