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About rynti (twitter: @Rynti)

Robert Böhm, also known as rynti, is an independent developer who enjoys making games or other applications. Besides his hobby, he's a student of a technical school in Austria, where he learned a lot about the programming language Java, which is one of his favorite languages. Along with Java, he also likes working with the languages haXe, C++ and Javascript.

His first step into the professional side of the industry was during an internship at IKARUS Security Software, where he got the opportunity to work on an anti-virus software for a month.

Ludum dare is the only regular competition he's participating in, where he repeatedly faces the challenge of creating a whole game in 48 hours.

In LD22, being the first Ludum Dare he competed in, he created a short platformer where especially gravity plays a important role. Actually, the game was just a side-project, since he basically created a whole platformer engine from scratch - including map and a unique, but yet very simple, scripting language.

LD23 is his second - highly enticipated - challenge he'll compete in. Let's be anxious about his result...


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Done and tired…

Posted by (twitter: @Rynti)
Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 7:38 pm

After two long programming days with a huge lack of sleep I finally finished my game, Crystalbots:

Just try it out, it’s pretty self-explanatory :)


Posted by (twitter: @Rynti)
Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 5:19 am

Just had breakfast with my friends who are all participating in the competition with their own games.

Nothing left to say, bye!

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