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Mission Luna Post-LD (#27) Preview

Posted by (twitter: @aplayware)
Saturday, May 24th, 2014 1:02 pm

Whats on the dark side of the moon?

Back in LudumDare #27 (10 seconds), Mission Luna was my entry and it surprisingly got some reviews on media and some players asking about post compo version. So, here is the first preview from new version gameplay where (finally) moon landing is implemented along with new graphics, models, ship upgrades and a sure cliche alien plot.

In Vivo hits the market!

Posted by (twitter: @empyrealhell)
Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014 7:39 pm

After slaving away for months on the post-competition version of my Ludum Dare #27 entry, it’s finally here. A fair bit has changed since that 48-hour demonstration, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. The core of the gameplay is the same. You still run around an alien UFO trying to figure out how to escape, alternating between a memory exploration and a frantic dash to achieve your goals in a very limited time window. The time limit changed for the sake of playability, 10 seconds just wasn’t enough time to get any meaningful play out of. There are a couple of new upgrades, and the aliens are all over the ship just waiting to gun you down if they catch sight of you.

Head to my website to download the demo or buy the full version


The long road I spent a lot of time working on this game to take it from a concept to a game I would be happy to release. When I compare the difference between the two versions it’s kind of amazing. The depth of gameplay that I wanted to present in the initial entry was far too much for 48 hours, and fortunately I realized that pretty fast. The version that I released last week has every feature that I originally planned to put into the competition entry, and between that and the improved graphics, it looks like I missed the mark on my time estimate by about 500 hours, give or take. Without further ado, here’s a rundown of what you can expect in the full version.

  • Less punishingly difficult. The time limit was increased from 10 seconds to 30, puzzles were made much more flexible so you can solve them in any way that makes sense, and the collision system now has rounded corners so you don’t get stuck on the terrain.
  • Drastically improved graphics. The resolution on all graphics was increased by a factor of four, there’s a lot more diversity in the environment and the aliens, and some shaders were implemented to add pretty effects like the clouds in memory mode.
  • Better music and sound. No more computer-generated sound effects that grate the ear, a full score of actual music in the background, and more sound effects for things that happen in game. It’s an even better improvement than the graphics.
  • A bigger, better map. The map is roughly four times the size of the one used in the competition entry, it features more dynamic objects to interact with, and has better segmentation to help you understand and navigate the space.
  • More upgrades! While the first upgrade was taken away and given to you as a default ability, the remaining four upgrades are still there, along with seven other upgrades ranging from teleportation to the ability to use drugs for status effects.

If you want the full details on everything that has happened since then, you can check out the development blog at my website. Thank you all for making my first ludum dare experience a great one, and giving me the kick I needed to finally take get past the prototype stage and release a game.

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Tuesday, January 28th, 2014 12:07 pm

Hi people!

Six month ago I made a entry for LD27:

And thanks to your feedback, that project became a full game! Here the new version:




Still free and open! Hope you like! ^^

Looking at my previous Ludum Dare results

Posted by (twitter: @jezzamonn)
Thursday, January 9th, 2014 4:15 am

Thoughts on this Ludum Dare –

  • I’m kinda disappointed, but the results seem fair.
  • Best ranking: 50th for humor.
  • I didn’t focus on a concept and the theme enough.
    • My concept was you  have 1 arm but multiple tools, you have to find ways to carry tools without your arm.
    • Didn’t have enough time to do that!
  • Instead I spent time on other things:
    • I wanted to include palette swapping and NPCs.
    • I’m happy I included them, but I should’ve focused more on a concept.
  • I coded everything from scratch, which made things take longer. I’m happy I did that though.
  • I received a lot of nice comments :)
  • Thanks to the 71 people who rated my game!
  • If you haven’t played it, check out The Visitor.

Thoughts on previous Ludum Dares –

  • My best Entry is Mondrianism, doing well in everything except humor.
  • Second best would be my first entry, The Good Ship Higgs Boson.
  • Super Space Goat Thief Standoff!! is definitely my worst entry, but I only spent a few hours on that.
  • My best category has been different every time, interestingly.
  • As you can see, there’s a clear trend of… um… well…

Wiggly lines everywhere!

Ooh, animated!

See you next Ludum Dare!

Game Development; A Four Month Retrospective

Posted by (twitter: @powderblock)
Monday, December 16th, 2013 11:39 am

So, I have been learning C++ for some four to five months now. Last Ludum Dare, I used C++ to make a text adventure game. That was the first ‘official Ludum Dare’ game I made with C++, and I was pretty happy with it. This game had no graphics or sound, and that’s because I didn’t know how to program those at the time. This LD, I made a game with graphics and sound, personally, I think it’s pretty cool I was able to learn these skills in just four months.

Or, as I put it in a post on the second of October; “I am still learning more and more about C++ and OpenGL, so maybe next LD I will have sound and graphics. Who knows.” I am proud that I was able to make something playable in OpenGL and SDL in the span of just 48 hours that also had sounds and graphics. Thank you, everyone.

My progress over just four months, represented by menus.

I will still be doing a post-mortem after the voting ends, I just thought I could share this cool experience with you guys.

Ludum Dare #27 Entry on iTunes

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Friday, December 13th, 2013 2:54 pm

Count2Ten an entry developed for Ludum Dare #27 is available on iTunes at

My LD#27 entry “Candle Man” has been ported to Kongregate

Posted by (twitter: @lancelot_gao)
Thursday, December 12th, 2013 10:57 pm


“Candle Man” was my LD#27 competition entry and won No.27 in overall. So, after the competition, I decided to spend more time to polish this game and publish it on game portal site.

I planed to release this game during the Oct challenge, but failed. Right before the deadline, our testers showed that the game levels are too difficult and confusing for new players. So I’ve spent another month to improve the level design and learning curve.

Now, the game is finally released! Although there are only 12 levels, I think it could still bring you a unique game experience. Hope you like it!

Finally, thanks to Ludum Dare!  As the rules and guide says:

there are no physical prize, the game is my prize!

Brief Intro

A candle is trapped in a dark dungeon. He must burn himself to illuminate the nearby environment and find the way out. But the candle light can only last 10 seconds, use it wisely!

Play it on kongregate






Oh hey look ludum dare

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Thursday, December 12th, 2013 2:18 pm

Neat. Another Ludum Dare. I haven’t been programming in a long time, but I’m still ready for Ludum Dare!

Software: Flashdevelop, Aseprite and Pxtone.

We’re in again~

Posted by (twitter: @ddrkirbyisq)
Thursday, December 12th, 2013 12:12 pm

DDRKirby(ISQ) and xellaya here; we’ll be joining Ludum Dare again this weekend!  This will be my 6th time doing LD (wow!) and the 2nd time that I’m pairing up with xellaya.

Last time we came out with Hyper Furball, which was pretty awesome (4th place overall, 1st in audio!), so I’m excited to see what happens this time around!

Goals for this time:

– Make awesome chiptune music (of course!).
– Do something different than the other 5 entries I’ve worked on.
– Work to both of our strengths again.
– Smaller scale, less stress, work less hard.  I know I say this every single time, but I keep on trying to overachieve anyways, ugh.  At least Hyper Furball involved very little level design and such, so that was a step in the right direction.  Still, I’d like to finish this comfortably in time.  Aim small, aim small, aim small!

I’m In!

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Wednesday, December 11th, 2013 9:26 am

Right then I am doing this again! This is my 4th ludum dare now.


Language: Java

IDE: Eclipse

Library: LibGDX

Art: Paint.NET and Pickle

Sound: BFXR and maybe some other tools

Well thats it! Have fun everyone


Postal service. My ludum dare 27 game

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Monday, December 2nd, 2013 10:19 pm

Okay. Ludum dare 28 is coming soon, and i finish my game ^_^

It’s completed mobile game. Written on html5, compiled by

Some art ordered from freelancer.

I will be happy, if you download my game, and may be rate it ^_^


This is very funny arcade game.
Postal service simulator.
In this game you can feel as a longshoreman postal service.
Immerse the parcels on the trucks in the allotted time, use the bonuses and make combos!
Mail never stops!

Download on the App Store

Get it on Google Play




LD27 game launching today!

Posted by (twitter: @Kevlanche)
Thursday, November 7th, 2013 5:24 pm


I participated in my first Ludum Dare back in august (LD27) and it was awesome. I was very pleased with the result and my game got placed insanely high (#47 / 2213 overall) so I felt I had to take the opportunity and turn it into a full game! As of today; AntiVirus has launched!

AntiVirus is best summarized as a difficult block-pushing based sokoban-ish puzzle game with a computer/hacker theme. If you like having to think when you play games then this might be the game for you!

Interested? Try out the free version here:

And if you really liked it and want to by me a cup of coffe, get the full version here:

Any feedback on the game, both positive and negative is very welcome :)

Lapsed the LD27 Timelapses!

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Friday, October 4th, 2013 5:03 pm

Timelapses! More timelapses! Ok, LD27 is far behind us, but getting things done counts right?

Dubstep Hairdresser Timelapse

Love Your Pets Timelapse.


Scorpio 10 Released in Google Play

Friday, September 27th, 2013 12:41 pm

As a lot of you know, I had participated in the last Ludum Dare 27 with a puzzle game, Scorpio 10. Now I have the pleasure to announce the launch of the game in Google Play with a lot of new mechanics and levels :-)


First presented in the Ludum Dare 27, Scorpio 10 returns as a renoved game for android, with 180 levels. You must win each level in only 10 seconds.. Are you ready for Scorpio 10?



Super Bunny (my last android game)

Posted by (twitter: @alchymi)
Thursday, September 26th, 2013 12:17 pm

Hi folks


Just a quick post to show you my last android game  SUPER BUNNY

The game is powered by flixel and is a mario inspired platformer.

You can download it (for free) by clicking the picture below



First Ludum Dare — Pros and Cons

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Tuesday, September 24th, 2013 11:17 pm

Well, it’s been long overdue, but I am finally posting my reaction and conclusions from my first Ludum Dare competition in the Ludum Dare #27. I did recently also complete a submission for the 7DRTS, but it was nothing like this in terms of time restraints, so I consider it child’s play (pun intended; laugh at your leisure) compared to this competition.

Hot Dawg Dash screenshot

To remind everyone, I created a game known as “Hot Dawg Dash” for the competition. The goal of the game is to eat as many hot dogs as you can in 10 seconds time (hence the theme). The game would record your 10 second record during the course of gameplay, which would allow you to know what score to beat in the next 10 seconds. Some strategy was involved in the course of gameplay, which involved not choking as much by drinking water (eating hot dogs is impossible if you can’t even breathe, which seems logical enough).

(If you want to chance to play it, go to



ratings for Hot Dawg Dash


To the left are my ratings for the competition. I was pleasantly surprised by the humor and theme rating (especially since I did not even expect that high of a ranking in any area), but there is definitely room for improvement in the future.

The only thing that puzzled me about the ratings is my fun score. I thought it might be higher, but it may be a result of my mechanic being so short in duration (since 10 seconds is not a long time for the completion of a game).

Overall, I did some things in my design and process that I was really proud of, and other things that definitely need work. Without further adieu, the pros and cons .





  • Completed the game. This by far was the top goal of the competition. I had done other design projects before, but most of them I did not finish. I am glad to say that this was one of the exceptions to the rule.
  • Fun game mechanic. The mechanic of the game, though simple, was driven by the fun I found in the idea of having a game centered around a hot dog eating contest. Not only that, but I did manage to add a little strategy in the gameplay as well, mainly through the use of the water.
  • Small scope. The projects I did not finish in the past in other competitions or assignments was due to the problem of big scope in the design. For the sake of this competition, I decided early to have a small scope in relation to the actual experience I have had in accelerated game programming, while is small but growing at this point. This decision, in the end, made it possible for me to finish the project on time and entertain a few people along the way.


  • Little digital art experience. Though the gameplay was decently fun to be involved in, the art and animation of the game could have been more engaging and entertaining. This flaw in the design was due to my failure to find artistic direction and experience from either myself or anyone else. For the next jam, I probably need to find someone else to do the artistic side of the design process.
  • Needed longer sprints. To pace myself, I would take programming and design sprints in order to remain fresh in those periods of time. Though this was good, the sprints during the design of this game were not long enough and the periods of time between these sprints became too long. Hopefully, this mistake will be avoided next time due to this experience.
  • Short duration of mechanic. During the design process, I decided to do a 10 second sprint of eating hot dogs. This mode of play, though fun, is very short and proves to bore the player after a long period of time with only 10 seconds to create a record. I hope to create another mode of play that will prove to engage the player for longer periods of time.

Future Plans for the Game:

This game, though not the best in the competition, does have potential with a little bit of polish and added game elements. I will continue to develop on this game for two reasons: the game’s potential and my learning process (second reason is the main one). For the time being, I will polish up the Kongregate version of this game. In the future, I may use this game to create an Arduino arcade cabinet for the sake of learning more computer systems and gaming technology.


Thanks for all of your support, and congratulations to all who finished!

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