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My First MiniLD70

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Tuesday, September 20th, 2016 8:41 am

Search Treasur In The Cave My Entry For This MiniLD70 ,This Game Is Intended For All People Of Any Age , You Can Play This Game On Windows Or Linux And Also On Android.The Aim Of This Game Is To Discover The Treasure,Follow The Arrows Drawing On the wall To Direct You To The Aim…ENJOY!!! Thanks all.

My Page For Game :

1 2 3 4


My Page For Game :

Bug Fixed

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Wednesday, August 31st, 2016 6:47 pm

One Two Three Three


My Video Youtube :

In This Video you Find The Link To Download This Game And The Video Gameplay..


Thanks All…

My First Ludum Dare Compo

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Monday, August 29th, 2016 9:43 am

One Two Three Three

The Game Is Intended For All People . You Can Play This Game On Windows Or Linux Or Android…

For Your Comments And Points :

Download Link :


Thanks All..

All Transformations Work

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Sunday, April 17th, 2016 5:01 pm


Click for animation


All transformations in the game are in! The bunny can jump higher, the eagle can glide, and the snake is smaller. Level loading & enemy placement are in, so all that’s left is to switch in the new artwork and make some actual levels.

I want to share something with you guys and get your feedback. Feel free to agree or disagree. But before I continue, I just want to say that I’ve participated in 8 Ludum Dares so far, and they’re what I look forward to, I love them. Ok, now I’ll give my little spiel.

After making your game in the 48/72 Hour Time Limit, we get to check out and Rate other people’s games. When rating somebody’s game, we are allowed to give them x out of 5 stars in 8 different Categories. These Categories include: Innovation, Fun, Theme, Graphics, Audio, Humor, Mood, and most importantly, Overall. I’m going to talk more about the Overall category in a minute. Let me just talk about something else first:

As many of you may have noticed, probably for a while now, your results don’t seem very honest. The results you get may seem surprising, this could be in a bad way, or in a good way. You’re either pretty disappointed, or you’re really happy. This is because you didn’t get a ton of votes (i.e.: ~20-70 votes, which is what a lot of people end up getting). Think about it, there were about 2,800 other games out there. Do you think that with 50 votes out of the 2,800 entries you’ll get a really honest evaluation? You shouldn’t, because unfortunately, that’s not the case.

If 5 people rate your game and they all give you a 5 on Fun, the average would be a 5/5. If 10 people rate your game and 8 of them give you a 5 on Fun, and the other 2 give you a 4, the average would be a 4.8/5. Now the game with an average of 5/5 is ranked higher than the game with an average of 4.8/5. But the game with an average of 4.8/5 should be ranked higher because it had similar scores, and more people played it. Now I’m pretty sure that in the end the game’s categories aren’t ranked based on just the amount of stars given but still, I just wanted to give you something to think about. The rankings aren’t all that honest. I noticed that many of the Top Ranked games only had about ~30-70 votes. You’ll see that the games that got the most votes weren’t up there in the Top 100. But they did, however, have more real honest evaluations, while the others with ~30-70 votes were just lucky enough to get a handful of good ratings which therefore gave them higher rankings. The Top 100 are great games, no doubt, but are they the best out of the 2,800? We don’t really know for sure.

Ok, now I’m going to talk about this Overall category. The site says that your game is ranked overall based on your Overall category ratings. Do you think that we should be allowed to rate the Overall category? The Overall category should be based on the other categories rounded up. The site should give us the Overall Rating, not us. Here’s just one reason why: I’ve seen many people give a game great ratings, like 4-5 stars on every category, and then they would give the Overall category a 3. Umm… What? Shouldn’t you base the Overall category on the other categories? If you gave all the other categories 5 stars, then why would you give the Overall category 4 stars? The Average Overall Rating would be a 5, so give it a 5. But since people don’t always do that, let the Robots do the math and give us the Overall Rating, not the Humans.

I’m not entirely sure how Mike (Founder of Ludum Dare; Support him on Patreon!) can make the evaluations more honest because you can’t just have 2,800 people play all 2,800 games, that’s just ridiculous. But it’s just something to think about.

Give me your thoughts in the comments please.

Thanks for listening!

Game bundle sale!

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Tuesday, December 30th, 2014 5:36 pm

High Flyer BackgroundGameGrape Studios Robotz Background

Hello and welcome to the  Holiday Sale! In this years sale you can get both High Flyer and Robotz for 80% OFF!

Regular Price: $10.00 USD

Sale Price: $1.99 USD

High Flyer is a game where you fly through many different levels while shooting down torrents and taking down anything that gets in your way!

Robotz is a game where you move around the map while taking down waves of robots and collecting coins and ammo! Survive as long as you can!

So what are you waiting for? Get High Flyer and/or Robotz today!

Both High Flyer and Robotz were Ludum Dare games.


High Flyer:



twitter image

GameGrape Studios (C)’2014. All rights reserved.

Looking at my previous Ludum Dare results

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Thursday, January 9th, 2014 4:15 am

Thoughts on this Ludum Dare –

  • I’m kinda disappointed, but the results seem fair.
  • Best ranking: 50th for humor.
  • I didn’t focus on a concept and the theme enough.
    • My concept was you  have 1 arm but multiple tools, you have to find ways to carry tools without your arm.
    • Didn’t have enough time to do that!
  • Instead I spent time on other things:
    • I wanted to include palette swapping and NPCs.
    • I’m happy I included them, but I should’ve focused more on a concept.
  • I coded everything from scratch, which made things take longer. I’m happy I did that though.
  • I received a lot of nice comments :)
  • Thanks to the 71 people who rated my game!
  • If you haven’t played it, check out The Visitor.

Thoughts on previous Ludum Dares –

  • My best Entry is Mondrianism, doing well in everything except humor.
  • Second best would be my first entry, The Good Ship Higgs Boson.
  • Super Space Goat Thief Standoff!! is definitely my worst entry, but I only spent a few hours on that.
  • My best category has been different every time, interestingly.
  • As you can see, there’s a clear trend of… um… well…

Wiggly lines everywhere!

Ooh, animated!

See you next Ludum Dare!

An Update on Terra Forma, my LD25 Game

Posted by (twitter: @recursor)
Tuesday, September 10th, 2013 12:36 pm

Since Ludum Dare 25 (December 2012), I’ve been chipping away at making the 48hour version of Terra Forma into an actual game. I’ve improved the graphics and user interface, added 60+ levels, more block types, an online editor, and online community levels. The PC version of the game was released in early August followed by the Android version just before September. The iOS version has been submitted to the Apple store and is currently awaiting approval. Many thanks to the Unity engine for making multi-platform deployment much less painful, and to Ludum Dare for birthing new game ideas through the competition. Check out more info about Terra Forma along with a playable web demo here.






Space Hero to the rescue

Posted by (twitter: @axcho)
Saturday, July 27th, 2013 8:01 pm

Now that Space Lord has made its little splash on the internet (featured on the Newgrounds front page, yay!) I figured it was time to put Space Hero out into the world.

Space Hero is what happens when you take a game about being the villain, and then make it about being the hero again. 😉 In other words, people design levels by playing Space Lord, submit them to the Hall of Fame, and then you can test out the levels they’ve designed by playing Space Hero. I won’t pretend this is the best shmup game ever made – it’s mostly just a fun little experiment.


And now it’s on deviantART.

And on Kongregate.

And on Newgrounds.

I wonder how it will do! :)

While we wait for the game to emerge from its judgment period on the portals, you might enjoy reading this detailed blog post I wrote to announce the release of Space Lord.

Good luck to everyone participating in 7dRTS, by the way! I wish I could have joined you. 😀 Looking forward to playing all the games you come up with!

Back in December, I made “Cruel Cruel Dastard” for Ludum Dare 25. Folks seemed to respond positively to the mechanic, so I’ve spent the past few months making an updated version. The new game, now called “Ragtime Ruffian” was just released today and is available for iPad/PC/Mac/Linux.

The new version includes completely re-done art, new mechanics, 50 designed levels, and the procedurally generated endless mode I originally wanted to implement during the compo. You can get it here if you’re interested.





Goat Mechanic for iOS and Android

Posted by (twitter: @EpaceGames)
Monday, July 22nd, 2013 8:52 am

Earlier in December 2012. I went all out in my first Ludum Dare, 25 themed “You are the villain” which sparked all kinds of ideas… especially sub-themed with a goat. I went for an overhead traffic game where you play as a goat working for a corrupt mechanic, dropping objects into traffic to create accidents to earn more money and unlock new items. It was an amazing experience! I almost panicked near the end of the compo, due to several physics bugs and strange Flash issues. Titled “Goat Mechanic”, it earned 15th place.


I have completely redone the entry, adding new items, levels, polish, and pushing it to the Apple App Store and Google Play! Tokens are earned over time and creating accidents eventually unlock more items and levels.

screen1 screen5 screen3 screen4


Space Lord on Newgrounds

Posted by (twitter: @axcho)
Tuesday, July 16th, 2013 8:09 am

Space Lord is now on Newgrounds!

spacelord_icon_newgroundsI haven’t added any Newgrounds medals for the game, since it hasn’t been doing too well on Kongregate

We’ll see how the players on Newgrounds like it – I’m hopeful that it will do a bit better than it did on Kongregate. Doesn’t look like Space Lord is going to get any front page features, in any case. 😛

Well, here – want to check it out?

Space Lord on Kongregate

Posted by (twitter: @axcho)
Monday, July 15th, 2013 9:56 am

Space Lord is now on Kongregate! Finally! 😛

I’ll be curious to see what people think of it. 😉 Kongregate can be a tough audience to please.

Last time I mentioned that I was working on a major new feature for Space Lord. Well, now it’s time for the big reveal!


Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you… Space Hero!

I thought it would be cool to be able to play as the hero ship, against all the shmup levels that people design by playing Space Lord. So now you can! When you beat Space Lord, you can submit your score to the Hall of Fame, and then anyone can click on it to play against it as Space Hero! Cool, huh? :)

Here, try it!

My two LD entries now working on Android

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Sunday, July 14th, 2013 3:30 am

My entries to LD25 (Under a bloody sky) and LD26 (Not Complex) now have touch support, and work properly on my Nexus 4 Android device. Those two project use WebGL so few thing where realy necessary to make them working. For an unknown reason,, “Not complex” only work with firefox, not with chrome. It’s the same with every THREE.JS samples i could test.



“Under a bloody sky” use the framework PlayCanvas, and was very very simple to port. In fact, nothing needed changes except adding touch control. It work on Firefox beta and Chrome on my Nexus 4. The layout is prety simple, with only one touch event supported, dragging horizontaly will rotate the camera, and if you are above half the screen, you will go forward, and below 1/4 you will go backward.

“Not complex” was, well, not so simple to port. First, chrome doesnt seem to handle THREE.JS webgl, and some graphics bugs were visible in Firefox (changing an alpha value from 0 to 1 magicaly fixed it) and the control are a lot more complex. I also needed to attach keyboard event receiver to document, and touch event to the welGL canvas to make it work properly.

The controls use two distinct hidden zone. When the mobile is vertical, it’s the top and bottom, while horizontal use left and right, so you can put your left thumb and your right index. Draging on the bottom/left zone will make the character start moving in the specified direction, and tapping will make the character jump. The top/right zone make camera rotate by dragging, and tapping will make the character punching. The control are a little bit slugish for now, mainly with the jump, and it realy need a GUI to be user friendly.

Here is a small abstract of the layout for “Under a bloody sky” and “Not complex” horizontal and vertical.


If you have any advice or tips about touch handle and layout, it’s realy wellcome.


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Sunday, April 28th, 2013 2:15 pm
  • Man
  • Infrequently
  • Nervous
  • Inside
  • Most
  • Advanced and
  • Large
  • Invented
  • Ship
  • Test ( or trauma )

That’s what I planed to call it but family matters decided otherwise. Compo is over for me, I’ll never have the time to finish. Seriously, someone should come up with a “occupation-for-wife-or-girlfriend-during-ludum-dare”-dare.

Anyways, my game was to be a bullet hell style shooter without a shooting button mixed with a block puzzle. Basically, bullets have color. When you’re hit, you accumulate charge. If the next hit is from a bullet of a different color, you fire and start charging the new color and so on. The goal is to accumulate as much as possible charge of one color to destroy incoming blocks. Not very clear, isn’t it… Here is a screen shot. You can also try the latest builds here : Mac / Win / Linux

Good luck to those still fighting through the final stretch and congratulations to all who already posted their contributions ! Can’t wait to give them a try !

– jujule


Almost done!

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Sunday, April 28th, 2013 11:20 am

7 hours 43 min…

Almost done! Global Highscore is online. Its anonymous right now, maybe i add a text input after the Jam. Last thing i need to find is a cool free chiptunes/electro beat with which i can complete the Project.


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