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Tips for all you Ludum Darers!

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Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 7:26 pm

Before I begin, I just want to say that I am super excited for LD 37! This will be my 10th time participating (Compo)! Unfortunately, I didn’t participate in LD 36, as I was too busy working on the OST for the upcoming game Mutant Chicken (coming to Kickstarter tomorrow!). Therefore my last LD was LD 35, and there I made Photagogue; a beat ’em up game where you go back in time to punch dinosaurs.

So, I got some tips for you Ludum Darers that I want to share. These tips are just from my experience, so feel free to disagree.


On the day of the event, (in no particular order) get lots of sleep and take a shower. I recommend showering right before the time hits because I don’t want to waste my time showering during the weekend. I know it sounds funny but you want every minute you can get to work on your game. Also, sleep is really important too because you’re not going to get a lot of sleep during the weekend. Personally, I like sleeping 4-5 hours on both days, giving me a total of 8-10 hours of sleep during the weekend. The best part: buy some snacks, like starting today! Buy super unhealthy snacks, and drink soda to stay up (also who doesn’t like soda?)!

Sleeping and Eating

Stay up as long as possible. If you have difficulty staying up, have others around to talk to, drink caffeinated beverages, and don’t get too comfortable where you’re sitting because you don’t want to fall asleep. Eat delicious unhealthy snacks! Or if you want have small meals, cook them before hand so they’ll be faster to reach, don’t go cooking a full-blown meal. You can last with a little bit of food over the weekend.

Making Your Game

If you don’t finish making a game, DON’T WORRY because you’re not alone!

GAMEPLAY is important! Yes, pretty Graphics are nice, good Music is even nicer, but you need Gameplay. Make a Game in 48/72 Hours. Graphics, Music, and other things definitely improve your game, but you only have 48-72 hours to create something. Shoot for the gameplay. The first thing you try doing with your game is to create the core mechanics. Make all the Graphics rectangles, and forget about the Sound for now. You don’t even need to turn in your entry with fancy menus. Sure, on the last day you can change the graphics, but earlier on just focus on the Gameplay.

Now this is just my opinion, you can do whatever you want. And if you’re going to make a story game or a game that’s just about the visuals, then just ignore what I said about the Gameplay.

THEME is pretty important, but not as important as you think it may be. If you can think of an idea for a game revolving around the theme in a few hours, awesome, but if you can’t than just start making a game that you have been wanting to make and then incorporate the theme later; or just don’t incorporate the theme at all. After the Compo/Jam is over, you receive ratings on multiple categories, and there is only one Theme Category so if you didn’t care about the theme, no big deal. (If you don’t incorporate the theme into your game, I recommend not saying anything about it in your game’s description, because people may think that the theme was included.)

Once again, do whatever you want; this is just my recommendation. Some people like to take their time to come up with an idea for a game, and that’s okay, I just recommend getting that out of the way fast.

Post Compo/Jam

If you haven’t completely finished your game (which is probably the case), try to finish/polish it even though your entry is already in. When you’re done with that, add the link to the Post Compo/Jam version of your game next to the 48/72 hr version so that people can play both of them. Not only does it make you feel better about yourself, but it can also persuade some people to possibly give you better ratings based on your Post Compo/Jam version.

RATE GAMES! Rate as many games as you possibly can, and give everyone a comment! The more games you rate, the more times your game shows up on the front page. Comments help as well because some people will look at their comments and click on your name to see your game (also it’s just a nice thing to do). If you can rate more than about 250 games (which is pretty difficult to do), your game may show up on the Most Coolness page which would be awesome because lots of people visit that page. If you don’t rate any games then just about no one will see your game, so…



What I do

I usually work on the core mechanics for the game first, and then make some music for it so it plays better. I personally think the graphics should go last.

That is just about all I have to say. And once again, these are just my recommendations, so feel free to do whatever you want.


Tools I’ll be using:

Language: HTML5 and JavaScript

Graphics: MS Paint (Yeah I know)

Audio: FL Studio & sfxr

Level Editor: Ogmo Editor


Anyway, Good Luck to Everyone Participating in LD 37! c:

My First iOS/Android Game

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Wednesday, September 21st, 2016 6:22 pm

Hello everyone :)

I decided not too long ago that I would make my first mobile game. It’s an arcade space game that requires the player to travel from planet to planet by stoping the orbit at the correct time. I have a little gameplay video and I would love any feedback about it:

I made it in Unity but the finished version took a little longer than a single weekend:)



IMG_7691Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 17.25.45

My First MiniLD70

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Tuesday, September 20th, 2016 8:41 am

Search Treasur In The Cave My Entry For This MiniLD70 ,This Game Is Intended For All People Of Any Age , You Can Play This Game On Windows Or Linux And Also On Android.The Aim Of This Game Is To Discover The Treasure,Follow The Arrows Drawing On the wall To Direct You To The Aim…ENJOY!!! Thanks all.

My Page For Game :

1 2 3 4


My Page For Game :

Bug Fixed

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Wednesday, August 31st, 2016 6:47 pm

One Two Three Three


My Video Youtube :

In This Video you Find The Link To Download This Game And The Video Gameplay..


Thanks All…

My First Ludum Dare Compo

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Monday, August 29th, 2016 9:43 am

One Two Three Three

The Game Is Intended For All People . You Can Play This Game On Windows Or Linux Or Android…

For Your Comments And Points :

Download Link :


Thanks All..

From Ludum Dare 30 to Release

Posted by (twitter: @StalsKnight)
Sunday, June 5th, 2016 7:51 am

It’s been a long road, but we are finally closing on a release. Lintrix was originally called Linker and built during Ludum Dare #30

It’s been over 22 months since then. We got a ton of encouragement here for the original jam-game, which was a major contributing factor to continue working on it. The original prototype was voted highly, and we tried to keep what was good about it in the final version, though improving the visuals and the flow of the game, adding a bunch of new mechanics including moving crystals which we can’t imagine a game without now.

[ LD 30 ]
[ Current ]synCT5n

We want to thank Ludum Dare & Mike for inspiring developers all over the world to create amazing things. Lintrix wouldn’t exist without this community, and four indie developers from Russia would have never come together to make this game.

Here’s our trailer:

+ some gifs

Lintix will be coming out on iOS this summer and also on Android a bit later after and maybe PC in the future.

We will also be releasing articles on the time manipulation and design process soon to which you may want to keep an eye out, either follow me on Twitter or check our Dev Blog, Thank You!

The Social Network returns

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Tuesday, March 15th, 2016 2:23 am

Hey guys,

my first Ludum Dare was LD30 and as Unity 4.6 Beta with the new GUI System was released a few Days before I took the opportunity to make a Game using this new UI in the LD. The outcome was the game “The Social Network” and it did surprisingly decent.
As of the changes of Unitys Event system and the fact that Web Player is more and more unsupported across browsers I took some time to upgrade the Project to Unity 5.3 and exportet a WebGL version.

The Social Network is now playable again right here on the entry page.

Hope you enjoy it :)

My LD30 game is on Greenlight!

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Sunday, January 24th, 2016 12:22 am

Hi there,

My game that started off as an entry in LD30 – Connected Worlds has finally reached greenlight.

Here’s the game’s website and the Greeenlight link, votes greatly appreciated!

And here’s the original LD entry.

The game has come a long way, thanks to this community for the initial feedback and motivation!


I want to share something with you guys and get your feedback. Feel free to agree or disagree. But before I continue, I just want to say that I’ve participated in 8 Ludum Dares so far, and they’re what I look forward to, I love them. Ok, now I’ll give my little spiel.

After making your game in the 48/72 Hour Time Limit, we get to check out and Rate other people’s games. When rating somebody’s game, we are allowed to give them x out of 5 stars in 8 different Categories. These Categories include: Innovation, Fun, Theme, Graphics, Audio, Humor, Mood, and most importantly, Overall. I’m going to talk more about the Overall category in a minute. Let me just talk about something else first:

As many of you may have noticed, probably for a while now, your results don’t seem very honest. The results you get may seem surprising, this could be in a bad way, or in a good way. You’re either pretty disappointed, or you’re really happy. This is because you didn’t get a ton of votes (i.e.: ~20-70 votes, which is what a lot of people end up getting). Think about it, there were about 2,800 other games out there. Do you think that with 50 votes out of the 2,800 entries you’ll get a really honest evaluation? You shouldn’t, because unfortunately, that’s not the case.

If 5 people rate your game and they all give you a 5 on Fun, the average would be a 5/5. If 10 people rate your game and 8 of them give you a 5 on Fun, and the other 2 give you a 4, the average would be a 4.8/5. Now the game with an average of 5/5 is ranked higher than the game with an average of 4.8/5. But the game with an average of 4.8/5 should be ranked higher because it had similar scores, and more people played it. Now I’m pretty sure that in the end the game’s categories aren’t ranked based on just the amount of stars given but still, I just wanted to give you something to think about. The rankings aren’t all that honest. I noticed that many of the Top Ranked games only had about ~30-70 votes. You’ll see that the games that got the most votes weren’t up there in the Top 100. But they did, however, have more real honest evaluations, while the others with ~30-70 votes were just lucky enough to get a handful of good ratings which therefore gave them higher rankings. The Top 100 are great games, no doubt, but are they the best out of the 2,800? We don’t really know for sure.

Ok, now I’m going to talk about this Overall category. The site says that your game is ranked overall based on your Overall category ratings. Do you think that we should be allowed to rate the Overall category? The Overall category should be based on the other categories rounded up. The site should give us the Overall Rating, not us. Here’s just one reason why: I’ve seen many people give a game great ratings, like 4-5 stars on every category, and then they would give the Overall category a 3. Umm… What? Shouldn’t you base the Overall category on the other categories? If you gave all the other categories 5 stars, then why would you give the Overall category 4 stars? The Average Overall Rating would be a 5, so give it a 5. But since people don’t always do that, let the Robots do the math and give us the Overall Rating, not the Humans.

I’m not entirely sure how Mike (Founder of Ludum Dare; Support him on Patreon!) can make the evaluations more honest because you can’t just have 2,800 people play all 2,800 games, that’s just ridiculous. But it’s just something to think about.

Give me your thoughts in the comments please.

Thanks for listening!

7 Ludum Dare Results and Their Graphs

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Wednesday, September 16th, 2015 1:04 am

I’ve participated in 7 Ludum Dares now. My first time was in April of 2013. I’ve loved it ever since. It’s one of my favorite events of the year! Below are the Graphs of the Results of all the LDs I’ve been in. And remember, the better the results, the smaller the graphs.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Looks like my best LD Overall was LD 32, Frisbee Training. Although I am super glad with my results for this last LD, Perspective. Top 25 for Innovation is awesome! And Top 100 for Audio is nice too! Thanks for playing and rating my games! All of you that participate in Ludum Dare ROCK! And all of you that aren’t joining in, JOIN IN because you’re missing out! c:

Blupp the Gruesome is real

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Monday, August 24th, 2015 8:32 pm

10Up: Blupp the Gruesome is our newers addition to the astonishing game jam series 10Up. Some people worked hard day and night, they still found time to sleep somehow, to present you:

10Up: Blupp the Gruesome – A turn-based realtime detective thriller for two players in hotseat mode, powerd by Kha!

One player is Blupp the Gruesome, the tragic victim of experiments. At night he is searching for a way home to his water world (see 10Up: Interdimensional Liquids). To achive this goal he must find all parts of the dimension-portal-cannon.

The other player is Mr. S. In his youth he was victim of experiments himself (see 10Up: Mountain Brew). But he still became a valuable part of the 10Up special forces (see 10Up).
After he became aware of the newest experiments of the professor (see 10Up: Unity), he is focused on freeing the others from their fate.


NOTE: It’s important, that the Player of Mr. S does not look at the screen while Blupp the Grousome is playing.

The Lion’s Song – Greenlighting

Posted by (twitter: @leafthief)
Wednesday, July 29th, 2015 7:32 pm

Hey guys,
it’s me leafthief! You may remember me from Ludum Dares such as LD#30 (Connected Worlds/The Lion’s Song), LD#26 (Minimalism/Lunar Rain) or even LD#20 (It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this/Entity). Today I’d like to write a few things on ‘The Lion’s Song’ and how far the project made it almost a year after scoring #1 in Mood and Graphics at LD30.

Winning stuff
One really great thing that happened with TLS after Ludum Dare was that I just tried submitting it to various competitions and whaddayaknow it actually won something. While unexpected I was overjoyed when the jury of the Vienna Content Award 2015 decided to nominate and even pick my game. The Lion’s Song won in the ‘character’ category. A great great night for me. But not the end of the journey!


Extending the Game
Ever since LD#30 I’ve been thinking/trying to extend The Lion’s Song into a full-grown adventure game. But I kept hitting a wall in terms of time and direction. The experience, that jam game, was more or less completed. How could I extend it without losing some of the magic that made it great? It’s a small, concentrated game. Extending it would lessen its impact. Broadening it would make it less to-the-point.
I’ve thought about this quite a bit and at some point I started talking about it to my boss at my day job (Mipumi Games) – where we’re also making games.


Partnering Up
A great thing that happened was that after months and months of talking about the game to my bosses they agreed on partnering up for a Greenlight campaign. The whole agreement being about enabling me to work on this full time and the past two weeks were awesome.
Together we came up with the concept of an episodic format featuring the concise and light narrative-driven experiences that Lion’s Song is. Instead of trying to go broad with one story we’ll be trying to make multiple small, complete short stories!


So this is it. We’re trying to get ‘The Lion’s Song’ greenlit and I’m here to tell you my story and to maybe get a vote or two out of it. But overall I guess I just want to say this: thank you LD for enabling me to work on my small games not just on my own time, but full time (at least for a while).
Also if you have time could you check out our campaign and push the ‘Yup’ button? It’ll help me move forward with the project in my workplace. Thank you <3


Waterfly Octus [Action Platform]

Posted by (twitter: @gillenewnovo)
Sunday, June 28th, 2015 7:57 am

Waterfly Octus Logo

I started doing this game in Ludum Dare # 30, already has passed a long time and have not yet finalized.

I was in trouble with my computer, and that next week I should be with a new computer. When everything is ok, I will resume production of this game (also the Sword of Fireheart).

The story of Waterfly Octus is very simple.
One day Octus was quiet living your life under the sea when an earthquake shook the ground. Soon some bright golden stars began to fall and Octus was fascinated with those shiny objects, this time Octus begins his adventure to collect those stars by the ocean outside.

Screen gameplay

Screen Develop

Play the Demo v1.0.0.6 here –

My previous entries

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Saturday, June 20th, 2015 11:34 am

This is a post to link to my previous entries for Ludum Dare, not much else to say:


MiniLD54: Wall of Text

LD30: Into Hyperspace!

To be a bit more specific, I think that wordpress searches for users by their posts and not having posted anything yet, resulted in me not showing up in a search.

Mammoth Monkey Mole

Posted by (twitter: @ehtd)
Wednesday, June 10th, 2015 10:40 pm


Back from Ludum Dare 30, we created Mammoth Monkey Mole

We improved the game for iPad and is now for FREE in the App Store!!!



9 Months aftermath! LD #30

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Thursday, May 7th, 2015 3:41 pm

Hello there my fellow indie developers, today I want to announce that the game I’ve been working on for the past months has been released. This project started back in “Ludum Dare 30” (Connected Worlds). We saw potential on it so we decided to focus and develop a good game on that topic. Our entry BERTA was the starter point, then it went through many changes and almost 9 months later we finally finished!

(It’s not Berta but it is a ball).

This game is about a Spunky little ball that has the ability to switch between colors in order to interact with the environment of the level. Everything that matches the ball’s color becomes solid, therefore you have to choose wisely what color to use. For example, you’ll want to be the same color as the coins but not the same as the spikes! Or maybe you need that a certain platform matches your color in order to roll over it without falling.

So be prepared for a fun and innovative gameplay on your device… Also prepare to die a countless amount of times…

I hope you enjoy this game as much as I did when I created it! Also don’t forget to leave a review on the Store page if you actually had a great time playing it. :)



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