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    Post-Mortem: Epic Robot Battle for Territory

    Posted by (twitter: @stigmawall)
    Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 5:36 pm

    Hello, everybody. My name is Wallace Morais, a.k.a. Wakko, and I want to talk about the development of my Ludum Dare 23 game ERBT.

    You can play/rate/coment here (and please, do it: I´ll explain later)

    As you can see, I made simple graphics and a simple gameplay to control two chars, and made two planets too, just to set more victory possibilities. Also I put itens like Mines and square beans. No sound, unfortunately. It´s because my 48 hour to Ludum Dare turn into 24h. I worked on sunday.

    But I really enjoy the results, yesterday my friend @sharbelfs send to me a game called Ra Ra. A simple planet battle (simplier, but finished at all). And I really love it. Love it so much that I think: why I not finish my game?

    Well, I ´ll talk now about the development, and I wanna conclude if the game is good enough to finish and release in some Kongregate, or not.


    What went right?


    A simple and addicting idea. Every tester enjoy the game a little, the items and the humor it´s a differential.

    The platform, I love work on flash, so the development fluid easily.

    The graphics (at least the inicial ones). I like the idea of “square world”, “square people” and something.

    The gameplay, because one of the idea it´s stimulate the competition with two players close.

    The concept and the design, because the initial idea are huge, and I cut a little here, a little there, and got the game finished.

    The game run. That´s a achievment. :)


    What went wrong?


    Wakko VS The World: Saturday the brazilian internet service NET just stop and I lost my connection. (thank you, NET). Sunday and even monday the internet was off.
    [ How you send the game? ] In my work on sunday. I just do a little better graphics, a menu explanation on sunday and send the game.

    Let me be clear that´s not a excuse to not finish the game entirelly. But i like the results.

    Sooo simplier controls: they have a little problem, with the colisions,  with the laser physics, the fact the Mine explode only the planet, not the robot… some minor mistakes that affect the gameplay.

    Not time to music and story, the history of the game I made in… I don´t know… 30 minutes, I think? It´s fun, but I really want make better graphics to generate a better ambient to the players.

    What could be better?

    I don´t know if Imust slept less, I participated of Global Game Jam two times, and in this two times I never finish a game, and never slept well. This time I took care of my healty, but I don´t know if this affects me better or worst. (that´s kind of sensation I feel beacause I had a short time, I think).
    Anyways, my doubt is: Do you think I have finish my game?

    Thank you very much, see ya guys!


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