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Resulty timey reviewy posty

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Monday, May 14th, 2012 3:20 am

So I thought I’d review the scores I got for Dave is in a Fish Tank and compare them to my expectations.

I would have liked more ratings (only got ~55), but I’ll assume these scores are sound.

Humor – I found it surprising that this is my highest score. I spend alot of time when blogging or doing creative things trying to be funny, but I can honestly say it wasn’t even a priority with this game. I am however glad that whatever sarcasm or cynicism that is in the game was understood. Or at least, I hope that’s what was understood. Perhaps everyone just thought it was completely random and ridiculous.

Innovation – I’m glad people appreciated my effort on this front, though top 25 was where I’d like to be. I was frankly shocked at just how boring and safe most of the entrants had been, but I suppose it was to be expected from the same people who voted for such a boring and safe theme. To me, innovation should always be a priority, for EVERYONE, or what really is the point in your game?

Fun – it starts to go downhill here. I should have focused more on gameplay and made sure my crazy ideas were actually enjoyable. I needed more time to balance and add more elements to the game. The game was bare-bones – there are alot of things I wanted to add, like tetris blocks and such, which would have made gameplay much more engaging. I am sincerely disappointed, but I do think my score was fair.

Overall – Fairly reflects the scores in the other categories, I guess. Roughly the same as “fun” and “theme”, and in between my high scores in “humor” and “innovation” and low scores in “graphics” and “audio”.

Mood – I don’t even know what mood is supposed to be. Not sure there is any mood in my game. Not sure there is any anti-mood either. So a perfect 3/5 sounds about right.

Theme – This was a disappointing score. I think my use of theme was just a good, if not better, than my innovation. Personally I think there are games in the top 25 with less original uses of the theme, or at least equivalent “just as good” uses of the theme. I’d say this is the most suspect score of all and the one I think I deserve better in.

Graphics – This was fair, I didn’t focus on graphics at all as I don’t think it’s a strength of mine. I suppose this also adversely effects the impact of my game and my scores in the other categories. Next time I’ll be ditching the cartoony, child-like style and making sure there’s at least some integrity there. Will work on my pixel art, if only for my solo efforts.

Audio – Again, fair. Everything was SFXR. I’ll work on my music skills too.

To conclude, my first LD was an absolute blast but disappointed with where I placed. Will definitely be entering next time and I’ll definitely be getting one of those shiny medals.

Just a shameless plug to finish off:

An RPG game making competition I’m hosting at 64digits.com. First prize is worth well over $400.

$400+ RPG Making Comp (64digits.com)

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Monday, April 23rd, 2012 12:47 pm

Yo, I posted this before the prizes got so big, so now I’m posting it again. Stuff’s been getting pretty crazy.
You can find out all the details at 64digits.com. It starts on 1st May and lasts until 1st August.

We’re hosting an RPG theme game making competition, cunningly called RPG Four Digits.

…that might sound like a fairly random name, but it is the latest in a series of competitions with more fortunate names (eg Scary Four Digits for halloween, Sixty Fools Digits for April Fools). To make things even more confusing, 64digits is building an RPG into the site called 64RPG. But let’s not get into that…

The competition is three months long, to fully do the theme justice (we usually do month-long ones, a bit like another game contest you may have heard of). There are prizes, which are subject to further donations/sponsorships, so do check back if you think the reward is unsubstantial. And don’t worry, everything is completely non-profit on our end. Prizes are donated by members. We just like games. A lot.

That’s it from me then. Feel free to point out all of the innumerable ways in which we are inferior to the all-powerful Ludum Dare.

On and play my Ludum Dare compo entry!
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2 4 6 8 I think it’s time to caffeinate (I’m in)

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Tuesday, April 17th, 2012 6:44 am

Howdy do

I shall be daring in this dare of yours
I’ll be using GameMaker Windows and Mac versions and Cfxr, because part-time I’m a moron

And although I call myself a musician, unfortunately I’m actually only a bassist, so I’ll probably be using a music generator. The world isn’t ready for an original composition by the great virtuoso that is Toastilus

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