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A Post Mortem

Posted by
Friday, April 27th, 2012 3:37 am

The good:

Figured out some cool math stuff
I’m not a very accomplished coder, and wondered if I could do anything ‘odin sphere’ish with my skill level, and was pleased with the stuff I learnt.
Finished my game
I couldn’t take any time off, so couldn’t stay up late on the final day or spend some time reworking anything for the Jam, so I’m happy I managed to submit something.
‘feels’ pretty good
The feedback you get in game is pretty nice. Kicking an enemy gets a big ‘pow’ graphic, the frame pauses, there’s a sound, debris, and the corpse flys off and spins away. Pretty satisfying. Likewise I pause the game (even longer) when you get hit, with a big ‘ouch’ graphic, and bring the offending enemy to the foreground so you can analyse what went wrong and hopefully avoid feeling short changed.

The bad:

Gameplay is boring.
The spherical world was cool to do, but it doesn’t even feel like you’re going anywhere, because the world is completely featureless. There’s 0 level design, there’s only two things to do: Hit enemies and avoid being hit by enemies. I had it so the flying corpses could hit and destroy other enemies, giving a tiny bit of depth to killing enemies, but I had to take it out, because it made the game super easy (meaning the only way it got difficult was from less ‘fair’ seeming enemy speed).
Game is ugly.
I was regretting the art direction even as I was drawing, but was really too afraid to start over given the time limit. I should’ve done something more fun looking, simple enough to have a bit of variety. I don’t like my graphics very much.
Designs are so poor that the objective isn’t clear
The visual cues aren’t done very well. Almost everyone tried to kick the drills’ faces and assumed the hitboxes are betraying them; this could’ve been avoided completely with better designed enemies. The drill part should’ve looked more dangerous (different colour to the body), and the back end should have had a visible weakspot or target.

Overall I’m fairly unhappy with my entry, but I’ll definitely do better next time! Thanks to everyone who played, and made constructive criticism.

my game


Posted by
Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 5:14 pm

Perhaps not the world’s greatest or most original game, but I finished so I’m super happy. :)

Looking forwards to playing all your games!

Mine’s up now here:

Haven’t gotten very far…

Posted by
Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 3:37 am

Got a bg and main sprite moving around. Only just started drawing enemies. Looks a little something like thisss:

Trying to make a simple arcadey game like Kung Fu on the Nes, around a tiny low gravity asteroidy planet thing.

Best of luck, everyone!

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