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Scratch – Halfway

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Saturday, April 21st, 2012 6:02 pm

The 24-hour point seems like a good time to sit back and take stock (and, if the number of typos I’m making writing this are any indication, a good time for a break).

I designed quite a bit differently this time, starting by not doing ANY programming yesterday. I wrote up my design, two pages including a small layout sketch, and did some character sketches, which convinced me that I can’t do 3/4 view.

Today, I knocked out a quick gameplay demo just to make sure even though the basic elements are well-proven in other games. In a great departure from LD 22, I then dropped it all and created a mockup now that I had a feel for the basic mechanic. It was a bit scary to spend so much time creating art and so little on coding, but it’s more fun to code to a design, since it’s easier and you get some real visual feedback on improvement.

Gameplay demo

Gameplay demo

And, an hour or so later, I now have most of the basics done! I hope to get the rest (of the basics) done tonight. Still to do: enemy attacking, a win condition, and a lose condition. The latter two will require some extra art, but nothing too big.

Full game mockup

Full game mockup

Hopefully, that means I can spend tomorrow expanding with more enemies, equipment, and the story, such as it is. Equipment is more important to keep gameplay interesting, but more enemies are necessary to get the theme across. I’ll probably add the minimum number of enemies (3) and then get to work on equipment.

Sound would also be nice. I don’t have the skills to do audio myself, but this game could work with sfxr. Or maybe I’ll extend it to a jam and get my coworker to help me on Monday…

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