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Space Lord on deviantART

Posted by (twitter: @axcho)
Monday, April 22nd, 2013 10:20 pm

I’ve been hard at work for the last month or so, polishing up a new version of Space Lord!

The player is pleased

As you can see from the picture, the “player” now makes annoying comments after every wave you send, and significantly, we made the game turn-based so you have time to read and respond thoughtfully instead of flailing around. But in general it’s just way more polished, with tutorial sequences, better feedback, improved sound effects and music, and high scores. ūüėÄ

As an initial test release, I’ve put the game on deviantART!

This week I’ll be adding a major new feature to the game, before I go ahead with a full release on Kongregate and Newgrounds. Any guesses as to what it might be? ūüėČ

Moved Files for Decommissioner (LD25 Entry)

Posted by (twitter: @crowbeak)
Sunday, April 21st, 2013 4:38 pm

So, I didn’t like having several different files for LD25 loose in my dropbox directory. I moved them all to one folder.

I went back to try to edit my LD25 entry page, but I don’t see a way. Is it frozen forever with broken links? The Postmortem should still work, but I’ll have broken the GitHub link, too… :s

Select S.A. First Impressions

Posted by (twitter: @stigmawall)
Friday, March 1st, 2013 4:00 pm

Hello folks, today i’ll post a beginning project that I’m working in this last month. They’ll call SELECT S.A., and will be a mix of Missile Command… with reverse screen.

Yeah, that’s a pretty good definition.

The project born in the Ludum Dare with the theme “You are the villain”, and after the event i started the planning, script, test and everything else. In this month I start to code it in AS3 (same code that I used in the LD) and i’m thinking about make this game in Unity because he doen’t work fluently in old android phone.

Alright, that’s not a excuse if the game needs power of processing… but the fact is: the game doesn’t need too many power.

I just think to make this changes after i see the game Gunslugs work very smoothly in my smartphone (an Xperia X10 from 2009). If they make all of the game so nicelly, I have to make some at least similar in my game too, but the fact is: it will be a spend of time. So, I’ll finish this one in as3, and the next ones in UNity or other mobile languages.

Here i’ll let some images of the game until now.



Mr Wizard VS The World is on Indievania!

Posted by (twitter: @IamJacic)
Monday, February 25th, 2013 9:09 pm

The title pretty much says it all. I’m very excited about this, more so than I can convey in a post like this!

I finished up Mr Wizard for my January #1GAM game, releasing with 3 difficulty levels and an endless mode. Please, check it out here:

It’s pay-what-you-want ($1 minimum). If you can’t afford it, or just aren’t interested in that type of game, please just spread the word! I’d really appreciate anything: tweets, reviews, complaints, anything.

Thank you for taking time to read this. Long live the Ludum Dare community!

frog.recurse(“Agent 2 here.”);

Posted by (twitter: @RecursiveFrog)
Tuesday, February 19th, 2013 5:05 pm

AGENTS : Update

You might remember the voice-controlled game Agents from Ludum Dare 25. You might also remember that there were a lot of devices that it simply did not play well with, and a distressing number of them were modern and popular phones!

You can see here that I’ve put in the time to fix these issues. I’ve tested on other popular Jellybean-running devices as well, and the problems appear to be resolved there as well.

Now that the code is in a state such that it is fit for wide distribution, I’ve removed the original game from Google Play. When next we see it, the game should be quite a bit more interesting (and less frustrating) for everyone.

LD25: A delayed retrospective

Posted by
Sunday, February 17th, 2013 10:41 am

For LD25, I tried using Unity for the first time. Well, that’s not quite true–I had tried using it a few times before, but never got anything done. As a programmer, the seemingly content-oriented interface threw me off, so before LD25 I read a lot of documentation to ensure I knew what Unity is all about.

Where's the code?

Where’s the code?


Wilbefast timelapse (ld25)

Posted by (twitter: @wilbefast)
Thursday, February 7th, 2013 1:32 pm

I finally got around to posting my Ludum Dare 25 time-lapse, accompanied with some idle musings and some epic open (GPL3) music :)

Check it out!


MidBoss first official release

Posted by (twitter: @enichan)
Saturday, February 2nd, 2013 12:50 am

Today I released MidBoss (v0.5 beta), because stuff might still change and/or break) as a feature complete game. It’s an overhauled, rebalanced version of my LD25 game, and my January entry for One Game a Month.

MidBoss is a game about possessing your defeated enemies in order to become stronger. You play the weakest of the dungeon denizens, an imp with no ability other than possessing other creatures. Your goal is to defeat and possess increasingly stronger creatures, unlocking their abilities for yourself and becoming stronger as you go along, and eventually defeat and become the dungeon’s ultimate endboss.

Features now include:

  • Possess your enemy and gain their strengths and skills
  • Dynamic music system with more frenetic music to accompany action
  • Line of sight and fog of war systems
  • A total of 15 monsters to defeat and 10 skills to unlock
  • Randomly generated dungeon floors
  • Single-file save and resume
  • Permanent death, if you die your save is gone (save-scumming is available)
  • Full options menu including key rebinding

If you like it or have feedback, feel free to leave comments here or let me known on Twitter @enichan. Also in case anyone’s curious, here’s my 1GAM profile.

The Twist (LD25 Game) now on Android

Posted by
Sunday, January 27th, 2013 7:39 pm


I’ve spent some time on my Ludum Dare 25 game ‘The Twist’, and have now released it for Android. ¬†Got a new high score system, added some new graphics, some time bonus powerups, and other little features. ¬†I’ve also got a new game mode in the works. ¬†I thought those who played it during voting might be interested!

The full version is 99c, but I’ve also released a free version with some limited features (no time bonuses, and no online scoring). ¬†Hope you enjoy it! ¬†Looking forward to the next LD.

Mr Wizard VS The World 2.0

Posted by (twitter: @IamJacic)
Thursday, January 24th, 2013 12:04 pm

It’s here! After a lot of hard work, I’ve turned my Ludum Dare 25 entry into January’s One Game A Month, and released it for sale!

Check out the page on my blog here for more information, as well as a link to purchase it. Among other new features is an endless mode in which, quite fittingly, you must defeat heroes endlessly until you are defeated. Go for a new record!

I have two codes, each for 33% off!


Final Here be Dragn build

Posted by
Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013 3:57 pm

Since the LD, I’ve been doing many things but also working on polishing my game. It is still remarkably similar to the compo entry.

My first (near) submission to Ludum Dare

Posted by (twitter: @Mokona34)
Saturday, January 19th, 2013 4:52 am

I had never participated to Ludum Dare. Sometimes because of lack of inspiration, very often because of lack of time, sometimes because when I noticed that the jam had began, it was already ended. For Ludum Dare 25 that was organized last month, I was aware of it just some hours after the launch. The theme was inspiring and I also had a funny (at least in my opinion) idea.


Video interview: LD Montpellier (French)

Posted by (twitter: @wilbefast)
Saturday, January 19th, 2013 3:44 am

We were interviewed on fight4game during Ludum Dare 25, and the footage has finally been edited and released: I’m afraid it’s all in French, but you get a decent look at the room were were in :)

I can’t seem to embed youtube videos, so here is a direct link.

I want to point out for those who do speak French that I was exhausted (this was taken Saturday morning: remember that in France we start at 3am) and that French isn’t my mother-tongue – sure, I repeat myself a lot, but considering the circumstances I think it went pretty well :)

Interns From Mars! – Postmortem

Posted by (twitter: @Gjarble)
Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 2:51 pm



It looks like my bolstered confidence from this jam was indeed justified. I have submitted to 4 LDs including this one, but for this LD, I set a new personal best in every single category in which I got a rating (except Coolness). Not all of those new records are by a significant amount, though; the reason I’m so happy is not because of the improvements in my strongest categories, but the improvements in my weakest categories- the quality of my work is more consistent across categories without having lost any of my strengths. I still have to refine my methods a good deal, but the changes in my work habits I resolved to make for this LD paid off. This is my first solid evidence that I’m actually getting better at this.

So, why’d I do how I did in each category, and how do I improve?

#76. Innovation – 3.67 (previous best: 3.64, LD21)
I usually do well here, but I was still surprised at my performance this time, because I deliberately constrained my brainstorming. ¬†As I mentioned in my “I’m In” post, I wrote “NO GAME GENRE REFERENCES ALLOWED” in large letters across the top of my brainstorming sheet. ¬†However, I also made sure not to accept an idea unless it was low-scope enough to actually pull off well (I was SERIOUSLY tempted to go with a cooler but much higher-scope idea). ¬†As a result, I adopted a rather generic arcade-style gameplay structure to maintain that low scope, but the primary gameplay mechanic isn’t quite like any game I know of, since it wasn’t designed with any existing game or genre in mind. ¬†While almost certainly something new, it’s still nothing hugely out of the ordinary. ¬†If I want to improve, I’ll have to find ideas in that small overlap between “low-scope” and “attention-grabbingly unique”- quite a difficult task.

#94. Theme – 3.83 (previous best: 3.80, LD21)
I’m also a bit surprised about how this was my highest-rated category. I thought it was a pretty standard implementation of the theme… perhaps people liked how I offered a sympathetic portrayal of the “villain”, but that was just in text outside of the game proper. ¬†Improving here’s not my highest priority, but as long as I don’t keep my idea too much of ¬†stretch from the theme, hopefully it’ll improve hand-in-hand with Innovation.

#174. Fun – 3.25 (previous best: 3.05, LD23)
This is always my highest priority, but also hard to complete satisfactorily within 48 hours. As per my game-design training, the gameplay has a solid “core” (the challenge of picking up humans without dropping them). However, I was aware going in that I would get a few marks down for some gameplay flaws that could easily be fixed given more time (i.e. humans staying out of reach, weird chain-of-humans physics). I intentionally saved these kinds of tweaks for later. In the past, I’ve fixed an emergent flaw as soon as I detected it, but this caused me to neglect other aspects of gameplay, as well as almost all of the graphics and audio,¬†preventing me from working on a more “complete” experience.

#181. Overall – 3.33 (previous best: 3.00, LD23)
I like how this was my biggest non-audiovisual improvement. I think it reflects the fact that this is a more “complete” product than my past entries, as I mentioned previously. ¬†This was the first time I feel like I properly scoped for 48 hours. I do still need to improve on “completeness”, though, and I think that’s the primary way I’ll be able to improve my Overall rating. The graphics and audio, while present to the degree they “need” to be, were still noticeably bare-minimum, and the gameplay still needs some more polish (see “Fun”).

#206. Audio – 2.92 (previous best: 2.18, LD23)
My most-improved category for obvious reasons (for the first time, I have music). I suspect this was brought down by a noob mistake I made and didn’t find out about until well into the rating period: after each round, the game started playing a new instance of the background music from the beginning, but kept playing the previous instance of the music at the same time. I’m going to be a bit more rigorous with my audio testing in the future to make sure nothing like this happens again.

#272. Graphics – 3.17 (previous best: 2.69, LD24)
I’m surprised that my programmer-art got me above the 3.00 threshold. I guess I just have to keep making sure that I don’t include any assets well beyond my drawing capabilities- though I was kind of proud of the way I disguised the collision boxes with the design of the mothership. I think, if I am to improve here, I have to go for a consistent, stylized aesthetic (ideally minimalistic), and find the time to do non-essential things like illustrated instructions, non-default UI graphics, background imagery, and “juicy” visual effects.

#1048. Coolness – 22% (current best: 32%, LD23)
As usual, I struggled to find time to rate other participants’ games, between holiday plans (including a trip to New York for New Year’s Eve), commitments with friends (as students at different colleges, winter break is the only chance we really have to catch up with each other), and various obligations. ¬†I’m graduating in May- hopefully, come LD27, I’ll have more free time.

Humor – N/A (current best: 3.25, LD21)
I included a little humorous story on the game’s ratings page, but I didn’t really intend the game to be all that humorous… just cute/lighthearted fun.

Mood – N/A (current best: 2.53, LD23)
I know I find mood hard to rate for most games (and usually abstain), and I’m betting most other voters do too. Like I said, I was going for a cute/lighthearted aesthetic, but I’m not sure it’s really stylized enough to constitute a “mood”… I guess the voters agreed. Plus, I think some voters use the Mood category only for melancholy or artsy aesthetics… those are the only ones I find easy to rate myself.

Skeleton’s Revenge Postmortem

Posted by (twitter: @BakamoStudios)
Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 12:03 am


I’m glad I had the chance to participate in another Ludum Dare compo. I made Skeleton’s Revenge, a Nintendo Hard 2D platform game where the standard player and enemy traits are reversed. I planned better and got a game done in 48 hours without cutting features, but now that the ratings are in, it’s time to take the gloves off and critique my own game for real.

No video this time, since my previous LD video has only 77 views as of this writing. Throughout this postmortem, I’ll be comparing my ratings with my other LD game, Asteroid Defender from LD23.

Innovation (2.79, #394), was (2.67, #549)

LD 25’s theme was “You Are The Villain,” and the first approach that comes to mind is to take an existing type of game and flip it around so you now play as the villain. I took it a little further and made the player character act like an platform game enemy, and make the enemies act like platform game heroes. I spent a lot of time on the enemy AI for running, jumping, and attacking, but I couldn’t get them to convincingly act like a player would.

Fun (3.57, #65), was (3.17, #239)

Yay, my game is fun! I’m really happy to make top 100 in something this time. The platforming mechanics are solid unless you’re an enemy landing from a big jump. Every death is your own fault unless it’s the jump pictured above, which I found out was a two-frame window. I got a lot of comments saying that they couldn’t get past that jump. I had to rush and build all the levels in the game in the last two hours of the compo, and the game suffered.

Theme (3.23, #360), was (3.25, #314)

I adequately stayed within the theme. After playing other entries, I realized that my skeleton doesn’t do anything evil or villainous other than attacking the heroes that get in his way. I do like the video game hero archetypes I ended up with: the animal mascot character (goat), the weapon-swinging warrior (hunter), and the brittle soldier with a gun (gunner.) At least the game has an ending this time, but the final boss battle was terribly anti-climactic.

Graphics (2.38, #569), was (2.58, #593)

Yeah, my games look like ass. I thought I stepped up my programmer art this time. My sprites are actually animated now, and I stuck to a monochrome theme to make it easier for me to crank out sprites when I needed them. There’s no reason I couldn’t have done 3-color sprites instead. The levels are constructed entirely out of white blocks and spikes, which I admit is extremely lazy. I should’ve added some backgrounds, or at least some different-looking blocks.

Audio (3.00, #169), was (3.00, #216)

Renoise rocks! I put more effort into music this time, and I like how it turned out. I wanted to sound like a Nintendo hard 2D platform game, and I don’t think I subconsciously channeled Castlevania this time. That SID sound I used as a lead instrument is loud and kinda grating, so I should have replaced it with something better. Bfxr is excellent for generating sound effects, but it’s so ubiquitous in Ludum Dare, it didn’t help my audio scores.

Mood (3.08, #211), was (2.36, #626)

Players seem to really like trolling this game’s enemies. Finally, you deal collision damage to enemies! We haven’t seen that since Wario Land! I reversed the vulnerability to spikes, too, so only enemies get killed on spikes but you can walk across them harmlessly. It’s good to troll enemies, but like I said, you don’t actually do anything mean in this game. I really should have worked some Videogame Cruelty Potential into this.

Overall (3.14, #282), was (2.92, #452)

This game was a good experiment. I kept my expectations low, and I got a fun game out of it. It’d have been better if I made better decisions in design. The monochrome graphics were easy to make, but it wouldn’t have killed me to add some color. Considering the game was made in 100% Game Maker pseudocode, I had no reason to run out of time for level design and testing. I made a decent game, but I want to make a better game next time.

Coolness (28%, #990), was (20%, #1007)

I could say some stuff about how I started a new job two days after the compo and multiple schedule changes sapped my energy to do stuff outside of work. Yes, that happened again, but that’s no excuse. I still had plenty of days off, and I got sidetracked with Minecraft, Deus Ex, and other games instead of rating more entries. Thank you to all the players that found my game and tried it. If I get another LD weekend off work, I’ll do it smarter.

I love you all

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Monday, January 14th, 2013 4:59 pm

LD #25 was my first Ludum Dare ever, and I just want to say that this community is great. I’m in the mood to list some of the stuff I like about you guys:

1. I asked a question and got an answer in the same day. The answers were very polite and informative.

2. My game kinda sucked, but even people that couldn’t play it pointed some good aspects about it, and that’s just really nice.

3. I’ve never seen anyone offending someone else here, so…

4. Some people make awesome stuff like motivational posters and mosaics, and sometimes give tips to others.

5. It’s a lot better to know your game is being rated by people who know how difficult it is to make a game.


Just pointing some cool stuff out, because after you read lots of reply chains on YouTube, you end up thinking the whole internet is full of jerks and annoying teenagers, (nothing against teenagerns, I am one) and you are just awesome.

So, if you are reading this, you are probably really awesome.

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